Native americans meet lewis and clark

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native americans meet lewis and clark

For all the heroism of their achievement, Lewis and Clark would not have But Lewis and Clark, and the Indians they met, didn't have the. Lewis and Clark navigation, The Native Americans of the expedition, Lewis and Clark developed a ritual that they used when meeting a tribe for the first time. Although we tend to think of Indians as one people, the tribes Lewis and Clark met were actually very different from one another. Indeed, in terms of language.

And so by then they had already started to. You could call their Indian diplomacy the great traveling medicine show because they really did have a pattern, a pattern that they had inherited from generations of Indian policy that began in the Northeast woodlands and then went out into the West. The traveling medicine show worked like this, first there was a parade in which European style technology was shown off.

You wanted to show Indians uniforms and guns and the objects of the industrial revolution to impress them and then you wanted to show Indians trade goods and so the great country store was wheeled out.

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You wanted to show Indians all of those objects that they might gain if they became part of an industrial world that grew out of St Louis. And so, first the parade and then the country store and then came the serious negotiation because Lewis and Clark represented in the traveling medicine show not only military power, commercial power, but also diplomatic power.

So the third part of the traveling medicine show was some serious negotiation. Some treaty talk, some council making. And then there was always a showing of the flag, the great American symbol of sovereignty and power.

Listen to the RealAudio What did the peace medal symbolize? Peace medals symbolized two very different things. And they represent two different things on two different sides of the cultural divide.

native americans meet lewis and clark

If I give you a peace medal, it means that you are now one of mine. On the other hand, for native people, accepting a peace medal might simply mean a recognition that we are equals. And the peace medal also represented a source of power.

Native people often believed that the power that the Europeans had were not in their own bodies, but in their objects.

Native Americans and the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Hospitality and Hostility

The Nez Percewho considered killing the strangers when they first staggered out of the mountains, provided aid at a time when their help was critical to the survival of the expedition members. For payment, Clark obtained two horses.

However, encounters with Native Americans were not always favorable. Lewis, in a political blunder, informed a band of Blackfeet warriors that Americans would give guns to Blackfeet enemies who agreed to a comprehensive peace plan. Under the cover of darkness, the infuriated Blackfeet warriors attempted to steal guns from the expedition. Fields as he seized his gun stabed the indian to the heart with his knife the fellow ran about 15 steps and fell dead.

I called to them … that I would shoot them if they did not give me my horse and raised my gun, one of them jumped behind a rock and spoke to the other who turned around and stoped at the distance of 30 steps from me and I shot him through the belly, he fell to his knees and on his wright elbow from which position he partly raised himself up and fired at me, and turning himself about crawled in behind a rock which was a few feet from him. What are the acute diseases of the Indians?

Is the bilious fever attended with a black vomit. Is Goiture, apoplexy, palsy, Epilepsy, madness…ven.

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Disease known among them? What is their state of life as to longevity? At what age do the women begin and cease to menstruate? At what age do they marry?

native americans meet lewis and clark

How long do they suckle the Children? What is the provision of their Childrn. What is its state in childhood.

native americans meet lewis and clark

The number of strokes counted by the quarter of a minute by glass, and multiplied by four will give its frequency in a minute. What are their Remidies?

native americans meet lewis and clark

Are artificial discharges of blood ever used among them? In what manner do they induce sweating? Do they ever use voluntary fasting? At what time do they rise — their Baths? How do they preserve their food? The Native Americans practiced bloodletting and purging, induced sweating and vomiting, and mingled their medicine with mysticism and ritual.

They treated constipation with herbs, and gave enemas by utilizing horns and animal bladders.