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Pairing: Tobias Beecher/Christopher Keller from Oz Author: Frelling Tralk Spoilers: For His relationship with Chris Keller is not a fairy-tale romance. Chris trails after Toby asking forgiveness and desperately trying to win back his trust. Same with Keller--he adores and protects Beecher, but he never really talks . other, maybe that's part of why their relationship on screen was so great and Yeah and even after Beecher told him he's reluctant to trust =(no. He doesn't fit in Oz amongst the sordid lot of familiar types Chris is Then it was the miseducation of Christopher Keller, where lessons about not . “My relationship with Beecher started in brutality and that's where it's ended.

Beecher is rightfully convinced that Schillinger is behind the kidnapping. When the Agent doesn't seem to respond, Beecher goes crazy, throwing things across the room. Vern plays him like a fool, and the Agent comes away with a new suspect Chris returns to Em City. When Chris shows Toby his gunshot scar, Toby kisses it as they embrace. Keller has trouble sleeping and appears to be racked with guilt, feeling that he is going to hell for the things he has done.

Toby is adamant that Keller is not responsible for the kidnapping. When they pressure him, Toby admits that he knows Chris intimately and tells his parents that "Chris Keller is my lover.

The hand belongs to his son Gary. Gary's body was found by the FBI. Not even Chris can comfort Toby. Beecher attends his son Gary's funeral. Beecher asks convicted kidnapper Zabitz to try to find out information about Gary and Holly's kidnapper.

He tells Beecher their kidnapper was hired by Chris Keller. Unfortunately, Beecher doesn't know what Schillinger paid Zabitz to lie.

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Beecher tries to kill Keller for what he did to his son. Even though Beecher attacked Keller, Keller lands in the hole. Father Ray and Agent Pierce inform Beecher that Chris Keller could not have had anything to do with the kidnapping and Hank Schillinger was arrested while dropping her off. Keller is let out of the hole. If they touch each other again -- in any way -- they will be moved to Gen Pop. Toby tries to apologize, but Keller is understandably upset that Beecher would even think that he would kill a child -- especially Toby's.

Toby begs forgiveness, but Keller says they're through. New transfer Mondo Browne is moved into Beecher's pod. Keller confronts "Father of the Year" Vern Schillinger.

Now that he caused one son to OD and the other to get the lethal injection, his name dies when Vern does. Keller gives himself a 2nd degree burn by holding his hand under the hot water. Keller confesses past sins to Father Ray. He admits to having sex with several homosexual men, then murdering them so that they wouldn't tell anyone about him.

Father Ray refuses to absolve him until he confesses to the authorities. Chris and Toby stare at each other their first night apart.

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Browne ruins the moment by demanding oral sex from Beecher. Chris is visibly upset at the sight of Toby kissing Browne. Keller lets Zabitz know that he knows that he lied to Beecher.

Zabitz begs Schillinger for protection. Schillinger tells Robson to get rid of him. Before Keller or Robson can get Zabitz, Zabitz panics and has a heart attack. Kareem Said catches Beecher with inmate Nate Shemin.

Said calls Beecher a "slut. I prefer to be happy, but self-hate'll do in a pinch. My son's dead 'cause of me. My daughter's a mess 'cause of me. Keller doesn't love me. But I tried this new detergent. It really seems to get the whites clean. She also tells him that he will be able to visit with his daughter more regularly. Father Ray begs Keller to forgive Beecher for accusing him of having his son Gary killed. Keller won't do it. Beecher flirts with one of the Italians.

Beecher hires Pancamo to have someone on the outside take care of Hank Schillinger. Beecher gets a visit from his daughter, Holly. After their visit, Beecher has second thoughts about killing Hank Schillinger. Pancamo tells him that it is too late. No one will ever find the body. Sister Pete at first refuses to see Keller, but after Cyril O'Reilly helps change her mind about leaving the nunnery, she decides to confront Keller.

She tells him "We don't choose God. Keller realizes that they have to get rid of Adebisi. He enlists Ryan O'Reily's help.

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Adebisi finds out that Beecher and Shemin fucked. Adebisi beats up Beecher, but he doesn't know who murdered Shemin. Beecher confronts Keller about Shemin's death. Keller murders Mondo Browne, another of Beecher's lovers. He and O'Reily pin the murders on Supreme Allah. This sets off a chain of events that ends up with Warden Glynn firing Querns. Said kills Adebisi in self-defense. Season 4 Part II January When she asks about his relationship with Beecher, he replies: At the drug counseling session, Keller makes up a sad story about why he uses drugs.

Keller warns O'Reily that he will kill him if he touches Beecher. At drug counseling group, Leroy Tidd says that he is sorry for what he did and wants to turn his life around. Beecher tries to convince Said to help him.

Said won't have anything to do with Tidd because of his affiliation with Adebisi. Beecher's younger brother, Angus, comes for a visit with Toby's daughter, Holly. Keller tells Beecher that his brother is cute. He is assigned Beecher's pod. As it turns out, Barlog and Keller were friends for years. Beecher tells Keller "He's cute. Does he fool around? Vern Schillinger has been spending time with embezzling minister Jeremiah Cloutier and immerses himself in the Bible. Combined, he and O'Reily, an inmate equally devoid of conscience, are a force to be reckoned with, plaguing Schillinger and, along with Beecher, playing a role in the death of his son, Andrew.

Keller eventually does get a chance at a kind of moral redemption when he saves Beecher's life after Schillinger stabs him and Beecher requests that Keller be moved back into their old familiar cell; they share a happy reunion on New Year's Eve. Season 4 Edit Keller and Beecher's renewed relationship does not last in the face of Vern Schillinger's machinations. In the season premiere, Keller was shot in the shoulder and Beecher pulls him to safety and his shooter kills two inmates and one guard, setting the alarm; the shooter then kills himself.

Sister Pete, upon hearing that Keller desires to see Beecher after his discharge from the hospital ward, tells Beecher that Keller is "a manipulative, sociopathic liar. Schillinger then orders Hank to murder Gary, Beecher's son. Mad with fear and grief, Beecher believes false rumors claiming that Keller is responsible for the kidnappings and the murder of his son.

An attempt on Keller's life in retaliation ends their brief reunion, and the two spend the rest of the season attempting ways to hurt one another. Barlog then secretly makes a deal with FBI Agent Pierce Taylor to give evidence against Keller and have him convicted of three murders in exchange for his own freedom. Beecher is immediately suspicious of Barlog and warns Keller, who dismisses the warning as mere jealousy.

But Keller soon starts to have his own suspicions and eventually murders Barlog, snapping his neck while receiving oral sex from him. Just before killing Barlog, Keller confesses that he had indeed committed the murders the FBI suspected him of, and that his victims — all young, gay men — represented something within himself that he hated.

When the police discover that Schillinger's other son, Hankhad been murdered and that the hit was ordered by an inmate from within Oz, Keller takes responsibility for the crime to protect Beecher and his family. He is then sent to Massachusetts to stand trial for this murder.

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Season 5 Edit Keller is transferred back to Oz the following year, after Agent Taylor proves he lied about his involvement in Hank Schillinger's murder. He is then put in protective custody while the District Attorney's office tries to convict him of an unsolved murder which he had indeed committed.

While in protective custody, he begins an affair with one of the guards, Officer Claire Howellbut soon tires of her and begins rejecting her advances.

Enraged, Howell brutally beats him, putting him in the infirmary, and tells her superiors that he attacked her. After he recuperates from his injuries, he is found guilty of the murder charge, and sentenced to death. He never confessed raping and killing those victims before Oz, not even in front of Toby. I think he confided in Toby about the killings, or at least didn't deny them.

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Toby knew about them and lied to Katherine McClain about them, which is what eventually caused her to break up with him. And after Keller killed Ronnie Barlog, Toby and he talked about it quite openly.

It's a little twisted, but I think Keller liked that he could confide in Toby, and that Toby still loved him despite the horrible things he did. Which is kind of twisted I loved the way McManus said "I'm baaack", must've been really annoying but great at the same time for the prisoners Click to expand I loved that, too!

I was like, "Hell, yeah! Yeah, I always found that amusing, and enjoyed that there were more layers to it than that. Toby was drowning in self-hatred over the death of his son and Keller was hurt by the fact that Toby thought he was capable of hurting him Clayton turned out to be really obnoxious. I liked his little crazy speech after breaking out though, he had completely lost it.

Querns, I really disliked. I hated Clayton right from the beginning--his attitude of entitlement never sat well with me. And then he was such an ass to everyone once he got fired from Oz and shot Devlin I don't know what it is about Querns I really liked--I think it had to do with the actor. He just had so much personality! The opinions on him sure are! Wow, that's a little twisted I'm not sure if it's true but I read that even Fontana found it partly funny and that's why he wrote that quote of Vern about how Peter should compare his size with Adebisi's could be someone's personal theory on TOm's opinion That's probably dark writer humor.

I mean, in a show that twisted, sometimes you've got to have a sense of humor And the other comments about him were mainly in the direction of "poor Schibetta" and "he looks gorgeous!

XD Alvarez seems to be really popular with the fans, just like Ryan! I kind of wonder where I fall in with the fans I love Beecher and Keller, but I just can't stand Alvarez! I do like Ryan, though. Said and Adebisi are probably my other favs.

And Vern, oddly enough. Sexy is definitely the more fitting word to describe Keller than cute. XD Toby is cute, but just like with Ryan, the hype about him in fandom is so big that it almost annoys me by now! I do like both of them, but I don't think either is so perfect like many seem to picture them.

It's funny how people seem to forget they're still capable of the worst deeds and have already committed them - of course, Ryan a lot more so than Toby.

IMO, the show clearly shows that Keller is a criminal; a charming one, but nonetheless a murderer With Ryan, his nonchalant way of plotting and killing and always getting away with it unnerves me sometimes.