Prime minister and i episode 17 ending relationship

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prime minister and i episode 17 ending relationship

'The Prime Minister and I' doesn't deal much with this issue directly. [ HanCinema's Drama Review] "The Prime Minister and I" Episode 17 Final Once more the focus is on the relationship between Yool and Da-jeong, and such that in many ways the ending of "The Prime Minister and I" is a completely. The finale of Prime Minister And I was a slight let-down and didn't do justice to to having DJ as their mom and showing the happy marriage life of KY and DJ. And the note DJ found scribbled towards the end which was so. Prime Minister and I - Episode 6; 60m When she follows Prime Minister Kwon Yul for news, she is accused of stalking and is taken . He changed his mind at the last minute and ended their relationship. Prime Minister and I - Episode

What is it with Korean dramas and their more-than-often lacklustre endings? I think the resurrection of NY really did throw a huge useless wrench into the plot — I honestly think it would be better off letting her remain dead and focus on KY moving past his guilt towards his ex-wife and finding love and healing with DJ again.

prime minister and i episode 17 ending relationship

Which he actually did — the last couple of episodes should have been filled with the Kwon kids adjusting to having DJ as their mom and showing the happy marriage life of KY and DJ. With a busload of hugs, kisses and a couple of cute babies. The redeeming factor of this episode was KY being the amazing man he is, whether in the realm of politics, family or romance. I literally rolled my eyes when she accused KY of telling the kids the reason why she left those years ago.

If you have the courage to do something, have the courage to face all the consequences it brings. The writer decided to make DJ stubborn for the sake of creating a reason for the OTP to separate as per the K-drama rule book. And the note DJ found scribbled towards the end which was so touching: Dad believed that DJ would find happiness with KY, the man she loves.

Plus, it was sweet how the kids were so affected by his passing. His son-in-law played cards with him. Then he writes Nam Da Jung over and over again. Da Jung clutches the diary and breaks down sobbing and apologizing to her dad. Yul is at the basketball court with Woo Ri and asks why he changed his mind to meet his mom.

Woo Ri greets her awkwardly while holding back his tears. Na Young touches him on the cheek and Woo Ri calls her mom. She asks if she can hold him before pulling him into a tight embrace. Woo Ri cries on her shoulder. Yul and Joon Ki discuss that the meeting with Man Se and Na Ra will happen later since they are still young and its harder to explain.

prime minister and i episode 17 ending relationship

Joon Ki agrees and then asks him to forget what he asked of him with respect to taking Na Young back. He knows he did a lot of wrong things in the past and asks if Yul will accept his apology.

Yul laughs that this is not like Joon Ki but he is willing to let time take care of it since they are friends after all, right? He asks Joon Ki to take care of Woo Ri. He advises Joon Ki to not make the same mistake as him. They wonder if Da Jung should be given her old job back? In Ho reports to Yul that tomorrow is his last day because the new PM is taking office. The kids have moved to their new residence but Yul wants to spend his last night at the mansion.

In Ho tells Yul that Da Jung is going on a long trip alone. In Ho is worried about her and thinks Yul should stop Da Jung. Yul reminds In Ho that he said the contract marriage will one day require them to pay a price. Yul walks through the mansion and thinks back to all his memories with Da Jung.

He thanks her for teaching him a lot during their time together. She asks Yul to be well going forward. She was very happy during their time together. Da Jung leaves Yul sitting there alone. Yul bids farewell to his ministerial staff including Hye Joo who is there to see him off. He shakes hands with Hye Joo and In Ho and thank them for their hard work. Yul takes one final look at the mansion before getting into the car. Some time later, reporters are gathered waiting for someone to arrive.

A car pulls up and Hye Joo gets out of the car and is immediately flanked by reporters. They ask which party she is planning to join but Hye Joo says she is planning to start her own party. Joon Ki and Yul are watching their kids play basketball. Yul is getting ready for the presidential election and asks Joon Ki for help. Yoon Hee arrives pushing a stroller and complains about being tired.

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He goes to check on their baby girl while Yoon Hee invites Yul to eat lunch with them all. Yul declines since he has somewhere to go.

Yul laughs at that. Da Jung is showing her new kids book to the Scandal News duo with her editor laughing that she spent all her savings and traveled the world for a year just to write this lame book.

Hee Chul tells her to wait here since they have to head out for a quick interview and will be right back. Da Jung grabs her box stored there and looks through it.

She then takes out her own diary and in flipping through it she finds a new entry written in the back. Dad wrote a letter to his beloved daughter Da Jung, who he loves so much. He tells her to be happy with the Kwon son-in-law that she loves. Da Jung cries as she reads this. Da Jung heads to the memorial hall with flowers and her book but finds that someone has already been by and put her book in his case. Da Jung talks to her dad that she read his letter left for her.

Prime Minister and I Episode 17 Recap

She brought her book for him and asks if she did well? Reporter Byun is running late so In Ho moved the next interview up. He heads out to check that other reporter is ready but pauses as he walks away and gives a small grin. Yul sits there and checks his watch and remembers Da Jung wanting his time to continue forever.

She officially introduces herself as the writer of the frog book. Da Jung says it ought to be both. Da Jung holds out her hand and introduces herself again. All things else, please talk to my hand. So in the end this fairy tale the Prime Minister and his Scheherazade reunited together by shaking on it. Dude, I still got a freaking bomb in my mailbox!!! Way to limp to a finish, PM.

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I said this was slightly less aggravating than MHIYD since in that drama the camera cuts away before the audience sees the leading lady actually make a choice.

The problem with PM is once again the writer forgetting one of the basic tenants of rom-com writing — you have to give your loyal audience S. Trouble arrives and they face adversity together. They conquer obstacles and end up happily ever after. Everything happened off camera and the reunion was so anemic I actually felt for the first time ever in this drama that it was uncle Lee Bum Soo shaking hands with his niece Yoona. Way to ruin my ardor and cool my love for this story and pairing, writer-nim.

His letter to Da Jung ended up being the catalyst to give her the courage to begin anew with Yul, and his passing also brought Soo Ha back to life from laying there like a vegetable. Selfish twat Na Young not only got her kids back, she got her other man back as well.

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I have no clue what type of moral of the story this writer was trying to accomplish by making Na Young part of the story in the second half but for me it backfired in every conceivable way. She ruined the OTP happy times together and created an artificial reason for them to be apart. The last few episodes were all about her and people dealing with her return and I could care less about her! Instead the fires of this drama got put out in the hands of a last minute interloper and PM became a dour after school special on forgiveness rather than a rom-com.

What is the first rule in writing a rom-com? It has to have romance and comedy! I want my money back! Da Jung felt guilty her dad died and therefore continued to stay away with Yul, this time going on a trip around the world?

If her dad died before finding out about the contract marriage would she have gone back to Yul? She ought to go back to him no matter what.