Movie relationship between teacher student

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movie relationship between teacher student

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Category for films depicting relationships between teachers and students. K. The Kindergarten Teacher ( film). Plenty of bad things happen on TV shows, and watching teachers exercise poor judgment and crossing the line is just part of the norm. Keep reading to check. Explore these wonderful books on teacher-student relationships & take a Rye went on to become a favorite among teachers as a classroom read. and remade into movies four times and ran on TV as a BBC mini-series.

He returns to the school in an uplifted mood, teaching with confidence and a jolly attitude, despite the passing of Katherine post child-birth. This new-found persona makes Mr. Chipping a hit among the students, who lovingly call him Mr. A good book to read if you miss all the laughterand tears you had back in the day thanks to your teacher. To Sir, With Love Author: R Braithwaite The relationship between a teacher and student is not without its ups and downs.

Both go through a lot of character changes as the years go by, maturing both professionally and personally. The novel begins with Braithwaite having a set of perceived notions about his students and adapts a teaching method that he feels is perfect for handling them. Soon, Braithwaite realizes that his perceptions are the complete opposite of what he is seeing among the students and changes his attitude to help them learn to respect themselves and become better human beings. This book is great for just sitting back and letting the nostalgia flow in.

Never Fade Away Author: William Hart This story will tug atyour heartstrings, with an emotional take on the misgivings of higher education. The story is told by two narrators; a teacher and student, who are disgusted by the unruly educational standards and fight together for an improvement in the system. He is shocked by the way immigrant students are treated and by the general lack of care the faculty shows towards them.

Tina, a Vietnamese by birth and refugee of the war, struggles to settle in the unruly environment. Sharing the same ideology, both teacher and student unite and begin to gain more support as their fight for a good cause unfolds.

movie relationship between teacher student

Never Fade Away is a book that brings out that ability perfectly. LouAnne Johnson How do you win over a class of unruly, non-English speaking kids? To what extent is the teacher as mentor portrayed in popular film a realistic image? Accordingly this paper will examine the rise of the teacher as mentor and determine what images are portrayed through the medium of film. In order to answer the question, the paper will briefly examine current literature for the characteristics and roles of mentors and teachers.

The paper will then delve into the way that teachers are portrayed in film and will be followed by an examination of a selection of films that portray teachers as mentors. A comparison will be made between the characteristics of mentors and the characteristics that the movie teachers display.

Analysis through the use of reader-response theory will provide insight into the extent of the reality of the teacher as mentor that are portrayed. A Review of Selected Literature Mentoring consists of a series of interactions that can be of a social, intellectual or emotional nature Lentz and Allen.

Mentoring can be described as a helping relationship whereby two or more people work together in order to achieve personal and professional goals Johnson and Ridley. Effective mentoring is also known to be mutually beneficial to all participants Ambrosetti, Knight and Dekkers. When scanning the literature there are a number of common descriptors that are used consistently to situate the interactions a mentor undertakes: Such descriptors indicate that a mentor performs a series of roles that change according to the needs of those being mentored Ambrosetti and Dekkers.

If the mentor has a series of roles to perform, then it is logical that the mentee also will also have a number of roles to play, however these are lnot well documented in the literature.

The roles that both mentors and mentees play during a relationship can be identified and underpinned through the three dimensions of mentoring: The interactions that a mentor engages in with a mentee span over a number of dimensions and are often reactive in nature. The three dimensions of mentoring can assist in describing a mentor and the roles they play. The relational dimension includes such roles as supporter, protector, friend and counselor. There are a number of characteristics that are common to a mentor.

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Johnson and Ridley summarize them to include the following traits: The above list of traits are personal and often linked to personality, thus can be connected explicitly to the relational dimension of mentoring. The possession or non-possession of such traits can impact on the interactions that occur within mentorship. Accordingly it can be assumed that the characteristics, in conjunction with the roles that mentors play, that not everyone is suited to the role of mentor.

Most people have experienced schooling at some stage in their life and is therefore familiar with the role of a teacher. The role of a teacher is to teach both knowledge and skills to their learners in order to prepare them as citizens for the future.

More specifically, the role of the teacher is to design and deliver learning experiences that cater for and challenge the learners, that develop skills and knowledge both inside and outside of the classroom, and help them become confident, creative and responsible citizens.

movie relationship between teacher student

Despite this important role, the image of teachers is split between two types: We remember teachers according to such categories. The types of characteristics that teachers hold are extensive, however the following encompasses those that are key within the literature. Teachers generally have compassion, empathy and a caring nature. They can be flexible, creative, personable, humorous, positive, knowledgeable, motivational and dependable. Teachers are often well organised people, fair minded and resourceful Howell.

Teachers as Mentors in Film Teachers seem to be a popular subject of feature films. Films such as Goodbye Mr ChipsBlackboard Jungle and To Sir with Love provide us with insight into the way teachers are portrayed in society and the role they play. Film however, has the specific ability to shape the cultural understanding we develop and allows us to make comparisons to our own experiences and those that are played out in fictional circumstances Delamarter.

While there are some films that provide a negative portrayal of teachers, generally they provide a view that teachers are positive influences on the students in their care. A search of the World Wide Web about the teacher as mentor brings up a treasure trove of film titles that span from the s to the present day.

Despite such a choice of titles, the following films have been selected to examine in this paper: Selection of these films was based on the following two criteria: Reader-response theory will underpin the analysis of the teachers in each of the films selected, so that an answer to the earlier posed question can be illuminated.

There are many perspectives on reader-response theory and how one might focus upon when responding to a text.

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In this instance the author will highlight the transaction that occurs between the reader, the text and the context. The transactions will include the social, cultural, experiential, psychological and textual viewpoints Beach 8. Firstly, each film will be briefly described. This will be followed by an analysis of the teachers portrayed in the films.

Dead Poets Society is set at a conservative secondary boys academy in the late s and focuses on a group of students completing their senior year. Mr Keating is a new English teacher who uses unconventional teaching methods in the classroom. He encourages them to stand on desks during his lessons and to throw out tradition. The film Dangerous Minds is set in a low socio-economic area, where un-privilege and protecting yourself is a way of life.

The teacher in this film is new and young, but is an ex US Marine. I ordered the boys out of the room, then turned the full lash of my angry tongue on those girls. I told them how sickened I was by their general conduct, crude language, sluttish behavior, and of their free and easy familiarity with the boys.

The words gushed out of me, and the girls stood there and took it. By God, they took it! Not one of them dared to move or speak. Then I turned to their latest escapade. Only a filthy slut would have dared to do this thing, and those of you who stood by and encouraged her are just as bad.

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I do not wish to know which individual is responsible, because you are all to blame. I shall leave the classroom for exactly five minutes, in which time I expect that disgusting object to be removed and the windows opened to clear away the stink.

And remember, all of you, if you must play these dirty games, play them in your homes, but not in my classroom. Braithwaite Triumphed Over the Racist Apartheid Government I went upstairs and sat in the library, the only place where I could be alone for a little while. I felt sick at heart, because it seemed that this latest act, above all others, was intended to show their utter disrespect for me.

They seemed to have no sense of decency, these children; everything they said or did was colored by an ugly viciousness, as if their minds were forever rooting after fifth. Then what was it? What was wrong with them? They wanted to repeat their victory over Hackman. I was now no longer angry, but determined to take firm action to set my class in order.

From now on the classroom would be kept clean, in every way; I would not be asking it of them, but demanding it. No more banging desks. They had pushed me about as far as I was willing to go; from now on I would do a little pushing on my own account. When I entered the classroom at the end of recess, the fireplace was washed clean, the windows were open, and the children were sitting quietly in their places. The girls seemed sheepish and refused to meet my glance, and I realized with something of a shock that they at least most of them were ashamed; the boys, on the other hand, were watching me expectantly, as if waiting for me to say or do something.

I made no reference to the incident. As far as I was concerned the party was over; but I would need a little time to think up some effective way of bringing that fact home to them.

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It was nothing clear cut, merely speculative, but I considered it all the way to school. Then, after assembly, as soon as they were quiet I waded in. This might be a bit rough, I thought, but here goes. If at any time I say anything which you do not understand or with which you do not agree, I would be pleased if you would let me know. Most of you will be leaving school within six months or so; that means that in a short while you will be embarked on the very adult business of earning a living.

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Bearing that in mind, I have decided that from now on you will be treated, not as children, but as young men and women, by me and by each other. She was very late. I was annoyed with the way in which she had just barged her way in, insolently carelessly late.