Putin and obama relationship 2015

The Remarkable Similarity of Putin’s and Obama’s Speeches at the U.N. – Foreign Policy

putin and obama relationship 2015

How is the relationship between Obama and Putin? and Putin pose for a photograph before a bilateral meeting, September 28, (AP). Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama at the United Nations in New York City, September 28, Five years ago this month, the Obama administration took office vowing to repair Washington's tattered relations with Moscow. In a burst of.

In Ukraine, he had one overriding goal: This essentially negative objective was not that hard to accomplish because Ukraine was corrupt, internally divided, and right next door to Russia.

putin and obama relationship 2015

These features made it easy for Putin to use a modest degree of force and hard for anyone else to respond without starting a cycle of escalation they could not win. He wants to preserve the Assad regime as a meaningful political entity so that it remains an avenue of Russian influence and a part of any future political settlement.

In Ukraine, a familiar alliance of neocon fantasists e. As a result, they were completely blindsided when Moscow kept using the realpolitik playbook and saw the whole matter very differently. There was an element of hypocrisy and blindness here, too; Russia was simply acting the same way the United States has long acted when dealing with the Western Hemisphere, but somehow U.

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Needless to say, U. Since the uprising first began, Washington has been vainly trying to achieve a series of difficult and incompatible goals. It is relying on Kurdish fighters to help deal with the Islamic State, but it wants Turkey to help, too, and Turkey opposes any steps that might stoke the fires of Kurdish nationalism. And apart from wanting Assad gone, the long-term U.

putin and obama relationship 2015

This difference is partly structural: Because Russia is much weaker than the United States and destined to grow even weaker over timeit has to play its remaining cards carefully and pursue only vital objectives that are achievable at modest cost. The United States has vastly more resources to throw at global problems, and its favorable geopolitical position allows it to avoid most of the repercussions of its mistakes. Needless to say, this is the perfect recipe for recurring failure.

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin - their relationship in quotes

In other words, Putin looks more successful because his goals are commensurate with his limited resources. On one side, Obama does have an underlying sense of realism and understands that U. He also grasps that our capacity to dictate outcomes is equally constrained, especially when it involves complicated matters of social engineering in divided societies very different from our own.

Nation-building is expensive, goddamn hard, and for the most part unnecessary. Definitely a presidential cocktail party faux pas.

putin and obama relationship 2015

Later, the White House released a summary of the Obama-Putin huddle, calling it "constructive" and "centered around ongoing efforts to resolve the conflict in Syria.

Tense moments between Obama and Putin Photos: Hide Caption 1 of 7 Photos: Tense moments between Obama and Putin Obama and Putin shake hands while posing for a photo ahead of their meeting at U. Hide Caption 2 of 7 Photos: Hide Caption 3 of 7 Photos: Tense moments between Obama and Putin Obama and Putin share a comical and awkward moment on a large split-screen during an international ceremony on the stretch code-named Sword Beach, in Ouistreham, France, to commemorate the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, Obama and Putin had an informal minute chat during lunch at the ceremony that marked the 70th anniversary of the D-day landings.

Hide Caption 4 of 7 Photos: The United States and Russia have been squaring off over the bloody civil war in Syria.

putin and obama relationship 2015

Hide Caption 5 of 7 Photos: The meeting was the first time Obama and Putin held face-to-face talks since Putin returned to the president's office earlier that year. Obama said he and Putin discussed the conflict in Syria and "agreed that we need to see a cessation of the violence, that a political process has to be created to prevent civil war. Tense moments between Obama and Putin Obama, who had become U. President six months earlier, enjoys tea with then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and members of the American delegation at Putin's dacha on July 7, in Moscow.

The Remarkable Similarity of Putin’s and Obama’s Speeches at the U.N.

Hide Caption 7 of 7 Despite the chasm between them on whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should stay in power, as well as whom Russia should be bombing and not bombing there, the White House said the two agreed "on the need for a Syrian-led and Syrian-owned political transition. Obama did have to bring up that other situation in Ukraine, calling on Putin to, you know, remove all the heavy weapons and fighters and release those hostages.

As well as the territory itself.

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A request made for what seems now to be around the millionth time. But before the half-impromtu, half-planned little meeting by the bar could end, someone in the American delegation very obviously noticed with some surprise and mild alarm the lone camera hanging around, once its operator realized it was capturing something very rare and interesting indeed.

Obama-Putin phone call as tensions over Ukraine continue to strain relationship

Why Putin's Syria move is such a dilemma for Obama With that, the surrounding group of Americans managed to body-block the corner entirely from view. Try as it might, that camera could not find a way back in, past the now annoyed-looking Americans. And the meeting was semi-private once more.