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The only excuse Odenigbo could dish out was this one: “I was drunk and Olana before adopting the baby travelled to Kano to seek the advice. Teacher and student relationship lifetime channel Through their teacher- student relationship, both find healing and. Olana and kainene relationship tips. This novel follows the course of the Nigerian-Biafran civil war through the experiences of the ethnically Igbo characters, Olanna, Odenigbo, Kainene, and Ugwu.

On the flight home the man next to her flirts with her, but then he disparages the Igbo as trying to control everything in Nigeria. She tells him she is Igbo, and he looks ashamed. Olanna is inspired by his mistake though, and she feels the freedom of having no real identity. The sentiment against the Igbo in Nigeria is similar to anti-Semitism in the West — the feeling that the Igbo are greedy for money and controlling the government and industry.

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Ugwu tries to portray Odenigbo sympathetically, but Olanna feels that Ugwu has betrayed her as well by not telling her about Amala. This is the same confidence and stubbornness that attracted her, but now in a more negative incarnation. Active Themes Olanna takes up new hobbies and makes friends with her neighbor, a black American woman named Edna Whaler. After a while they discuss men, and Edna suggests that Olanna should talk to a priest about Odenigbo.

Olanna takes her advice, but is disappointed when the priest suggests attending church as a solution. As she is leaving, the priest tells her that she should forgive Odenigbo, but for her own sake, not his, as her misery is doing her no good. Olanna starts to laugh hysterically, and then she lets Odenigbo in.

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She feels especially bad because the child she wanted is now inside of someone else. Olanna is now beginning to consider taking Odenigbo back, but she is being assertive now and not letting him put all the blame on his mother. Active Themes Edna visits Olanna, who tearfully tells her what happened. Olanna wants to apologize, but decides to wait a few days. She goes off to buy some wine and get drunk. Olanna gets more advice to assert herself and choose happiness, but what she wants is pity and commiseration.

Active Themes At the liquor store Olanna sees Richard. She invites him to come over and share some wine and talk with her, and he reluctantly agrees.

Olanna notes that Richard is nothing like Odenigbo at all, and she touches his face. Soon they start to kiss, and when they have sex Olanna feels a kind of grace, like she has finally been freed. For Olanna at first it is not about Kainene at all, but about Olanna asserting her independence and being selfish for once.

The problem is that she chose to undertake her liberating act in a way that caused her sister great pain. Odenigbo tries to visit her, but she refuses him entry and he leaves in futility. She decides to go to Kano to stay with family in order to clear her head. Both woman become enraged at his betrayal of Olanna, and Aunt Ifeka tells Olanna that she should return to Nsukka and assert her own strength, as she should never let a mere man dictate her life in such a way.

She returns to her own apartment, and Odenigbo comes and attempts to apologize to her, but she refuses the gesture as she feels he is not sincere. In her newfound free time she starts new activities in order to pass the days, and during this period she ends up befriending an African American woman named Edna Whaler. Edna makes the suggestion to Olanna that she should visit with a priest in order to get advice on her situation with Odenigbo.

Odenigbo visits Olanna the next day and relays the fact that he has impregnated Amala, which he believes is what his mother intended all along. Olanna cannot help but laugh, and she simply demands that he leave. Soon thereafter, Olanna explains to Edna that Odenigbo has impregnated Amala. Edna encourages Olanna to be firm in her resolve, as it is almost certain that Odenigbo is not as distressed about the affair as Olanna is.

Olanna decides to go to the store in order to get some wine.