Phoebe and cole relationship goals

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phoebe and cole relationship goals

I think I know what Cole and Phoebe's relationship really was just a tad . it to advance such a weak goal as Paige needs company at the bars. 20 TV Relationships That Were Total Goals (& 5 That Were Not) .. As a Charmed fan, I was really rooting for Cole and Phoebe as certain. Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige had quite a few dates over the years, Following her disastrous relationship with Cole, handsome actor Billy.

Muse to My Ears: Similar action to save Paige from an attacking Warlock even though he could have just have let her get zapped while he selfishly comforted his stabbed bed mate. That alone proved to me the depth of his love for this woman. He was willing to die in order to prove to that to her he wasn't lying about his love for her. If that wasn't love could someone please tell me what is because I obviously must be clueless because I thought it was.

Something that I thought had died along time ago my humanity, my ability to love. He put himself in very real danger to come back here and prove that to her.

He is not about to let anything happen to her and neither is Prue. How can you be so sure. Because Cole loves me as much as I love him. I'm sure people who are less than in love with the character of Cole could think he arranged to have that apple core form a C in order to trick Phoebe into trusting him further so he could betray her even more.

Of course if this is the case the director and Julian Mcmahon really screwed up. Sorry Julian, you know I don't believe that. The shocked and I've just been punched in the gut look was a really inappropriate interpretation if that was the intent of the scene. To me that look said she's my soulmate but I'm supposed to kill her? What the hell am I supposed to do or feel now? That head long rush, that spiral into infinity that comes with falling in love.

Whose falling in love? Ooh what was that? You are falling in love to and I can feel it. My evidence to support my belief that season five is inconsistent, totally without basis or even the minutest smidgen of credibilty. In my HO it is a complete fabrication and an isult to the viewers intelligence and memory.

Sluething With The Enemy: I was just a man in love with a beautiful girl. I wanted that so badly I started to believe my own lie.

You can have that. We can have that life together. Phoebe this is my battle. You need to let me handle it. I won't sacrafice your safety.

I've lost too many people I love already. I won't loose you too so if that means I have to fight a few extra demons along the way to keep that from happening bring them on. Here Cole let us vanquish half of him for me and I can't even muster a simple yes to marriage.

I cannot blindly accept that he would allow himself to be possessed by the Source and then lie to Phoebe about it. The Cole I knew would have warned her and either offered to let her vanquish him then and there or even found a way to commit suicide.

Or he would have begged her to find away to save him from the Source with good magic. Not to mention that complete and total garbage that he would ever even consider the possibility of having Phoebe turn evil with him. He already had a golden opportunity for that and firmly shouted, no I won't do it. Evil Phoebe "Isn't that the way you want me? That isn't what I want. That's not the way I want for us to be. There is no such thing as evil love Phoebe. Our only chance to preserve our love is if both of us are good.

20 TV Relationships That Were Total Goals (& 5 That Were Not)

He was just a phase that I'm over now. She also would have never just stood by dry eyed shooting glaring daggers into the heart of the man she once claimed she was so in love with while he wept like the lost little innocent boy he was all along.

All the while taking evil back into himself to save she and her sisters. That Phoebe and that Piper were vicious,cruel, evil, ungrateful, hypocritical, self righteous monsters, and imposters. In fact I think they should now be renamed because they aren't the same characters we started with. Also forgive me but for the reasons I've stated above I will never accept that Cole and Phoebe were doomed from the start.

I will also never believe they weren't soul mates or meant to be. The two I saw on the air the third season of Charmed and the begining of the fourth sure were in my book perhaps even more so than Leo or Piper. I remember thinking it is realy sad that no one not even Leo himself is suggesting that he and Piper should kiss to get her's back. Phoebe told Piper to let her love for cooking do it. Isn't that sad that someone would be more inspired by pots and pans than her husband?

Don't get me wrong I really like Piper and Leo and root for them too but how pathetic on the writer's parts. This was just one more sign to me though about how powerful Phoebe's passion and connection to Cole really was. I will concede that in season Five they both turned into a more nightmarish couple but then again no one will ever make me accept that either Source Cole or Evil Powers Cole was the real Cole.

He was just as much an imposter as I believe the girls were. But that IMHO is what happens when a show willfully turns it's back on established character history and story continuity in hot pursuit of the currently desired pubescent male demograhic. Also in my opinion the current Charmed is the dictionary definiton of what happens when producers loose all sight of a television show's ability to be true art and instead begin to see it only as a golden opportunity make a quick buck by turning the show into an hour long Victoria's Secret advertisement.

What makes this so personally sad to me is that is was once such a gem. It blended humor, fantasy, romance, drama, and some really deep themes to ponder in an entertaining way. It was truly character driven and truly charming. It was my second favorite show of all time next to HTLJ. Now it seems the characters are shaped to fit the plot and not vice versa and to me it is anything but "charming.

My own personal fantasy theory is that season 4. I am not asking anyone to share my assesment or feelings. I am just simply asking for some sympathy for how we Phoebe and Cole fans feel when we hear things like: A stage she had to outgrow.

Now she is a mature divorcee ready to move on with her life. I respectfully disagree with Alyssa here on a number of levels. She has played Phoebe wonderfully and is a gifted actress but I think she maybe practicing a little revisionist history in an understandable attempt to defend her character and justify the actions of the show against Cole.

I say understandable because she is a star and a producer and it is natural for her to be a cheerleader for the show, to the bitter end. I'm sorry Alyssa but even though I think I know why you said it, I still think it is a very weak argument and in away very dismissive of how this might sound to some of us Phoebe and Cole fans.

phoebe and cole relationship goals

Kind of on par with Shannen calling Charmed a show for the kiddies. Also I kind of laughed at the notion that Phoebe has matured. I know a number of us who feel she has regressed to her bar hopping overly promiscous stage in a really sad attempt to recapture her youth. It is natural for characters to grow and evolve, to me, however, it isn't desirable to "devolve" which in what my opinion Phoebe has done.

Then there was this gem from a former Charmed actor: He's out of her life now. She's in love with my character now. The Cole and Phoebe fans need to get a real life, accept this, and move on. Haley and Nathan are the perfect example of a couple who married too young and fell apart when things got too serious.

But they actually worked things out in order to stay together. A lot of stuff throughout their time on One Tree Hill. When it comes to a classic love story, Lady Sybil, portrayed by Jessica Brown Findlay, and Tom Branson, portrayed by Allan Leech, are two people who are the definition of one. Their love was a forbidden love. They were from different classes, but that did not stop them. Even when her family forbade her from seeing him, they still got married and had a child. It is a shame that fans of the show did not get to see much of these two together though.

Some would say that it is because the couple was so opposite that their relationship was so perfect. Their different personalities and traits are what evened them out, which is what made them work so well together. She talks a lot, while he does not, she is optimistic, and he is the complete opposite. These two were far from the perfect couple. Their relationship shows a lot of others how sometimes love is right there all along, one just has to accept it and go for it.

phoebe and cole relationship goals

Kurt and Chris are two high school sweethearts that always had constant struggles in their lives. Between fights at school and personal battles, they never really had a moment to breathe.

In the end, they never let any of the issues stand in their way, and proved that if someone wants something hard enough, there is no stopping them, they just must go for it.

Phoebe & Cole - "Wait For You"

What makes it even better is we even got to see them as parents in the sequel Girl Meets World. We literally got to see them do it all! They are the perfect example of relationshipgoals.

Lucy, played by Lucille Ball, and Ricky, played by Desi Arnaz, are what a lot of people would agree are not an ideal couple as today's standards go. Like all couples, Lucy and Ricky had their problems.

Like the saying goes, opposites attract, and boy were they opposites. They did whatever needed to be done to make their relationship work in the time period they were in. They may not be relationshipgoals in our time, but they sure were in their time. Read on to see the five that should not have happened! Others, however, feel that this relationship should never have happened.

Felicity starts to become clingy, needy, and just all-around obsessive with Oliver, who is oblivious and allows her to take control and make decisions for him in a way to control his life. Each hookup can either lead to just a casual fling, a marriage, or just an all-around messy relationship. Knight, and Izzy Stevens, portrayed by Katherine Heigl, are two people from the show who thought they could be soulmates, but turned into a complete mess.

George and Izzie started off as really close friends, that should have stayed that way.