Pucca and garu relationship problems

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pucca and garu relationship problems

Pucca Y Garu, Steven Universe, Animes Wallpapers, Kawaii .. How To Improve Relationship, Strong Relationship, Relationship Advice, Relationships. As he watched Pucca take off her flowing nightgown, Garu was her again by the waist, now having trouble controlling his uneven breathing. . in his relationship with Pucca (not to mention his transition into manhood), and. Garu and Abyo walked side by side as they searched the village for Pucca and Ching, though still not exactly sure what they "So, what's the problem? But, at the same time, I don't know if I could handle a relationship.

Let me start off by saying I don't think there'll ever be a time when you don't think about how your actions will affect others, and most of the time that's a good thing.

Right now, the scale is tipped all the way over to honor. That's no good, man! You need to relax and add some fun into your life, pronto. Otherwise, you'll blow up one day! I'll blow up if I don't take advantage of a girl who has done nothing but made sacrifices and look out for me all my life? And don't say honor!

Shutting his mouth, Garu pondered for a second. Abyo was being unusually insightful today. She totally wants you! You'd have to be an idiot not to realize that. I think you do. Why else would we be looking for them? How should I know?

Pucca and Garu's Relationship

I mean, I don't think you're an asshole, but can we ever really be sure? I don't really fit the profile of the one night stand type of guy, huh? Garu immediately shook his head. But, at the same time, I don't know if I could handle a relationship.

I guess that's kind of why I run away…" he trailed off. Playfully slapping his friend on the back, Abyo smiled. Now we're making some progress! Did you just hear yourself? You care about her! You don't wanna hurt her. As long as that's the case, you won't. Trust me dude, I've known you forever. Give yourself a little credit; you've got incredible control.

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If you do anything to piss her off, she'll hand your ass over to you. Who else is there?

pucca and garu relationship problems

Both he and Abyo shared a laugh over the lack of eligible ladies in the village. Abyo chuckled at how quickly Garu was forgetting about honor and was moving on to using obscenities. Pausing to think for a minute, Garu blinked.

Yeah, what's up with you? What's wrong with asking a girl who's basically perfect and head over heels for you to be your girlfriend? Garu looked at his friend, shrugged one shoulder, and said, "I dunno. Maybe it actually wouldn't be so bad.

Shoving his friend playfully, Garu replied with a grin, "Just shut up. You don't have to be so sarcastic. But seriously, that outfit is OD," she commented with sincerity. Ching studied her reflection, tilting her head slightly. Pucca laughed, "If only Abyo were here now. He'd fall in love with you for sure if he saw you like this. Pucca is shown in the series to have almost superhuman abilities such as strength and speed and her rage can be so great at times that it will even begin to effect the weather.

Although she has all these abilities she hardly ever uses them to her advantage in capturing Garu. Although it is no secret that Pucca has an endless affection for Garu she has on one account almost let him go.

She even sits at their wedding and watches unhappily as the man she loves so dearly is getting married to another woman. This shows that if Garu really wanted another woman in his life she would let him, no matter how sad or angry it would make her.

It is possible that Garu does like Pucca back, since he frequently spends time with her but it is no secret that he does enjoy his time alone since Pucca loves to be around him almost any chance she gets.

In the original flash series, however, Garu is seen showing more affection towards Pucca and they are more explicitly displayed as a couple.

Scene shocking of the relationship of Pucca and Garu!

Shorts In The Ring! Garu melts down his sword that means alot to him to make a ring for Pucca. Much to his horror, which she throws away.

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She knew Garu wasn't very experienced with words so she'd let any further verbal explanation slide. She did want some confirmation though.

I mean, uh, if you're sure…" She wrapped a leg around his waist and nodded. I thought I heard you scream! Garu, though overcome with an urge to go over to Uncle Dumpling and rip him a new one, complied and ducked behind the couch. Meanwhile, Pucca adjusted the straps on the nightie and hugged a throw pillow over her scantily clad chest while sitting a position that made the shortness of her garment less evident.

Making his way to the bottom of the steps and rushing over toward Pucca, Dumpling asked, "What happened?

I'm going to get Ho and Linguini to help me catch that menace. Pucca groaned as Garu popped out of his hiding place. I guess that rule is notwithstanding if they hear me scream and think I'm in danger or something. I wanted you tonight. So badly,' he thought, racking his brain for a way they'd get some privacy. You got it for me because you didn't want me to have to sleep on the floor. I just thought it looked stupid. Making it over to his place in record time, Garu burst into the house and made haste to his bedroom, wanting more than the sweet kisses Pucca had been planting on his cheek and neck the whole way over.

The fact that with every quick step he'd taken her breasts had come closer and closer to popping out of the tiny pieces of fabric covering them wasn't helping him cool down either. Almost tripping on a bo staff as he made his way over to his bedroom, Garu stopped in his tracks as Pucca abruptly jumped out of his arms and began walking in the opposite direction.

What did he do to make her want to leave now? Besides, he'd get some time to set the mood in his room in the meanwhile. Grabbing some candles and a match from a drawer in the living room, Garu couldn't help but whistle to himself as he opened his bedroom door. Tonight was turning out better than he could've dreamed.

He'd realized his genuine love for Pucca and was about to screw her brains out, guilt-free. Life couldn't get any better. Closing his eyes as he tried to plan in his head what he'd do to her first, his fantasy was rudely interrupted by the voice he despised most in the world. Wait 'til tomorrow afternoon and I'll gladly kick your ass. So the guy started talking. Big deal--he would soon be speaking his last words. And furthermo--" Tobe stopped as he actually caught sight of Garu for the first time that night.

How old are you again? I'm glad you got a laugh at my expense. Not until you are destroyed! And I'm not running away from her.

I'm busy because she's supposed to be spending the night with me and you're ruining it. Are you two going to stay up all night doing each other's hair and playing Parcheesi? Her freshly cleaned dark, thick hair was delicately cascading down her back and her cheeks were flushed a soft pink. She looked beautiful and was absolutely glowing in anticipation.

Both Garu and Pucca turned and stared at him, annoyed.

pucca and garu relationship problems

And I have a proposal for you! Pucca rolled her eyes and Garu could almost feel steam coming out of his ears in his anger. He wasn't about to let anyone hit on his girl. Tobe strutted to Pucca grandiosely and put an arm around her. Pucca was too surprised to react and Garu just stood frozen in rage. As he wiggled his eyebrows up and down at her, she couldn't contain herself anymore and broke out into a fit of laughter.

Meanwhile, Garu started to make his way over to Tobe as finished contemplating the best way to could kick his ass and impress Pucca at the same time. Tobe just stood there as his cheeks succumbed to the burning red heat that took them over. Though Pucca scarcely heard him over her laughter, Garu heard loud and clear and was further enraged. Even clad in Pokemon attire, Garu was still quite intimidating. His entire disposition softened as their eyes locked and Pucca winked and blew a kiss over to him.