Norma and normans relationship quotes

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norma and normans relationship quotes

Norman Bates: Maybe some people don't get to start over. Will Decody: If you' re serious about having a relationship with my daughter, and for your own sake. Bates Motel - Quote - Norma and Norman - Vera Farmiga - Freddie how deeply intricate his relationship with his mother, Norma, truly is. 72 quotes from Psycho (Psycho #1): 'I think perhaps all of us go a little crazy at times.' strong emotional tie.” ― Robert Bloch, Psycho. tags: relationships “ Norman Bates heard the noise and a shock went through him.” ― Robert Bloch.

How significant in the course of the series was casting Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore? They are the show! This would not be the same show, in any way, shape, or form, without Vera and Freddie. For one thing, just remarkable ability — amazing, amazing actors. Combine that with the fact they just had fucking chemistry.

They completely informed it, and then, also starting to understand how funny they both are. There was definitely some black humor in the pilot, but we all mined the humor in the show, because it delighted us so much. It really became very collaborative, because we knew what they were capable of doing, and we could put it into the scripts.

How would you chart the show season to season in terms of its evolution? I think we had the first three scripts, and they green-lit off of that. We had mapped out where we were ending six, and it was like a season finale.

Then they wanted ten! That was a challenge, but it was also interesting.

Norma and Norman

I personally feel like, in those four episodes, the show kind of found what it was long-term. Six, to me, feel a little more like a miniseries, and then the show really got grounded in those last four. You know, the first season is about introduction, and setting up, and meeting these people, and starting to care for them, realizing how fucked up they are, realizing the odds against them, but really kind of being in love with them by the end of the season, and realizing what they were up against.

Season Two was very much about this idea of Norma almost getting what she wanted, and what she has wanted her whole life was just normalcy. To fit in somewhere, to be part of something. That was really the arc of that season, was her kind of fitting in for the first time in her life, and then, at the same time, this rumbling underneath of the murder of Blair Watson, and was that connected to her son?

Could she push that down? Just trying to get away from it, and ultimately not being able to, and ultimately killing Bradley, which was a horrible thing, given that she was someone who meant a lot to him, not knowing that he killed her, but that was like sort of a baptism into real darkness, I think, for the show. As I said, the codependent thing is … The reason it has such a power is that you emotionally feel like you are going to die without that person.

It was a huge sacrifice for her to be able to put him in this mental institution. But the beautiful thing that came out of that was that she suddenly was open to love; there was space in her life for the first time to let love in, and her relationship with Romero, and the fake marriage for the insurance, and all that, put him right in front of her, and she was able to let him in for the first time, and he, being the most guarded man in the world, let his guard down for the first time.

It was just this beautiful little love story that happens in Season Four, where she actually does get what she wants. Norman, meanwhile, is very much searching for the truth. Is really trying to figure out what is wrong with him.

Starting to understand, through the help of his doctor, played by Damon Gupton, who is amazing, the deep, deep, deep underbelly and roots of some of this that came from his childhood. Of course, that all explodes on them when Norman finds out his mom is married to Romero. Tucker Gates did an amazing job directing it. It really resets the show.

The fifth season is the continuation of that. From the film we know when and how Norman encounters Marion Crane, but you decided to have her and Sam Loomis become a part of the show now. It just felt like it should be part of the storytelling of the last season, and that it should weave into what we have created in Bates Motel World. We worked really hard to do that, and we feel like it really delivers. You feel for him, and you want to save him.

When they made Psycho II, there was such outcry: What are you doing, what are you doing? They went the funeral and Norman took it very hard. Norma and Norman went home and he asked who would do something like this. When she was teaching him how to drive, he drove them to the cemetery and she accused him of having a morbid obseesion with Blaire Watson's death.

After Romero told Norma that Norman had called to the police station to see him, Norma stormed home to confront Norman, who revealed that Blaire Watson actually had taken him back to her house.

He said that she sort of made him feel uncomfortable with the touching and the strip tease. It made him scared that she might have done something or hurt him so he took off running. He couldn't remember what happened in between but he blamed himself for her death because he thought someone broke in after he left and he could have stopped it. In order to bond with him, Norma told him that she wanted both of them to audition for the community musical. Norman was initially reluctant but went along with it so she wouldn't be disappointed.

When they went to the audition, he revealed that he had to be somewhere else and she told him to cancel. He told her that he didn't want to do the audition and she said she wanted to do something fun together.

Norman then said that they were always together; they worked together and ate together. Norma then asked if he told her everything about Blaire being killed, because of the pearls she found.

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Norman told her that he found them in his pocket after and hugged his mother trying to comfort her. He told her it was nothing and that she was getting all worked up over an idea of nothing.

Norman told her that they would do the audition together and that he would cancel his plans. Shadow of a Doubt When Norman asked Norma about practicing for the musical but Norma said that she didn't get the role and he was cast in the chorus, so they weren't doing it any more.

Norman later went to the theatre and met the cashier from the grocery store, Cody, who suggested that he should work backstage and he asked Norma's permission, which she granted. That evening after Norma returned home from Christine Heldens' party, Dylan confronted her about Caleb and she admitted that he repeatedly raped her as a teenager, which Dylan refused to believe.

They started to argue and Norman heard it as he walked in the door. He rushed to his mother's defense and tackled Dylan to the ground, telling his mother that he wouldn't allow her to be treated like that. Their fight stopped when Norma blurted out that Caleb was Dylan's biological father.

Caleb As Norma got dressed to go out to dinner with the Heldens, Norma spied on her from the door before she saw him and asked for help with fastening the back of her dress.

He encouraged her to go out. After Cody suggested that Norman get revenge on Caleb by confronting him at his motel, he bottled at the last minute and returned home, where he hid as Norma and Dylan fought again and the latter stormed out.

Norman returned to his uncle's motel and it soon became clear that he was taking on Norma's personality when he told Caleb about all those years of being raped. He went for his uncle with a knife but was wrestled to the ground and kicked. Check-Out Norma approached Cody as the latter arrived to pick Norman up for work and she acted rudely towards Norma.

As Norman ran back to the house to get something, he told Norma about Cody. The Escape Artist When Norman returned home, Norma found a bottle cap on the floor and flipped out on him for drinking. She climbed out and allowed Norman to get back in the car and leave with her.

However, Cody went to her house to get some alcohol and the two teenagers spent the afternoon at the river drinking and making out, before Emma and Gunner showed up. After Norma received the news that she had been given a place on the council, she and Norman celebrated before going to take his driver's test. However, as Norman prepared to take it, Emma phoned Norma to tell her that Cody had said Norman had a blackout. Concerned, Norma questioned the driving instructor, who said that it was unsafe for Norman to take the test.

On the way home, Norma and Norman argued and he got out of the car, telling her to go home alone. Plunge After accidently killing Jimmy Brennen, Norman was taken to the police station for questioning while Norma was at city hall.

Romero interrupted Norma's meeting with Max Borowitz to tell her what happened and took her to see Norman. George Heldens arrived and Norman felt a bit jealous, asking why he was there but Norma said that George was an attorney who could help them. Norma later approached Cody and asked her not to mention Norman's blackouts to the police. Norman was eventually free to go and Norma took him home.

Romero told Norma that Jimmy's death was being ruled accidental and that Norman was in the clear. Cody dropped by to tell Norman that she was moving to Indiana to live with her aunt and that they would no longer be in contact, but advised him to find out from Norma what happened when he blacked out. Norman confronted his mother about his blackouts. She said they were troubling but refused to take an steps to manage the situation, leading to Norman angrily storming off. Presumed Innocent After searching Norman's room, Norma found him in the motel office and invited him to go on a mother-son date with her that evening.

Norman turned her down and headed back to the house. However, her visit to George's house was cut short when she started crying and she decided to go home to see Norman. He reminded her that she was the one keeping secrets from him. Norman stormed off and said that he didn't trust her anymore. He grabbed her arms and told her that it was all just a game, that they were devoted to each other and love each other.

Norma cried that they did love each other. Norman announced that he was going to his room and instructed her not to follow him. She banged on his bedroom door but he had locked her out.

When Norman heard a noise that he thought was Norma returning home, he went to investigate, only to be subdued by Jodi's guard. Norma suddenly awoke in George's bed. Meltdown When Norma returned home from George's house, Norman was nowhere to be found so believing that he was still avoiding her, she left several voicemails on his phone.

Nick Ford contacted her and said that he was holding Norman captive and that he wanted her to tell Dylan to visit him. Romero told her that a semen sample that matched Norman had been found in Blaire Watson and after he left, Norma collapsed and left Norman another voicemail, telling him that he meant the world to her. Still trapped in the box, Norman's sanity began to slip and he hallucinated his mother reassuring him that she loved him and that everything would be okay. Hours later, Norma was awoken by the doorbell ringing and answered it to find Romero there.

Romero promised to find Norman. Meanwhile, Norman hallucinated the night he killed Blaire Watson and saw himself having sex with her before he slashed her neck and left with her pearls. When Norma learned that Dylan found Norman, she expressed her love for him. Norma was there as Norman awoke and she attempted to calm his fears. She had an entire story ready to go and quickly shuffled Norman off and got him to bed to rest.

That evening at the dinner table, Norman confessed to his mother that he believed he may have killed Miss Watson. He said that he started to recall things when he was in the box. It forced him to see himself having visions that told a story of what happened. While Norma told him not to say such things, he continued on that they had to face the truth.

Norma got very angry and screamed at him, then continued to peacefully eat her dinner, as she instructed him to do as well. Later, Norman dug around in a drawer for a gun and Norma kept an eye on him throughout the night.

As Norman and Norma were doing dishes he asked her to spend time with him after he was told about the scheduled polygraph. Norman puts the music on and they began to dance. As they danced, Norman shared his feelings and told her that she was the best mother in the world. When Norma arrived home from visiting Dylan, she called for Norman, but couldn't find him.

She saw a gift on her bed from him with a note. Norma was able to catch up to him and saw that he had a gun. She ran after him and he ran away. He fell and hurt himself and she was able to catch up to him. He told her that he was bad and wanted to kill himself. He told her she cannot stop him. She was able to get the gun away and begged him to stay with her so they cukd work through things together because she would surely die without him.

The next morning, in preparation of the polygraph test, Norma and Norman had breakfast before heading out. They arrived for the test and Norma was asked to wait outside as they administered the test. He was asked several questions about lying, stealing, holding information, and then he was asked questions about Blaire Watson. When Norman was asked whether or not he killed her, he saw Norma talking to him. That gave him the ability to pass the polygraph because knowing he himself didn't do it, he could say so without lying.

In his mind, it was his mother that committed the bad acts. Just then, Romero shared the good news with Norma and she ws shocked and relieved to find out he passed the test.

The Immutable Truth Season 3 After spending the summer with his mother, Norman was now 18 years old and still sleeping in the same bed as her. Dylan questioned her about it, saying that it wasn't right. Norman returned to school to begin his year as a sophomore, but refused to get out of the car until Norma forcefully grabbed him out of it in front of his schoolmates.

When he hallucinated Blaire Watson while having lunch, he ran home to Norma and told her. It was decided that he should be homeschooled. As they lay in bed together, Norma decided it would better if he went back to his own room to sleep, which he didn't take too kindly to.

He also took an interest in a new motel guest, Annika Johnson, and that evening as he shooed a raccoon away from a pile of garbage, he noticed the window to Annika's room was open and approached it. He observed her taking a shower until he was caught by Norma, who told him it wasn't normal to be peering into the guests' room.

He later found her crying on her bed and believed he had something to do with it, but she said it was because of her mother. He got in the bed beside her to offer his support. A Death in the Family After noticing that Annika had failed to return to the motel after being out the previous night, Norma questioned Norman but he denied having seen her.

Norma later found out from Emma that Norman had been the last person with Annika as he offered to show her into town. She told him that unhinged women seemed to be drawn to him but he said he did it to be helpful. They drove into town where Norma went into a restaurant to question a waiter as Norman waited in the car, staring angrily in Norma's direction.

norma and normans relationship quotes

That evening after infiltrating the grounds of the Arcanum Club, a tired Norma returned home and hugged Norman, who had been waiting for her on the steps to the house. The Arcanum Club When Norma returned home from having to identify the body of a young female, who had been found in the marshes, she and Norman got into an argument. He was concerned about Annika being missing but Norma told him not to think about it because at the end of the day, it wasn't their problem.

norma and normans relationship quotes

Later, Romero arrived at the house to question Norman and Norman asked Norma to leave them alone. After Romero left, Norman aggressively defended his actions and was angry about Norma's behavior.

Norman yelled at Norma, finally stating that he thought that one of them had a problem and he was tired of the assumption being that it was him. She said nothing in return and watched him walk up the stairs. That evening, he decided to confront Norma and charged up his stairs and up into his bedroom, glaring at her as he passes by.

Norman finally came clean: He was trapped in a world of tension and lies and he was furious with Norma for putting him in that position. After their argument, Norman went into the bathroom and had a vision of his mother. He tried to recreate events by submerging himself underwater in the bathtub and just as he began to lose consciousness, Norma bust down the door and rescued him. Norma noticed she had been shot and just before Annika succumbed to her injury, she handed Norma a flash drive and told her to use it for her and Norman.

Persuasion When Norman was awoken by the sound of the police cars, he went down to the crime scene and when he saw Annika's corpse, he believed he was responsible for killing her but Norma assured him that he was in the clear and told him that Annika had already been shot before he arrived on the scene. Later, when Norman and Emma decided to go on a picnic, Norma warned him that he shouldn't sleep with Emma due to her delicate condition.

Norman ignored his mother's warning but things came to an abrupt stop during the picnic when Norman mentioned to Emma that Norma had warned him against sleeping with her, which caused an angry Emma to rebuke him and storm off. Meanwhile, Norma went to Dylan for help with the flash drive, which led to Norman becoming suspicious about their secrecy and he followed Dylan back to his cabin where he found Caleb and told Dylan that Norma had to know what he was doing, but Dylan told him not to say anything as he didn't want to destroy his renewed relationship with his mother.

However, Norman refused to listen and drove off. Unbreak-Able The following morning, Norman awoke in his bed to find Emma in his room, as she told him that he had blacked out and that Norma had asked her to watch him while she went out. When Dylan arrived at the house, Norman told him that he had to tell Norma the truth about Caleb being at the cabin but when Dylan went to the hospital to collect Norma after her accident, he realized that she was oblivious to the news and that Norman had lied to him.

When Norma offered to make dinner for Norman, he questioned her about her floral dress and she told him she had been wearing the same clothes since morning. He went upstairs to her room and rummaged through her closet, finding her floral dress. He smelled it and put it close to him as Norma called him for dinner.

He hid the dress under the mattress of his bed. Norman also apologized to Dylan, admitting that he was jealous of his growing relationship with Norma. He offered Dylan his support in telling Norma about Caleb.

norma and normans relationship quotes

However, Norma did not take the news well and grabbed a suitcase and a gun, before running out of the house with Norman trying to follow her. She yelled to Dylan to take care of Norman, as she drove off and Norman screamed to her.

Dylan tried to get him to calm down as Norman said that Norma had never left him. Dylan ended up punching Norman across the face and put him to bed. Dylan left Norma several messages, which led to her shooting her phone. A dazed Norman told him that this was what Norma did, just like when they often moved and never let Dylan know. Sometime during the night, Dylan found Norman in the kitchen making breakfast wearing Norma's nightgown and was confused when Norman told him to go wake his brother.

He then realized that Norman thought that he was Norma. When Norma finally returned home early the following morning, she told Norman and Dylan that she was going to fulfill their wishes to talk to Caleb.

They drove to the cabin and Norma came face-to-face with Caleb, who sank to his knees and apologized how he treated his sister. After a moment, she finally embraced him as Dylan and Norman looked on. However, Norman had an angry look on his face. Norma Louise Norma decided to organize a evening meal for the family and when Dylan told her he had asked Emma out for dinner, she told him to invite Emma to the house. When James Finnegan called to the house, Norma told him that she was worried about Norman and James said that he could have a word with him, so Norma took him down to the basement, where Norman was working on his taxidermy.

Norman, wanting to keep his mother happy, agreed to talk to James but wanted to do it alone and told Norma that they wouldn't be needing her. When Norma left, James and Norman engaged in talk about his taxidermy before Norman talked about how opinionated people were. Turning the tables, he asked James what it was like sleeping with Norma and said that he had known Norma all his life so knew what she was like and asked him if he would be concerned if his own mother abandoned her kids in the way Norma did.

Getting uncomfortable, James got to leave and Norman accused him and Norma ganging up on him, believing him to be crazy. James asked him if it bothered him that Norma could be attracted to another man and if it would mean that she would be taken away from him. He then asked Norman if he wanted to sleep with her, which made Norman snap and attempt to choke James. Suddenly, Norman snapped out of it and James rushed out of the basement, as Norma met him running out of the front door.

Psycho Quotes by Robert Bloch

James told her to get Norman help right away. Norma found Norman at the bottom of the stairs to the basement, but he wouldn't repeat what James had said. Norma embraced him, saying that "[we] all go a little mad sometimes" and that she wouldn't leave him again. As everyone found their seats at the dinner table, Norman stopped Caleb from sitting next to Norma and took the seat next to her.

Later that night, as Norma slept Norman entered her room and bent down beside her, caressing her thigh. Norma retaliated by telling him that he didn't know what it was like to be his mother and that he would end up killing her. He was stunned and she apologized before telling him to stay home as she was going to try to sort everything out. When she was gone, Norman saw a hallucination of Norma, who told him that if anyone got in his way she would kill them.

Norman suddenly snapped out of his fugue state and ran off. The Pit When Norman returned home after spending time with Bradley, he went down to the basement to find Norma clearing away his taxidermy tools. He questioned her and she told him that she didn't want the investigation into his father's death to be reopened and said it would look suspicious if the police were to find his taxidermy tools laying about. Angry, Norman grabbed a knife and pointed it at her before saying that he was tired of everyone assuming that he was the one with the problem.

Norma told him to go to his room. Crazy When Norma informed Norman that she went to see a mental health facility, saying they could get the treatment he needed, Norman didn't take the news well, accusing her of giving up on him, and stormed up to his room.

Later that evening, Norma found him trying to conceal a suitcase under his bed. He told her he had had enough and was leaving with Bradley. Norma said she was dead and Norman asked how she was in the motel if she was dead and Norma grabbed the suitcase, but lost her balance and tumbled down the stairs with the suitcase.

Norman gathered up his belongings but Norma roused and knocked him out with a doorstop, before dragging him down to the basement and tying up his hands and feet, just as Norman started to come to.

She then went back upstairs, locking the basement door, and phoned Dylan for help as Norman lay awake on the floor. When Dylan arrived, he went down to the basement but they discovered that Norman had freed himself and escaped via a small window. Norma said he was talking nonsense about Bradley but Dylan revealed that she faked her death and he could just be imagining her. As Bradley and Norman drove past the sign that said they were leaving White Pine Bay, 'Norma' asked to speak to Bradley and at first Norman refused, which confused Bradley.

He then asked 'Norma' if she would leave if he granted her request and told Bradley that his mother wanted to speak to her, forcing her car off the road into the woods. Norman got out of the car and rushed over to Bradley's side where 'Norma' was seen trying to open the driver's side door. She grabbed Bradley out of the car and Bradley tried to make a run for it, only to trip and fall on the ground.

Suddenly, Norman saw Bradley's lifeless body and his hands covered in blood, asking his mother what she's done. He then drove the car to the waterfront and opened the trunk where Bradley's lifeless body lay. He apologized for his mother's actions before closing the trunk and going back to the driving seat, where he turned the engine back on and put it in motion, watching it go into the water and sinking to the bottom.

She was going to take Norman away from her and said she could never let that happen. If Norman had died being out in the world, she would have died too and told him there's a cord between their hearts, before hugging him and reassuring him that she will take care of everything and that it will remain a secret.