Quotes employer employee relationship in the philippines

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quotes employer employee relationship in the philippines

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Employee and Labor Relations

Under the control test, such a relationship exist where the person for whom the services are performed reserves the right to control not only the end achieved, but also the manner and means used to achieve that end [See: Thus, if the power of control can be exercised only on the end result of the job, and not on the means as to how the job will be done, then the relationship is not that of an employer and employee.

The relationship between them is merely contractual. For an employer-employee relationship to arise, there must be control on not just one, but on both the end result and the means to achieve such end.

quotes employer employee relationship in the philippines

Take note, however, that a line should be drawn between rules that merely serve as guidelines towards the achievement of the mutually desired result without dictating the means or methods to be employed in attaining it, and those that control or fix the methodology and bind or restrict the party hired to the use of such means. The first, which aim only to promote the result, create no employer-employee relationship unlike the second, which address both the result and the means to achieve it [See: Evidence to prove the existence of the relationship In labor cases, while respondent companies would normally try to prove the absence of employer-employee relationship, the opposite is true for the complainants who would try to prove the existence of employer-employee relationship.

Employer-Employee Relationship – Philippine Theo Law Gee

In these instances, just bear in mind that there is no particular form of evidence required to prove the existence of such relationship. It may be documentary evidence, testimonial evidence, or any competent and relevant evidence available [See: Are drivers paid on boundary system considered as employees?

Also, the drivers have been engaged to perform activities which were usually necessary or desirable in the usual business or trade of the employer [Ibid].

quotes employer employee relationship in the philippines

Is the resident agent of a foreign corporation an employee? Exercise of the power of control by the company may consist of various directives that it may issue to the agent [See: Can lawyers and other professionals be employed? Lawyers or any other professionals may very well be an employee of a private corporation.

quotes employer employee relationship in the philippines

Managing employee relations issues help employers correct inappropriate behavior, as well as promote a structured and productive workplace. Legal Issues Employee relations issues stem from various aspects of employment and labor law.

Legal issues such as workplace harassment, discrimination and equal opportunity are among the employee relations issues employers must face.

quotes employer employee relationship in the philippines

Employers are obligated to investigate harassment and discrimination allegations in the workplace and provide a possible remedy to the situation. Employers also must reasonably accommodate workers who require modification of job duties because of disability or pregnancy.

“No employer-employee relationship” as defense in labor cases

Conflict Management Conflicts often arise in the workplace between co-workers, as well as between employees and managers. When disputes arise, managers must implement specific procedures for resolution while maintaining optimal working relationships.

quotes employer employee relationship in the philippines

These procedures allow employees to voice their concerns and have the issues resolved internally. Conflict management also helps employers document the circumstances surrounding a particular incident and how the matter was resolved.

This will assist employers if a similar situation arises. Attendance A strong attendance record and adherence to their schedule is the responsibility of all employees and essential to the employer's bottom line.