Rin and shiemi relationship advice

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rin and shiemi relationship advice

Rin & Shiemi: super long relationship development ” ((tfw you only wanted to do a short set about them, but it's literally impossible because so. However, after Fujimoto's death, Rin and Yukio's relationship was put to the . She trained under the guidance of Shirō to obtain the title Meister in Knight and. In the manga, she doesn't realize it. She doesn't understand what love is at the moment. She's kind of in between Yukio and Rin, but possibly.

I don't even remember how I got there. I used to be SO rinshi Hey, I've read your comment and I really appreciate your observations and opinions of that ship in general I love people who are passionate about the things they loveXDbut what I'm trying to say is that I think YukiShi won't happen even in a milion years. It is obvious that Yukio's love is one-sided and that Shiemi will never look at him in such a way.

On the other hand, we notice that Shiemi builds different feelings towards Rin "Why do I feel so nervous in Rin's presence?!

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This has never happened before I admit, that scene in her house when she thought; "OMG we are alone! This ship is canon seen from a thousand miles away and I can see Yukio as a tragic character ironicaly, all the girls are literally crazy for him and he can't have that one single girl who doesn't feel anything for him besides friendship. The best solution for all would be that Yukio finally reconciles with the fact and tries to find another girl, but here's the thing; Yukio did never build any strong relationships with any other girl besides Shiemi They've known each other for about 10 years and had become really close reacently, Shura no longer teases him that much and Yukio is no longer irritated by her presence.

On the contrary, he became tenderer since he learned of her past and tried to cheer her up by complimenting her hair ch. It has been cutted for him after all and that's why this haircut will always be so special to him.

He was inviting her to have fun with Exwires in his stead because he didn't know how to behave in society. When she appeared at the door dressed in a santa suit and everyone greeted her, Yukio wondered how did her marriage-hunting party go ch.

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He couldn't look at her eyes because he knew that otherwise he would be an open book to her she knows him that well. As for Shura, we have nothing to discuss about, she likes him in her own silly way, that much is sure! XD What I wanted to say is that with Shiemi, he would always try to be stronger, better, more successful, and he would never get rid of that depression that hunts him day after day because he would always want to impress her, surprise her, color her world in pink.

But in the end, everything would turn out to be just a simple lie. Yukio knows that one day he'll grow tired of all this and that this relationship won't make any sense later.

Mephisto has a Flandre Scarlet Touhou fan, which does indeed exist.

Does Shiemi like Rin in Ao No Exorcist?

None really outside of this pairing. I don't own Ao no Exorcist a. If I did this pairing would be canon, Rin and Yukio be heck Amaimon was bored to say the least.

He was perched in the window of his brother's office, staring over the grounds as the students came out of the building to Cross Academy.

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From what he gathered it was almost summer and the esquires were in the process of mock exams. He had on occasion seen his younger brother coming out looking weary, so the Earth King assumed that mock exams were actually another code name for sadistic punishment. Humans were so weak but amusing. He bit his long claw like thumb nail, thinking fleeting thoughts, ideas settling on one subject in particular.

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The memory formed in his mind and started to expand, realization hitting him at the weight of his past actions. Amaimon didn't reply, and instead remained in the window, his back facing his brother. Younger brother stopped me. Amaimon nodded his head slightly, still fidgeting. Mephisto started putting together an idea in his head and continued to eat more shaved ice until Amaimon spoke again. He didn't engage in flings and summer romances but thought it was past the period to settle down.

He knew how sex worked and even engaged in various kinds of self pleasure in the past but he personally never tried it before.

rin and shiemi relationship advice

He would rather play by beating demons to a pulp, slaughtering various humans in glee, or engaging himself in the world of Assiah. So this concept wasn't entirely new but it was treading on dangerous ground.

rin and shiemi relationship advice

Amaimon didn't want to be like those sappy worthless humans who died over their lovers and lost their identity from being infatuated. Still the idea of claiming a wife made his blood stir outside of combat. And it was his fault for going too far with teasing his younger brother; he would have to claim responsibility. The green haired demon leaped out from his brother's open window and landed on various landings before going towards the front gate of True Cross. Now his brother would had thrown a fit and threaten him if it was a busy day but since it was practically summer vacation he was more lenient.

He landed outside of the gate, startling a few people. There was his otouto as well as his blond interest. His aniue told him that she was attending True Cross Academy full time, the same year as the older twin. Stubborn otouto glared at him; Amaimon sensed his brother's hostility rising as he gripped his sword holder. His fiancee only glanced at him, curiosity and weariness behind her green forest eyes. I apologize about last time; I am Amaimon the Earth King. The demon king thought it was cute that she was modest.

He wondered how long would it last after they finalized their vows. He was sort of glad that Rin stepped into their conversation.

Surely a half demon who didn't understand the concept of his powers killing him, the seventh prince? He was annoyed that his brother used him again but at least aniue let him come back under the rouse of a hamster as punishment for acting out. What the hell are you talking about?