Mystogan and erza relationship tips

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mystogan and erza relationship tips

Read Laxus Makes Relationships: Mystogan x Reader from the story Fairy Tail She flicked the knife into the air, then froze with the tip pointing at Freed. A blast. It is complicated That is what Erza says when Lucy asked her how things are between them. And I couldn't agree more. They were very close during their. This was the technique Natsu used to defeat Laxus Dreyar, who is known was even successful at first try when he tried to copy Lucy Heartfelia. . of lightning which is generated from the tip of the armor's spear. And she had a big relationship with her spirits y once she invoke all her spirits to save Leo.

Was she ashamed of not being too frequently seen in that light? A gasp escaped Erza's lips - a gasp that was barely audible. Jellal realized what he had done, and his cheeks became flushed. He looked to the side, and both retracted their hands from the other synchronously. Jellal's eyes shifted in her direction, though he didn't turn his head yet. He caught a vibrant blush on her cheeks, and couldn't help but to smile before forcing his gaze away from her.

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But you certainly have your walls up You only allow the rest to see the soldier in you. But I'm sure you're much more than just that. Erza didn't look his way. She didn't move a muscle, and remained quiet. Reluctantly, the king reached up towards her face and cupped her chin gently. She seemed to object at first, but soon moved her head to look at him. She gave herself a light push, and stood up straight, beginning to pace away from Jellal.

Such thoughts have never crossed my mind. I've never worried over such trivial things. Jellal stood up, and took a few steps towards her. You feel ashamed now. Maybe I shouldn't have brought that up. Erza shook her head in silence, and turned, taking quick steps to the door. She's a lady And ladies shouldn't be messed with She's a lady And ladies shouldn't be messed with.

Jellal stubbornly followed, and grabbed her arm, a bit more roughly than he meant to. He gave a slight tug, and pulled her close to him. But please," he paused briefly to once again admire her delicate facial features. Slowly, he started to lean in and Erza froze in place, unable to react. Her king's beauty quite simply stunned her. Her eyes began to close as his face drew near, and she finished closing the distance between them. Resting her hand on his chest, Erza's lips brushed against Jellal's barely allowing them to touch.

Jellal's free arm slithered around her waist, though he didn't pull her any closer, preferring to let her take her time, though hunger for her warmth was evident in his half-open eyes. Erza wrapped her opposite arm around his neck and softly pressed her lips against his completely.

Pulling away from embarrassment and shock alone, the two gazed into each other's eyes in a bit of a staggered state.

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Despite having a blush that nearly matched her hair colour, Erza eagerly crashed her lips into Jellal's almost not giving him time to react. This time, the cerulean haired Mage tightened his embrace on her, and carefully pressed her up again the shelf by one of the office walls. Slithering his tongue against her lips, his hands began to wander. He released her wrist, and started to run both hands up and down her sides, taking in her figure with his sense of touch alone - as if he were a blind man.

Erza parted her moist lips invitingly. As their tongues began the merciless battle for dominance, Jellal's hands stopped at Erza's hips. As if their thoughts were linked, Erza locked both arms around his neck, and held on as she wrapped her legs around his waist tightly - Jellal's hands immediately moving to her backside in order to hold her in place and support her weight Still in the middle of an intimate duel; though Erza seemed to be winning, rubbing her tongue up against Jellal's and occasionally sucking on it gently, Jellal gave her ass a gentle squeeze with his fingers, earning a muffled moan from the redhead.

Pulling away only from lack of breath, the two shared a lustful stare as they panted lightly. Jellal's cheeks became more flushed as he noticed the bulge in his pants. He was silently thankful that Erza couldn't feel it yet, with her pelvis up against his waist. He leaned close and kissed her lips, planting pecks on her repeatedly as he carried her to a side door, leading to his chamber. In a lip-lock once more, Jellal locked the door with a single hand and hurried to his bed as Erza quickly kicked her boots off, before laying her down onto the soft mattress - fit for a king.

Here I am There you go again, again And we will not ever be 18 again He rested both hands next to either side of her head, and examined her adorable expression. The mighty Erza Knightwalker; the Fairy Hunter looked so tempting and vulnerable, with such a shy expression on her face.

But to Jellal's surprise, she sat up, giving him a sultry stare, and pushed him up for him to stand up straight while she knelt on the bed. Jellal eyed her questioningly for a second, until she slid his jacket off his shoulders and onto the floor - and began to strip him of his button-up shirt.

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Jellal happily helped her with it, but he soon began to help her get out of her armour once his chest was exposed. Erza discarded the only garments that made her feel safe, and he practically pounced on top of her, though that didn't last, as the knight shoved him down on his back. She climbed on top of him with her legs on either side of his hips, now only in her undergarments. She bit her bottom lip nervously, which only caused his erection to worsen.

Erza began to grind against the bulge, forcing several small moans to escape Jellal's throat. Erza tilted her head back slightly, also becoming stimulated by feeling the boner rubbing her.

And a little moan came from her, too, as she felt herself become wet. She got off, and knelt next to him as she undid his pants, and lowered them. Jellal kicked his shoes off along with his bottoms, and Erza timidly slid the tight boxers down lower, until Jellal's erection slowly began to rise once it was out of its restrictions. A soft gasp was heard from Erza, and she sat on his legs this time, before shyly wrapping her hand around his shaft.

She began to stroke him gently, and though she didn't have experience in this, Jellal's little moans and grunts encouraged her to continue moving her hand up and down, occasionally giving a gentle squeeze with her fingers, which gave her satisfying results. She lowered her head, and licked her lips before pressing her tongue against his shaft, and licking all the way up to the tip.

Jellal tensed up and gasped, bringing a hand to the back of her head almost by instinct. Erza moved her tongue against the tip in circular motions, before placing her lips around his fully erect penis, and lowering her head, taking his length in little by little.

He moaned, and arched his hips a bit, pushing his cock farther into her mouth, feeling her lips lock around his width, and her tongue press up against his shaft, massaging it thoroughly and to the best of her ability as she bobbed her head up and down.

Jellal ran a hand through his hair in his euphoria, feeling her inexperienced mouth please him in ways he didn't imagine possible. Not that he knew the first thing about sexual experiences. He gasped loudly and let out a moan through gritted teeth as he felt the tip of his penis press up against the inside of her cheek, then suddenly being taken to the very back of her throat. Erza didn't seem bothered, and she wasn't. She was glad about not having gag reflexes at the moment.

Jellal glanced down at the flawless Erza Knightwalker, noticing her intense blush, and the muffled moans coming out of her as she continued to deep throat him. Erza finally unlatched herself from his cock, and a thin web of precum dangled from his tip to her tongue.

She panted softly, and looked up at him bashfully. Jellal was still recovering from his constant moaning, but he soon sat up, grabbed her arms, and forced her down on her back. She looked somewhat startled, but she tensed up and shivered at his touch when he began to rub her sensitive area over her panties.

She eventually relaxed and gave little moans, yelps, and gasps - all sorts of noises that made Jellal feel triumphant. He looked into her eyes, and they shared a look that conveyed approval.

Erza took a deep breath as Jellal hooked his index finger onto the side of her panties, and began to slide them down.

He knew he must have looked ridiculous, knowing his cheeks were so red. But could he really be blamed? After tossing her panties aside, Jellal pried her legs open, just enough for him to be able to lower his head. Erza gasped, and threw her head back the moment she felt his tongue slither against her moist slit. She arched her back as Jellal's tongue flicked against her most sensitive spot, and moaned frequently, gripping the bed covers tightly.

She could've sworn she felt her nails leave purple markings on the palms of her hands through the fabric. Squirming and yelping, Erza spoke up between heavy breaths. Jellal raised his head again, and crawled up closer to her. He leaned down and kissed her neck gently, giving a few nips and bites here and there, sucking on her sensitive skin occasionally while Erza reached behind herself, and unhooked her bra, tossing it aside.

She held his face in between her hands, urging him to look at her. She kissed him deeply, and Jellal returned her kiss without question. Once he retracted his lips from hers, he kissed down her chest, and cupped her left breast gently, before lightly circling his tongue around the erect pink nub. Erza moaned softly, and Jellal released her, now placing both hands next to either side of her head, positioning himself above her, in between her legs. He looked down at her with a gentle expression.

Erza bit her lip, and looked him up and down, gently running her hand up along his nicely toned abs, and across his chest. Finally, she nodded nervously, and Jellal leaned down to kiss her forehead gently before sitting up straight again. He stroked himself a couple of times before pressing the tip against her now well lubricated slit. He rubbed himself against her a few times, biting back a soft moan, before placing a hand on each of her thighs, holding them in place as he began to push himself into her untouched opening.

He looked up at Erza reluctantly, who took a deep breath as soon as he began to slide himself in. As he pushed in, inch by inch, he let out a heavy breath, feeling her virgin walls constrict around his width.

Finally, he slid his length all the way in, and Erza gasped softly, holding back a yelp from the pain she'd never experienced before. Jellal noticed a thin drop of blood trickle down from her entrance, once he'd penetrated her completely. He didn't move, and studied Erza's expression carefully. Discomfort was evident in her expression, but once most of the pain had passed, she looked up at him and nodded.

Lightning Empress Armor This armor is her best option against Laxus Dreyar and other mages who use lightning magic. This spell is referred to as Lightning Beam. A much advanced spell named Lightning Cyclotron uses the same principle but unleashes multiple lightning beams at the same time. Flight Armor The fact that it grants unfathomable speed made this armor very handy.

It was even enough to help Erza keep up with Razer despite being under the effects of his Slowing Magic. Morning Star Armor Erza can produce a massive blast direct towards an enemy through this armor by simply pointing the twin swords that comes with it. This armor comes with a pair of identical huge swords. With this armor on, Erza Scarlet can cast Fairy Piercing Sword where Erza chargers her dual sword with energy and hits the target with immeasurable force enough shatter an island.

Sea Empress Armor This armor offers water resistance which was very useful when Erza Scarlet faced Juvia, a mage who specializes on water magic. It comes with a powerful water magic which allows Erza to set forth powerful whirlpools against her foes. Farewell Fairy Tail Armor Like what it name implies, Erza uses this armor to simply bid fairly to her friends and was used when they were on a mission at the Tower of Heaven.

mystogan and erza relationship tips

She lost her right eye after being punished for an attempt to escape but was given an Artificial Eye by Porlyusica. Ultear Milkovich while talking to Zeref. At present, she is an independent Mage of Crime Sorciere. It can manipulate the time of anything, given it is not responsive. She believes that this type of Magic is a perfect counter for Mages who specialize on Element Molding magic. With this magic at her disposal, Ultear can either bring back or forward anything in time affecting its speed and overall condition.

Restore This technique seems to be casted by simply looking at the target object. It allows Ultear to restore any inorganic item back to its original state prior taking any damage. The copies created in the process are no illusions and are even used to attack enemies at lightning speed. It directs all the future of her weapon towards the enemy sending hundreds of extremely tough orbs to hit the enemy all at once with immeasurable force! Infinite Sphere This spell starts by hitting her opponent in any part of the body with one orb then it reproduces to commence an attack that is almost impossible to dodge.

Second Origin Release Ultear was able to unlock this new ability after seven years of training which gave him a massive boost in Magical power. Telekinesis Ultear usually uses this magic to control his weaponized orb.

She stays on a safe distance and simply controls the orb to either attack or defend. Possession Magic This magic was the one that corrupted the mind of Jellal Fernandes and convinced him that he was Zeref.

Transformation Natsu Dragneel first met Ultear disguised as a masked man named Zalty. Thought Projection This magic is a requirement among Magic Council members. It allows the use to create images of himself in a distant place without leaving his current location.

Superior Strength Despite being a woman, Ultear can easily out-power strong male mages like Gray Fullbuster. This was even the main reason why Ur, her mother, left Ultear to a Magic Research Laboratory because her excessive magic power brought upon negative effects to her body. Laxus Dreyar mocking other Fairy Tail members. Source Laxus Dreyar capturing Lucy. Source Laxus Dreyar saving Natsu team from Hades.

Source Laxus Dreyar defeated by Hades. Source Laxus Dreyar full body photo. Source Laxus Dreyar is the grandson of Makarov Dreyar. This magic does not only allow him to generate lighting from his body but also make it appear from almost anywhere to strike enemies in an instant and catch them off-guard. This magic also made him immune against lightning attacks. He can also restore his magic power by simply eating electricity. This magic allows him to create a Thought Projection of himself.

This image is immune to any attack and is closely related to having an ethereal body. Organic Link Magic This magic is more like a counter-attack strategy. It will redirect an attack straight back to its source but in a form of lightning.

It uses immense light magic power to eliminating anything or anyone within its range who is considered an enemy by the caster. Master Hand to Hand Combatant There have been many occasions in the anime series where Laxus proved his prowess in hand to hand combat. He managed to ward off the combined attacks of Gajeel and Natsu with ease.

Like Natsu, Laxus can also create lightning orbs in his arms and legs to boost the speed and power of his physical offense. During the fight, he even mocked Mystogan for using weak and ineffective spells against him.

Unbelievable Durability It will take more than the attack combination of Natsu and Gajeel to bring down Laxus. His resilience is outstanding even for a Dragon Slayer. Hades was also surprised to see him survive after going all out on his Dark Magic. Laxus is definitely not just behemoth offensively but also one of the best when it comes to defense. Boosted Strength Even without lightning magic, Laxus can easily overpower a physically gifted opponent like Natsu and Gajeel.

Can endure even the most horrifying Physical and Magical Damage Laxus can withstand even the toughest physical challenge. He was able to stand up against two strong Dragon Slayers and even fought with S-Class Mages being extremely weakened afterwards. In his battle against Hades, he gave up all his magic power to Natsu yet he was able to stand by his own afterwards. Extremely High Reflexes Laxus is in a much higher level than most Fairy Tail members when it comes to speed and agility.

This is clearly observed when he effortlessly evaded all the fast combination attacks of Natsu and Gajeel. Makarov Dreyar's weird facial expression. Source Makarov Dreyar pumped up for battle. Source Makarov Dreyar trying to stop Acnologia.

Source Makarov Dreyar is a very short man with exceptional magic power. The enlarging power is absurd as it can make Makarov almost bigger than an island. Another interesting fact about this magic is that it can be transferred to another person. Although the complete Titan form of Makarov is much slender compared to the usual, it grants him with excessive amount of power and causes his mustache to be wilder and point upwards. Light will also be emitted from his eyes which may be brought upon by his light magic.

He can easily crush anyone with his bare hand or pull out trees or infrastructure debris and smash them to foes.

mystogan and erza relationship tips

Exceptional Durability After Makarov achieves a gigantic form, his tolerance against all sorts of magical or physical attack is increased. He even managed to hold back Acnologia, a very strong black dragon which is feared even by the Magic Council. Maximum Defense Seal This magic can protect Makarov from any kind of harm.

mystogan and erza relationship tips

It will surround him with several magic seals which will literally consume enemy attacks and render them useless. Three Pillar Gods Two ethereal pillars will appear on both sides of Makarov and one on his back to form a very powerful barrier. It was even strong enough to protect Makarov from the destructive power of Amaterasu Formula casted by Hades when they battled on Tenrou Island.

Light Magic This type of elemental magic basically relies on light as its main source of power. This magic can be used for both offense and defense. His master on this type of magic is clearly evident when he fought against Jose Porla where he conjured ethereal spheres of light in the air united by beams of light coming from the stars to perform invisible blinding and powerful spells.

Giant Wrath Makarov constantly releases a surge of destructive light energy from his light magic aura. This magic can easily destroy surrounding buildings, trees, and virtually anything near the caster. Light Blast This magic is a powerful beam of light that can pierce through an enemy with this. Even those with thick and sturdy protective gears are not safe from the wrath of this spell. In fact, only a few defensive magic is capable of stopping it.

These seals are brought upon through light magic and will protect anything before it from all sorts of dangers. Rain of Light Rain of Light is an array of light beams that can bring upon severe damage to opponents casted through a single Magic Seal.

Upon casting, it will create a bright light which covers a considerable range.