Nico robin and zoro relationship advice

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nico robin and zoro relationship advice

First is my favorite, Nami and Usopp. I believe they I think zoro and robin have the best relationship in a I wanna f u kinda way lololol. I was walking in the kitchen when I saw Zoro and Robin sleeping . him and gave him advice on how his and Nami's relationship will work. Second only to Nico Robin, he is considered one of the more A large part of Zoro's relationship with Luffy has to do with Luffy's position as captain Zoro is constantly frustrating Chopper by going against his medical advice.

Before Robin and Zoro walked inside, Zoro threw Robin a small smile. Taking a moment to compose herself, Robin entered the gallery. She placed Daichi in his seat by Kairi and then continued to act okay about the situation. When Franky and Nami looked at her for answers, she looked towards Sanji and back at them, shaking her head sadly.

Nami rolled her eyes and kept eating while Franky muttered a 'bro' before he, too, acted as if the exchange never happened. As soon as Robin sat down, Nami looked around the table. So be here noon on the 3rd day on TIME. Both members muttered a sorry to the navigator.

Nico Robin/Personality and Relationships

Zoro and Sanji will be staying on the ship tomorrow night. Brooke has the last night. Any switches are run by me, as well as any problems. Around the table, conversations about what who was going to do on the island broke out. In the mist on the conversations, Luffy looked over to Sanji and said "You should take Zoro out to a restaurant with a lot of meat. Thats where I would go.

Zoro opted to act like he didnt hear them and continued to feed the babies instead. Chuckling awkwardly, Sanji said " Sorry. He then turned back towards the babies. It didnt effect him that Sanji said that because he knew that he would say that. And in a second the excuses will come. Swallowing hard, Sanji said " Because of the kids. A lot of places dont like noise and that's what kids bring. Or Franky and Robin. As long as theres two of us and someone knowledged with kids it's okay, right?

Zoro mentally laughed and shook his head. That was definitely the agrerment when it came to babysitting. It became the new rule after Zoro found Franky letting the kids play with his tools. Needless to say, Fanky was out of commision for a week.

Relationship between Robin and Zoro

We need a lot of things, especially meat, if we're gonna make it for a month and a half. If food and a lot of meat is involved, Luffy will definitely let it slide. Sanji let out a breath and muttered "We'll see. Conversations began to follow, signalling that Zoro was safe now.

He turned from the now full babies and ate his own food. Feeling eyes on him, Zoro looked up. He could tell that the girls were not happy with him for not butting in.

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He shrugged, not wanting to feel bothered with the entire thing. Not too long after, everyone was finished eating. Sanji began cleaning after kissing the twins goodnight and the girls helped Zoro take them to his room. When they had them in their cribs and was sure they were not going to wake up, Nami turned around angrily.

He was tired and wanted to sleep and the last thing he needed was a nagging Nami. Robin turned to Nami and said "I'll tell you everything he told me in our room. An awkward pause came between them. Why am I feeling so nervous, all of a sudden?

It's just Robin, I shouldn't be nervous around her.

nico robin and zoro relationship advice

He then sighed before he looked at Robin and gently cupped her chin in his hand. Without warning, Zoro quickly followed suit, kissing Robin on the lips as well. He began to prod her lips with his tongue, asking for permission to enter, which she allowed. Soon, Zoro's tongue entered the wet cavern that is Robin's mouth, and, after wrestling her tongue for dominance, began to explore. He could taste the somewhat bittersweet taste of coffee, accentuated by the taste of hazelnut cream and a touch of sugar, while Robin could taste the ever present smell of sake, though it wasn't too overpowering, possibly due to the fact that she had gotten used to Zoro's alcohol intake.

They kissed for a good ten minutes until they finally pulled away to breathe. Robin looked at Zoro's chest and put her hands on it, feeling up and down, causing Zoro to blush even more. Just then, the swordsman took Robin into his arms and kissed her on the lips once more, though briefly, and slowly, he made his way from her lips, across her cheek, and then to the left side of her neck, eying it hungrily. Then, without warning…he took a bite, causing Robin to gasp, in pain at first, but then she noticed that he didn't bite into the skin, too deep to cause any bleeding.

Zoro sucked and licked at the skin of her neck, causing Robin to shudder slightly with the pleasure. Zoro smirked before he pulled away from Robin's neck, leaving behind a small bite mark, before he glanced at the archaeologist's chest.

Her plump, perky breasts seemed to shine slightly in the moonlight…and Zoro reached down for the zipper on her top. He then looked at Robin, as is asking permission, once more. All Robin did is smile before nodding her head. Zoro smirked as he slowly unzipped Robin's top, freeing her constricted bosom. Then, he began to gently press his hands up against them, and his eye went wide in surprise. Soon, the swordsman opened his mouth…and began to suck on Robin's right breast, causing her to moan slightly.

Soon, Zoro pulled away to breathe, again, and then gently pushed Robin to sit down on the sofa. Soon, the dark-haired woman began to disrobe Zoro. She started with the sash first, and then as that came off, the robe pooled around Zoro's feet.

As Robin continued to strip Zoro of his clothing, the swordsman did the same to her, slowly pulling off her top, dropping it on the floor, and then untying her sarong, which soon dropped to the floor around her feet. Robin looked down at Zoro's pants…and reached down inside. Zoro just smirked, knowing what was coming next. Without warning, Robin gave his hard member a slight squeeze, causing him to moan. Robin smiled as she began to rub, up and down, causing her lover to moan even more.

However, as she did so, she suddenly felt Zoro slip his hand inside her underwear. He didn't even have to ask her permission this time…because he knew very she wanted this. Soon…Robin gasped as she felt Zoro slip his fingers inside her and she chewed her lip, trying not to cry out from her pleasure.

Zoro smirked, realizing what this meant. He soon pinned Robin against the sofa and whispered into her ear, "Tell me…how bad do you want me? Zoro smirked before he began to take off his pants, and Robin soon started to take off her underwear.

Things are gonna get hot. Slowly…Zoro entered Robin's womanhood, causing her to gasp and moan with pleasure. He didn't go too fast, though…not yet, at least. He kissed Robin on the lips again, causing her to moan in his mouth with each thrust he made.

Soon, Zoro began to quicken his pace, but still not too quick, for he didn't want to hurt Robin. Finally, he understood, how Luffy and Nami felt when they had their first time. I bet you can't do this, stupid cook, he thought as he kept thrusting inside Robin. Nami sighed, "Well…is just that, I don't want Sanji to know about our relationship. Cause I know it'll broken his heart. It happened when Nami was sick after the adventure in Little Garden. Luffy then looked at him, "Oh, hey Sanji, what's up?

Sanji then stared at him, "You have a problem with that?

nico robin and zoro relationship advice

Luffy then looked at him, "Is, is she okay? She's not getting worse right? Did you find an island? Or maybe a doctor on the middle of the sea? And did…" Sanji then closed Luffy's mouth angrily with his foot, "Shut the hell up will ya, I haven't even said anything except for her name. Luffy then gave Sanji a grin, "Okay, what about her? And there are more pretty girls in this world than Nami.

He then smirked, "Or are you jealous?

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It's not like if she's my girlfriend or anything! I mean, yes it's true that she's a girl and she's my friend but that does not mean she's my girlfriend. Sanji sighed while rolling his eyes in disbelief, "Good grief! Luffy you're SO obvious! Luffy then cried, "Sanji! Asked Sanji "Why are you saying all this to me?

I thought she's special to you. Vivi-chan is also special.