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Orange Is the New Black Season 2: Taystee and Poussey Tease Show's Return. By. & Taystee's prison bestie is Poussey, played by Samira Wiley. "We will see 5 Military Branches Quiz: Can You Tell Them Apart?badz.info| 3. Inside Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie's Complicated Relationship. We all fell in love with Poussey Washington in Orange Is the New Black And the hilarious relationship between her and her BFF Taystee. Whether you relate to Taystee and Poussey or Suzanne and Piper, your Fans of Nicky and Morello probably have a similar relationship with.

The only thing left for her was romance, and that is why so much of this season emphasizes the relationship between Piper and Alex as a kind of endpoint for both of them. But of the leads that were first presented to us when the show debuted, Taystee — Tasha Jefferson Danielle Brooks is the one who has changed the most. Her arc from Seasons 2 to 4 is a journey towards wisdom: And then her best friend is killed by an under-trained corrections officer, and she starts a prison riot.

Injustice here is injustice in her whole world. And lacking other options, she has decided to address it. Most of the characters shift through a few different modes because of how much is changing. Taystee — sometimes more so than even the show itself — is the only character who remains focused on why the riot is happening and what needs to be done about it.

Season 5 is really the story of Taystee learning how the world works — and becoming, through bitter experience, the closest Litchfield has to a community representative.

Taystee has a sense of justice and compassion that guides her — towards leadership, towards greater understanding, towards fighting for equality. Taystee discovers her power in the prison riot. Which makes it all the more crucial and heartbreaking that she ultimately fails. In the penultimate episode, when Taystee is offered everything except C. Ultimately, she snaps and starts to sob, collapsing into her own grief.

The screen washes their faces out, until everything is just orange.

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Season 5 ends with Litchfield nearly torn to pieces. Illegal substance abuse Grand theft auto Second degree murder In Orange is the New Black, Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett has been locked up for a very serious offense, although she is able to make light of it after the fact.

The crime she committed occurred moments after she terminated another one of her pregnancies. After getting into a physical altercation with Piper Chapman, her mouth full of rotten teeth gets fixed and she is filled with a newfound confidence and perspective on the life she lives. Why is Tiffany Pennsatucky in prison? Question 7 Who was Piper engaged to when she first entered prison?

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Before she surrendered herself to prison, this character decided to propose to her in order to let her know that he was not going anywhere and that he would be waiting for her to be released patiently. He was very loving and accepting of the difficult situation but unfortunately, things did not work out between him and Piper. Question 8 What kind of business was Piper in charge of in prison? Illegal substance sales Under the table commissary bartering Lacy underwear sales Cell phone smuggling Piper Chapman discovered that she could earn good money running a lucrative business inside the walls of her prison.

Piper Chapman already had leadership skills and entrepreneurship skills before going to jail so her skills and talents were able to shine through with any problem at all.

She formed a strategy and worked with other inmates to make her goal work out the way she planned for it to work out. What kind of business was Piper in charge of in prison? But now, it looks like fire in the sky.

Because you light a fire inside me. Time then to make home in wilderness. Question 10 Why does Nicky Nichols get sent to maximum security prison? She gets caught stealing from Caputo's office C. Joel Luschek blames her for illegal substances found in his desk She injures another inmate She tries to break out of prison Nicky Nichols struggled with her addiction big time before landing in prison.

Before prison, her addiction landed her in the hospital a few times! She tries to turn her life around by getting clean in prison but she gets caught up in the closeness and temptation of her deepest struggle. This struggle leads her into a sticky situation that ultimately lands her in "the shoe".

She is able to return to Litchfield eventually.


Why does Nicky Nichols get sent to maximum security prison? Question 11 What did Piper accidentally steal from the tool shed? Screwdriver Hammer Wrench Piper Chapman accidentally strolls out of the electrician area with one of the tools stuffed into her jacket pocket.

She did not do this intentionally but she is already fully aware that if she admits to being the one who stole it, she could end up being sent to maximum security prison. She decides to hide and stash the tool rather than cough it up because she is fearful of the outcome. What did Piper Chapman accidentally steal from the tool shed?

Question 12 What does Piper tattoo onto her ribcage? A peace sign An infinity sign Her own initials Stella Carlin leaves a an invisible white ink tattoo in Piper Chapman's forearm in the same episode that Piper takes the tattoo gun to her own ribcage to brand herself with a symbol that she decided was meaningful.

Part of Piper's reasoning for tatting herself is because she felt highly motivated to prove to herself that was the queen of the prison and that she deserved to be feared. She appeared to be cutting a bit deep with the tattoo gun. What does Piper Chapman tattoo onto her ribcage? Question 13 Which inmate came from an Amish community?

She began sneaking away from the safety zone where her family lived and dabbling in drug use. When she got caught, she was offered an opportunity for a lighter sentence if she was willing to bust her friends. She works in the laundry room of Litchfield, chasing a high whenever she can get one in the walls of the prison.

Which inmate came from an Amish community? Question 14 Why is Suzanne Crazy Eyes in prison? Hit and run accident Kidnapping and involuntary manslaughter of a minor Armed robbery Suzanne Warren, also known as "Crazy Eyes" landed in prison for a very sad reason. She was not trying to hurt anyone or do anything intentionally wrong but she made a dire mistake. She grew up with adoptive parents who were more than loving to her but no one in Suzanne's life could have been able to prepare for the tragedy that happened in her adult life, leading her to a life in prison.

Why is Suzanne Crazy Eyes in prison? Nicky Nichols Piper Chapman Lorna Muccio This Orange is the New Black character struggles with a serious addiction but does the best she can in her day to day life to get through. She is friendly, open-minded, social and never fails to call people out on things she disagrees with. She has a strained relationship with her real mother but within the confinement of Litchfield, she considers Red to be a loving motherly figure.

Can you guess which Orange is the New Black character this is? They both landed in the pen for drug related charges. This character gets pregnant while in prison and carries out her pregnancy to a healthy baby girl. Her decision to keep the baby or give the baby up for adoption to a trusted woman poses as a very difficult life decision for her.

Question 17 Why is Taystee in prison? Murdering her foster brother Illegal substance trafficking and parole violation Tax evasion Endangerment of a minor This Orange is the New Black character, Taystee, gets locked up after living a hard life where she did not have many options or places to turn to. She grew up in a foster home and then later discovered that her birth mother did not want to complicate her life by including her in it.

After such a horrible rejection, she really had no chance of a normal and happy adult life. Can you guess why Taystee in in prison? You need to get outta here, before you add another hundred years to my sentence.

Question 19 Who is this man who got Daya pregnant? After discovering she is pregnant, she frames another guard in order to make sure the real father does not face consequences. She later regrets her decision to do that because the father of her child dips out on his responsibilities out of fear. He literally drives off and never comes back!

Which guard from Litchfield federal prison got Day pregnant while she was still an inmate? Sophia Burset Piper Chapman Alex Vause This Orange is the New Black character once said, "Hey, did you ever see that movie - the one where there's the cowboy and he's, like, the king of the castle?

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And then this astronaut shows up and he tries to take over, so the cowboy attempts to murder him, but, instead, the astronaut is taken hostage by, like, this evil psychopath and the cowboy has to rescue him and then they end up becoming really good friends?

Question 21 How does Tricia Miller die? She takes her own life She overdoses in a prison closet She gets shanked by another inmate She hits her head on a sharp edge Tricia Miller is one of the Orange is the New black characters who dies a really sad death.

Her life before prison was very much intwined with drug usage and her death relates to the way her life went.