Ncis la fanfiction kensi and deeks relationship

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ncis la fanfiction kensi and deeks relationship

Disclaimer: I still don't own any NCIS:LA characters:( "Can you believe we're married for a day now?" Deeks was putting After that words Deeks headed back to Kensi "So you're admitting that we are married?" "Maybe. A different version of the Kensi/Deeks love story. What if they were married before the show started? Follow a different version of the. Kensi and Deeks were having a friendly discussion about the effects of They had gone undercover as a married couple again to get close to.

He had kissed her like he loved her that was certain.

Stoic Kensi Blye could still feel her heart pounding, still feel his gentle lips against hers, still feel her knees shaking.

Her partner had done exactly as she had asked, but there was something more. Suddenly remembering her reason for the whole thing, Kensi tore her eyes from Deeks and immediately found the man responsible for her unease. Jack was standing a mere two feet from them. Deeks followed her gaze seeing the man standing close to them. He was a little shorter than Deeks and had brown short hair. He was clean shaven and well built.

The question was why was Kensi acting so strange because of him. Standing straight, Deeks kept his arm around Kensi pressing her into his side. Jack spoke, "Hello Kensi.

His eyes were clouded with worry for her and she felt the tension in his body. Kensi also realized the things he had just told her silently, were not fake. Everything she dreamed he was telling her through that kiss was true. He cared about her so much that he would respect her enough to show restraint. He thought she was attractive and wanted her, but in more ways than just physically.

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He would protect her because he thought she was worth fighting for and dying for. Deeks really loved her. And with butterflies swirling in her stomach, she discovered she loved him to.

She had to swallow the emotion building inside of her before she spoke. How was she supposed to handle this situation with the current revelation fresh in her mind and heart? Opening her mouth to say something, Kensi was interrupted by the clearing of throats.

She pulled away from Deeks unable to concentrate with him so close. They looked at the table behind them having completely forgotten about the rest of the team. Although looking extremely confused, Sam and Callen nodded their heads promising they would be asking questions Monday, but for now they would leave it alone.

Shifting from foot to foot, Sam muttered, "We'll talk Monday," and followed Eric and Nell out of the bar. Callen nodded in agreement adding, "Good night. Slowly, Deeks and Kensi turned back to their visitor. Deeks wished he had time to ask Kensi how she wanted him to play this, but he would just follow her lead instead.

Shoving his hands in his pockets, Deeks forced himself not to take Kensi back into his arms. Kensi took a breath and sidled closer to Deeks leaning ever so lightly against his shoulder, she needed his strength and support to get her through this, "Hello, Jack. Jack seemed to become more unsettled when Deeks held Kensi's hand, "So…I…uh, who is this?

I wanted to see how you were and apologize, maybe even beg for a second chance.

ncis la fanfiction kensi and deeks relationship

But the moment I saw him kissing you and you kissing him, I knew it was too late. I came over anyway because it was the right thing to do.

ncis la fanfiction kensi and deeks relationship

Kensi, I'm truly sorry for what I did to you and I hope I didn't cause you too much pain. You had the right to hate me. I did look for you after I had gotten real help, but you were gone. I'm glad you were able to find a man, who could love you like Marty does. He probably thought she still had feelings for Jack, but would that really disappoint him. Could her interpretation of his kiss possibly be correct?

Nodding his head, Jack began to turn to leave, "I wish you the best Kensi. I mean you saw me kiss other men before we were together, why was this time different? He looked at Jack waiting for a response.

Obviously Kensi was going to let Jack go so that meant she didn't love him still or at least Deeks hoped that was the case. But then she asked this question so the answer was important to her and it was to Deeks too. Jack lifted a corner of his mouth in a wry grin and looked at the two holding hands, "Because never once when we were engaged did you kiss me like that you just kissed him.

And I've never seen any man put such pure love and promise into one action. Her lips were parted trying to come up with a response that didn't matter now. Kensi stared at the exit for a full minute before she faced Deeks fully. Deeks swallowed trying to sort through what had just happened.

What Jack had said was unbelievable, surely Kensi had kissed other guys the way she had just kissed him. He had to ask so he leaned closer and whispered, "Is that true? I mean…I thought you were just doing what I asked, but," Kensi unconsciously touched her fingers to her lips, "it just felt so real and I guess I imagined you trying to show me what true love is. No way did Deeks love her and now he knew that she loved him.

They wouldn't be able to be partners anymore.

Her heart pounding, Kensi decided if the damage was already done then she may as well keep going. Tentatively, she raised her hand to his cheek and looked at him, "Thank you Deeks. Five days since Kensi told Deeks who was ecstatic to have little mutant ninja assassins running around soon. One day since they became husband and wife and each got a ring to wear on the chains around their necks. Kensi knew the secret would not last forever.

They both knew it. Kensi was hoping that she would not immediately be put on desk duty, so she asked Deeks to keep her pregnancy a secret, at least for a little while. He did not want to, but he eventually agreed. At work today, Kensi kept subconsciously putting her had where the baby bump would start to form. Hetty noticed, but no one else did.

Right after the briefing finished for their next case, Hetty spoke up, "I think Kensi should sit this case out. Callen, being the leader, finally spoke up, "Why? And why did you just call Kensi by her first name? You never do that. Callen, that is something you need to ask her. Deeks in my office…now. She looked a little green.

Everyone else in the room heard Deeks call after her as he too left the room, "Hey, you should stop calling me that, it's a little weird. Eric saw it, "Wait, a minute, why do you get to know, but we don't? Don't ask me to tell you," she said as she saw Eric open his mouth to speak, "because I'm not positive and it's their secret to tell, not mine. Kensi was washing her face while Deeks stood behind her and rubbed her back. There's three Deeks' now.

I think we should tell them. They're going to see your bump soon enough. Hetty offered them tea, but they politely declined. She sat and stared them down for just long enough to make them uncomfortable. They started thinking they were in trouble just as Hetty said, "I do believe that congratulations are in order. Deeks, you are on desk duty until after your child arrives.

Kensi relented and said, "Okay. They need to know everything. Callen and Sam did not want to do their paperwork, so they decided to figure out what was going on. They pestered Kensi for a while, but she seemed to be absorbed in her paperwork and was not answering them.

They started bothering Deeks next, but he had the same reaction as Kensi. Nell walked in, wearing a half smirk, half-smile. She was holding a piece of paper.

They left for the women's changing room. Once they were inside the room. Nell turned around and handed Kensi the piece of paper. Kensi looked at the paper, not quite sure what she was being congratulated for, the marriage or the baby. It was a marriage certificate. We are going to tell everyone soon, okay? They walked back up the bullpen and Nell walked over to Deeks desk. She whispered in his ear, "Congratulation!

The next morning, Eric whistled to them, signaling the start of another case. Nell had been smiling since she had talked to Kensi and it was driving Sam, Callen, and Eric insane because no one would answer their questions. Kensi and Deeks were a bit nervous through the whole briefing, but they hid it well. Much like the day before, Hetty started talking as soon as the briefing was finished.

Deeks, I need to see you in my office now.