Nathan and kelly relationship

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nathan and kelly relationship

Nathan Young is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 science fiction comedy-drama Nathan has also been involved in a romantic relationship with Kelly Bailey (Lauren Socha). Sheehan has been nominated for a BAFTA for his. the show was building towards an eventual Nathan/Kelly romance. It felt so abrupt to me, as if they'd planned on taking the relationship in. I'm really fond of the Nathan/Kelly relationship too, whether they end up as a romantic couple or remain friends. I do think they have feelings for each other but I.

On a possible return Sheehan said "There's no point in saying never. It holds a very fond little place in my heart. No, it's been a great big part of my life and there's no point in turning your back on something completely.

I'm not doing that, I would never say never". The Herald described him as a "curly haired Irish smart alec called Nathan Robert Sheehanto whom writer Howard Overman has given all the best lines". The Guardian also commented that "So far his only power seems to be the gift of incessant back-chat. Played by Robert Sheehan, he's the breakout star of the show".

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Boxcutters commented negatively on the characters of Misfits saying it was "filled with unattractive and very annoying characters" although they responded positively to the show asking "why do we find it so strangely compelling? The Daily Telegraph describes him as "Motormouth Nathan was the pivot here, prodding, challenging and provoking the others into revealing themselves".

The Independent responded to the character saying he was "clearly the most quotable of the quintet" and after Nathan decides to join the circus so he can be repeatedly killed they added "Quite right: MSN News described Nathan saying he was "undoubtedly the star of the show". The Guardian described Sheehan as the "leading light of E4's Asbo superheroes drama", describing him as a "cocky motormouth" before questioning "Can Misfits survive without Nathan?

Neela Debnath of the Independent spoke of Sheehan's departure upon the beginning of the third series saying the absence of Nathan, who she described as "universally popular and well-liked", was the "starkest" difference in the series. Debnath expressed that although for a large number of people Nathan was "the most entertaining character on the show" because of his "schoolboy humour and penchant for annoying everyone but the audience" his departure did not detract from the quality of the show.


The Guardian branded Nathan their "favourite cocky yet lovable and immortal character" but after Rudy's entrance questioned "As for that void after Nathan left? The full video can be found on the article Online Films.

nathan and kelly relationship

He would be 21 years old by the end of tenure, having had a birthday during Series 2 Nathan's original power reflects how he thinks he is the best and everyone else's insults seem to bounce right off him, making him almost 'invincible' to their comments.

It also reflects his "I'm going to live forever" attitude. Brian becomes jealous of other people with abilities, so he decides to gain recognition by killing those with similar abilities. Kelly is killed and through Nathan's mediumship warns him of Brian's plans.

nathan and kelly relationship

Curtis reverses time and Kelly is revived. The group decides to regain their powers after Nikki Ruth Negga is killed, which could have been prevented had they had their powers. They decide to purchase different powers from their original powers.

Kelly helps to undo these changes and she and Seth share a kiss. Kelly is eventually freed when she and Jen switch places again. Kelly and Seth begin a relationship. Seth ends his relationship with Kelly. The group realise Shannon is a zombieso they decide to kill her. Seth stops them but Shannon later hears Seth and Kelly speaking and decides to kill Kelly. Shannon is about to attack Kelly when Seth kills Shannon.

Kelly and Seth admit their love for each other. Tony chases Kelly who attacks him with a fire extinguisher. Kelly meets Nathan 's half brother, Jamie. Later, Kelly and the others are introduced to Nathan's estranged half-brother Jamieand the group take him clubbing along with Lily. Jamie gives drugs to the group, which inadvertantly cause their powers to reverse; while clubbing with Nathan; Kelly constantly blurts out everything she is thinking, including wondering why Nathan takes a liking to her compared to notably more attractive women.

Days later, the group break into what they believe to be the lair of Super Hoodieonly to find a woman named Nikki lives there instead. Later, Kelly decides to get a tattoo touched up and takes Nathan and Simon with her.

However, when Nathan starts acting odd and lusts over Kelly as "Roxxy". Simon, Kelly visits Vince and learns that he has a power; unfortunately, she is inked before she can react, and her tattoo makes her fall madly in love with him. She breaks free from Vince's power when Simon flicks a peanut into Vince's mouth, giving him an allergic reaction and exchanges his medicine for their release. That night, Kelly and Nathan decide to have sex, but as Nathan inserts his fingers into her vagina, Kelly backs out, saying that it feels 'wrong' and that they should just remain friends, much to Nathan's lament.

One morning, they are greeted with new offender Olliewho reveals he has the power of teleportation. While litter picking, the group encounter Timwhose power leaves him seeing reality as a video game, and are constantly hounded by him.

Nikki, who has recently undergone a heart transplant surgery with Ollie's heart, uses her inherited teleportation power to rescue them. When Simon tells Kelly that Tim has been arrested the next day, Kelly assumes that all he did was play computer games all day.

In the sixth episode of Season 2, Kelly was killed by another character who was Kelly gets her new power from Seth. This is however reversed when Curtis rewinds time to cancel out all events which have taken place during this episode.

In the Christmas Special, having finished Community Service Kelly sells her power along with the rest of the gang to Seththe power dealer. Though she first enjoys her wealth, buying expensive clothing, she then opts to buy them back after Nikki dies at the hands of one of Elliot's followers, a corrupt a former preist who bought powers so he could convince people he's Jesus Christ to obtain money and sex. Kelly joins her fellow misfits in the attempt to kill the fake Jesus.

Having found their efforts useless against Elliot's power, the misfits attempted to steal his locker full of money which ends up killing Elliot in the struggle. When returning to Seth to buy back their powers with Elliot's stolen money, Kelly suggests that they don't necessarily need to buy the powers they where given during the storm.

As the others stand nervous of what to do, Kelly tiredly elects to go first and select a new power. Series 3 Edit Kelly starts dating with power-dealer Seth. With her new superhuman knowledge of rocket science, Kelly attempted to sell her rocket designs of an intercontinental ballistics missile to a potential investor, however, the investor kicked her out, believing she stole them. Kelly soon developed a romantic interest in Seth and the two began dating.

During that time, Kelly involuntarily swapped her body with a dying coma patient, Jen. Jen then uses her body to reunite with her boyfriend Dom. Kelly then was close to death as Jen's Mother was ready to pull the plug. Her friends, realizing what happened, took her from the hospital to the Community Centre where Jen switched bodies back after killing Shaun.

Kelly and Seth briefly broke up when he dumped her for his newly resurrected girlfriend Shannon.