Relationship and romance area

DIY Feng Shui, Part The Romance Area

relationship and romance area

Feng Shui can help relationships strengthen. Focused attention on the relationship area can bring you love that you have never experienced. When this area is activated and flowing, our relationship situation flourishes in an ideal way, wherever we happen to be on our romantic path. To find any area of the ba gua, stand at your home's front entrance (if you live in an The romance and marriage trigram is located in the back right-hand corner .

Clear out part of your medicine cabinet or a shelf in your bathroom so a lover has room to fill in the empty space with his or her toiletries.

Relationship Area

Remove artwork from your bedroom if it shows a solitary or lonely scene; replace it with images of happy couples to make you more receptive to a relationship. If your love life has gone stale, treat yourself to new, luxurious bedding to freshen your relationship and encourage your spouse or partner to linger in bed with you.

Make sure you have the right size bed for your relationship; if the bed is too big, partners can drift apart; if it is too small, they can feel limited in the relationship.

relationship and romance area

Add seating for two in your bedroom, and be sure to occasionally sit in the chairs and talk together or read instead of watching TV before going to sleep. If you want to attract a romantic partner into your home, make room in the pantry and refrigerator for his or her favorite foods.

Add red accessories to your bedroom in shades of scarlet, crimson, and burgundy to activate the Fire Element and ignite your love life.

Remove any work-related items from your bedroom, especially your computer and desk, so you can focus on romance instead of your career.

relationship and romance area

Keep the area under your bed clear so the chi can flow around you and your lover in bed; if you must store objects under your bed avoid metal objects and keep only soft items. Avoid placing your bed against two walls where one partner is trapped in the corner, and symbolically trapped in the relationship; instead, locate your bed so there is equal space on either side, and equal room to enjoy the relationship. What kind of relationship do you want to have?

Find some brand new images, symbols, pictures, objects that will represent your new relationship.

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Pick something that really resonates with you. If nothing appeals to you, just get two nice red candles or two of something.

relationship and romance area

Remember, intention is the most important thing. The ritual is just a servant of your intention. Feng shui symbols for love and romance How to improve the existing relationship or marriage The same applies here.

relationship and romance area

Figure out what kind of relationship you have a the moment and what kind do you want to have in the future. On a piece of paper on the left side draw a simple diagram of the existing relationship use the chart above for ideas and then draw the one you want to have on the right side.

In the middle, draw what needs to happen for the new improved relationship to happen.

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Find a new symbol, image for the new relationship and place it in your bedroom. Relationship is a process not an event and requires work. No images or symbols of love or photos together: The more photos of you both together having fun, etc the better and place them everywhere. Check the state of your relationship corners.