Moyes and ferguson relationship quotes

moyes and ferguson relationship quotes

Mourinho's relationship with Manchester United dates back to his days as On Sir Alex Ferguson (December ): "Everything [makes him special]. On United's decision to appoint David Moyes (January ): "The club. We collate some of the most explosive quotes from the book. His relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson has never been repaired. . On United under David Moyes: "I wonder about the current United dressing room. When a. Quote If Moyes has a bad or underwhelming season, then mark my .. His relationship with Ferguson is strong and his team-building ethos fits.

The idea that I was in the studio ranting and raving, no. It was quite calculated. Did someone drive out to the countryside and bury it in the fing ground? Or did a bomb disposal unit come and explode it? It had to be destroyed. They knew my form. It was getting a bit silly so I got the players together in the dressing room and told them it was fing nonsense.

moyes and ferguson relationship quotes

Not one of them had an issue. We've lost respect for each other. And let me suffer the consequences.

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Let me cry in my car for two minutes. If it benefited Manchester United, so be it. Every little victory is vital. One morning a taxi driver picked me up, to bring me from my house to Manchester Airport.

My flight was at seven.

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In the middle of winter. And the taxi driver asked me: I looked at him and I went: He had a nice presence about him and a good attitude. After watching him train for a few days I thought: He was good looking and he knew it. Looking at some of the other players in front of the mirror I would think: I think Clough's warmth was genuine, but with Ferguson it was pure business -- everything is business.

That lack of warmth was his strength. United was a much bigger club than [Nottingham] Forest, but his coldness made him successful. As a manager I would take Clough's warmth and Ferguson's ruthlessness and put them in the mix -- but also add my own traits. I wanted to hurt him and stand over him and go: But I had no wish to injure him.

moyes and ferguson relationship quotes

It was dog eats dog. I've kicked lots of players and I know the difference between hurting somebody and injuring somebody. I didn't go to injure Haaland. When you play sport, you know how to injure somebody.

There was no premeditation. They didn't jump in to defend their teammate. If it had been me, and the doctor had said I had to do a drugs test, I'd have gone and done it. It wasn't something I'd have forgotten. When a doctor says you've got to do a drugs test, it's not an everyday thing. But then, some people are genuinely forgetful. Roy Keane chats with Rio Ferdinand.

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I think he genuinely forgot. We paid the price.

moyes and ferguson relationship quotes

He was a very good player and we missed him, especially in the second half of the season when the crunch games were coming up. When a manager like Sir Alex Ferguson is replaced the new man needs a helping hand. The former Chelsea boss replaces Louis van Gaal and was confirmed on a three-year deal on Friday morning. Mourinho's relationship with Manchester United dates back to his days as Porto manager.

moyes and ferguson relationship quotes

Here, we look at what they have said about each other over the years. His talent, the time he put his talent at the service of Manchester United and football in general. The passion that he has put in to everything, and after that in private moments, obviously, a good friend, a good person, a fantastic sense of humour.

I like him very, very much. The stadium was full and even the players who were not footballers - the actors, singers, comedians - they were feeling the atmosphere in the stadium and enjoyed it so much that I enjoyed it too, and that was just a charity game.

It's a place you have to enjoy. Not just when you win. We all want to play against big opponents, big coaches, big players, big teams. Man Utd represents all of that. I consider him a big, big friend but because of jobs, fighting for the same objectives, we are not speaking every week. But the deep feelings towards a friend doesn't change.

The proof is in his medals. Yes, maybe we are talking about the greatest Premier League player of all time. At the very least no player has contributed so much to a single Premier League club as Ryan Giggs has to Manchester United. I am where I want to be. I wouldn't change it for anything. It's a club with a fantastic culture. They believe in stability.

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They believe in the power of the manager. They believe in the support of the manager. But if at the end of the day Man United decide that he is to leave, then give me a call.

moyes and ferguson relationship quotes

Being fast and direct, I like that, but he's a Manchester United player. I build a team around Oscar in that position and on the sides the other players are doing very, very well. Juan is not comfortable on the sides.

He tried very hard and he did very well in some matches, but it's not his natural habitat.