Psycho pass akane and shinya relationship memes

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psycho pass akane and shinya relationship memes

Character sheet for Psycho-Pass. InspectorsDivision 1Inspector Akane TsunemoriVoiced by: Kana Hanazawa (Japanese), Kate Oxley (English) The Supporting. The evolution of Ginoza & Akane's relationship 4/4. Psycho Psycho-Pass | Shinya Kogami x Akane Tsunemori funny meme by Then you won't soon forget these 31 great anime quotes sprinkled throughout the series. Take a look! 31 Of The Saddest, Most Meaningful Psycho Pass Quotes That You Won't Soon Forget Akane Tsunemori Quotes #3. 31 Of The Shinya Kogami Quotes #5 . It's the source of jealousy and relationship problems, too.

In the movie, he first frags Nicholas before he could kill Akane and Kougami and later arrived to Kougami's aid to defeat Desmond. Fair-featured and handsome in contrast to Kogami's muscular build.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship memes

The New Edit shows that Ginoza used to look up to his father until he got demoted to Enforcer. A toned down version given the show's mostly realistic setting, but he's often the brunt of jokes, gets told off a lot, and even gets grabbed by the collar and tossed aside like a cat at one point. Urobuchi says he likes picking on Ginoza the most. He believes wholly in the judgment cast by the Sibyl System, which puts him at odds with those who suggest deviations from it.

After becoming an Enforcer, Ginoza is more openminded and is willingly to accept Akane's decision to deal with latent criminals. Tends to be this in more light-hearted media outside of the main series, such as the audio dramas or Chimi Chara Psycho-Pass, where the cast is put in silly situations such as Kagari's cooking lessons.

Almost his default expression, but gives a major one to Akane when she hits a sore spot by asking him about his relationship with Masaoka. It's a hell of a slow thaw, but by the last episode he's more relaxed, smiles often, and is a lot warmer than he previously was. It apparently sped up in the two years passed, as in the second season he's essentially a younger, more sarcastic Masaoka. In Season 2, most especially in the second half where he has less screentime.

His father, Masaoka, became a latent criminal when Ginoza was nine, hence why he hates them so much.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship memes

Everyone Went to School Together: He and Shinya went to high school together and became best friends. When Ginoza told him his future plans on becoming an Inspector, Kougami quickly decided to also become an Inspector.

In The Moviehe grows his hair out and pulls it back into a short ponytail.


His views on Enforcers clash with Akane's. While she considers them colleagues, Ginoza treats them like hunting dogs in fear of butting his own Psycho-Pass.

He is an Inspector descending into distrust of the justice system for which he works, which is reflected in his rapidly-rising Crime Coefficient. Masaoka suffered from more or less the same experience in the past, which is how he became an Enforcer, a fate his son eventually shares.

Episode 21 hammers the point home: Masaoka's mechanical arm is his left, the same arm which Ginoza loses. Season 2 shows that in the intervening two years Ginoza slid into his father's mindset and role even more completely.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship memes

The Glasses Gotta Go: He doesn't wear them anymore when he got demoted as an Enforcer. Akane lampshades this by asking if he wears them just for decorative purposes. He says he wore them because he disliked the look of his eyes. An emotional callback to his father's last words to him were how his eyes looked like his dad's when he was young. He's a dog lover and owns a Siberian husky named Dime.

His test attributes reveal that he has a dog therapist's license, and he's allowed to keep his dog in the second season. When Chief Kasei tries to make him shoot Shinya with a lethal Dominator.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship memes

When Masaoka dies, he is reduced to being able to do almost nothing but cry and eventually scream. I Am Not My Father: I Am Not Pretty: He admits to Akane that he doesn't like how his face looks, particularly his eyes. His name is often shortened to "Gino" by the other members of Division 1, mostly Kougami and Kagari. Sasayama teasingly calls him "Gino-sensei". In the end, he becomes an Enforcer, despite starting out berating them and believing they were horrible people due to Sibyl's judgment which he no longer believes in at the end.

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To add to that he becomes a nicer person. Yes, Ginoza doesnt start becoming a nice person until he is branded a criminal. Despite belittling the enforcers as "hunting dogs," he's a dog lover and has an aptitude for dog therapy. Towards the Enforcers, who he treats like dogs simply because they're Enforcers. But there are instances where he's civil with Shinya and Masaoka.

He's harsh on Akane for being too naive and too trusting to Enforcers most especially Shinyabut he did this to prevent her from repeating the same mistake that Shinya and his father made before.

Akane Tsunemori

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While he's far from a nice person in Season 1, he wants what's best for society and tries to help Akane keep her Psycho-Pass clear. And even if he has difficulty admitting it, he still cares for his father deep down, as seen by his reaction to Masaoka's death. Chastises Akane for making what he deemed a poor decision on her very first day on the job and constantly demeans her in the workplace. He also blames her for Shinya's disappearance in episode 10, which she was already shaken about.

The Law of Conservation of Detail: He wears his glasses especially low on his nose and always seems to be looking above the frame rather than through the lens. He also carries a traditional gun in a light brown holster. There, he is an Enforcer and subordinate to his childhood best friend, Nobuchika Ginoza who is an Inspector and lead officer.

  • Shinya Kogami
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Although the two often seem at odds, they respect one another's judgment regarding police work. Kogami is cool-headed and detached while working a case with sharp instincts and insight into the criminal mind.

The way he deals with investigations leaves even the best Enforcers impressed and appalled, as he usually uses risky methods to solve them.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship memes

However, despite his mostly serious personality, Kogami has a sense of humor and finds it amusing to tease rookie Inspector, Akane Tsunemori, especially about how she once shot him with a Dominator during her first assignment with Division 1. When Sasayama dies a horrible death while on the job, Kogami's emotional attachment and resulting feelings cause his Crime Coefficient to rise, leading to his demotion to Enforcer rank.

Years later, while Akane retains her kindness and patience, she is also cool headed and rational, which is shown when she calmly uses her negotiation skills to talk down a criminal who was using bombs to attack the PSB, which pushed his Psycho-Pass into the non-danger zone, allowing her to stun him and bring him in instead of killing him. She outright tells him that any sympathetic words she might tell him were now meaningless and she was ready to give the execution order had Inspector Aoyanagi not shot him first.

She's also not against rebelling against Sibyl at times, such as when she attempts to bring in Kirito Kamui alive despite the System wanting him dead, so she can find out exactly why he's considered such a big threat. Even after everything she's seen, Akane still maintains her healthy Psycho-Pass and is quick to recover from any traumatic event, such as the aforementioned death of her friend and the death of her grandmother.

Personal Background Tsunemori's parents. At school Tsunemori is one of the top students with several notable achievements, both in the public and private sectors.

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She is curious about him, as well, and finds his methods of detective work surprisingly effective. There is speculation, without proof, that their mutual interest is romantic in nature, though some evidence exists that it may be one-sided on Tsunemori's part. Kogami respects her work ethic and attitude saying, "This girl is amazing.

She's a female who deeply loves law and order, and also deeply loved by it. Her expression is just like a prayer to the heavens.