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Thank you, Penshoppe for bringing all stars in the Philippines, especially the Indulge in the beauty of the great Queen B with cutesy Mario Maurer! I'm so glad I was able to meet Rustan's marketing, events and PR people. .. During art classes where we were required to make greeting cards and stuff. Mario & Taew: Singing 05/09/14 .. Mario Maurer For Penshoppe - Another Behind The Scenes(Rocketeer) ⏬another behind-the-scenes video of Mario. Expect to be greeted by these MassKara Festival dancers (or not, a scheduled business (duh?) meeting somewhere in the Philippines (like.

But because Luis's love is true, he wants to prove that he only has good intentions for Nadi. This pushes him to convert to Islam, so that his love for Nadi would no longer be forbidden. This is the story of Haram. A story, not just of a unique kind of love, but alsoabout a Muslim family Nadi's and how they endeavor and strive to raise their children to be fitting and acceptable for Allah. It is the show's intention to make the viewers understand why a relationship between a Muslim girl and a man from outside Islam is forbidden, a doctrine which is also present in other religious beliefs.

At the same time, the show aims to present the beautiful side and the dynamics of the Muslim family life in our contemporary times, and the dynamics of religious and cultural pluralism,with the desire to promote better understanding and mutual respect among people of various faith traditions.

Maja Salvador makes a “Maja On Stage” in Cebu this coming February 4 ~ Star Powerhouse

But because of the current tense atmosphere all over the world and in solidarity and in respect to the entire Muslim Community, GMA 7 has decided is best to shelve Haram for now. We hope for everyone's understanding. But the Kapamilya teen star was quick to deny this. Marco was also defended by his on-screen partner, Miles Ocampo. They didn't have a problem with that. They even tried to rip Matthew's McConaughey thong off!

His thong is drooping down.

Maja Salvador makes a “Maja On Stage” in Cebu this coming February 4

Matthew grabs himself and does a roll because he was trying to get away when a woman snapped his thong and was trying to tear it off his body. I told him, 'You were pushing it.

And I had no desire to control them! Do you think "Magic Mike" taps into that same audience? How powerful are they? Do women want them to come true? So this whole conversation has started. There is no question that we've landed at a moment in which that's in the air. Did you rewatch that film before shooting? Try Googling my Multiply blog. If we're contacts, you will know how much I pegged her wavy hair topped with a colorful headband.

Whatever Blair says, I quote. I even incorporated her in my everyday life I know you got me.

Mario Maurer in Manila (Penshoppe Fan Conference) - Host Looks For A Fan To Dance

But of course it's only Chuck that she loves, therefore it's only Chuck that I also love! Even the French macaron craze, I had a box of Laduree delivered straight from France! All these and more, oh dear you know how much I love Blair! But there goes this girl who made me love Blair Waldorf.

And we all know who she is. Her name is Leightonbut she's not the crazy bitch we have all heard.


She may be the good girl who gone bad, but when I saw her, she's the Leighton Meester I idolize. Simple, humble and even more beautiful than Blair Waldorf.

Meet and Greet Mario Maurer - Jakarta, 25 Februari 2017

I wouldn't love the character of B if not for her. Thank you, Penshoppe for bringing all stars in the Philippines, especially the biggest star of my life!