Robert dudley and elizabeth relationship

The real story of Queen Elizabeth and Robert Dudley

robert dudley and elizabeth relationship

Learn the facts about Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Robert Dudley. Privy Council ; The Death of Amy Robsart; The relationship between Dudley and the Queen. The story of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley has fascinated people for more than years. Their relationship has been explored in. And then there are the letters between Elizabeth and Dudley. Historian level, kept Elizabeth from consummating her relationship with Dudley.

In September Amy was found dead with a broken neck; whether the cause was murder or more likely suicide, accident or disease has never been proved. Dudley was almost certainly innocent of anything beyond neglecting her.

Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester

He was now technically free to marry Elizabeth, but the cloud of suspicion that now hung over him meant that she could never accept him. To do so might have cost her the throne.

Yet she would not let him go. She even hatched a scheme to marry him off to Mary Queen of Scots — on condition that the pair lived with her at court. She also mollified him with the gift of Kenilworth Castle in and with the title Earl of Leicester a year later.

After she evaded his outright proposal at Christmashe left court in a sulk, only to be dragged back and ordered never to leave her again.

robert dudley and elizabeth relationship

But now he was turning to others. In he may even have secretly married a beautiful widow, Lady Sheffield the validity of this marriage has never been confirmedwith whom he certainly had a son.

Historian Christine Hartweg, author of John Dudley: And the fragments of evidence create an overall mosaic we can't ignore. Elizabeth I was the only English Queen not to marry. She also enjoyed swearing profusely. Where's the real proof?

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Yes, they were close. Yes, she was possessive and jealous and wanted him as her friend, companion and plaything. But none of this means that she ever crossed the line from emotional adoration to physical lust. Historian Christine Hartweg, who wrote a biography of Dudley's father and knows the Tudor stories better than most, admits that "we can ever be sure about whether Elizabeth and Robert Dudley were lovers in any physical sense".

Interestingly, Hartweg also recounts how "Elizabeth is reported to have said, when she believed herself to be dying, that she had always loved Robert Dudley, but had never done anything improper with him. But this just goes to show how hazy all the details of their apparent courtship are.

Can we really trust the snippets that have fallen to us through time? And let's also reconsider the relationship itself.

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Lest we forget, Elizabeth and Dudley were actually childhood friends. He became Master of the Horse on the same day. It suited him, as he was an excellent horseman and showed great professional interest in royal transport and accommodation, horse breeding, and the supply of horses for all occasions.

Dudley was also entrusted with organising and overseeing a large part of the Queen's coronation festivities. Lord Robert has come so much into favour that he does whatever he likes with affairs and it is even said that her majesty visits him in his chamber day and night. People talk of this so freely that they go so far as to say that his wife has a malady in one of her breasts [note 2] and the Queen is only waiting for her to die to marry Lord Robert Matters have reached such a pass Your Majesty would do well to attract and confirm him in his friendship.

He acted as official host on state occasions and was himself a frequent guest at ambassadorial dinners. Amy Robsart Already in April court observers noted that Elizabeth never let Dudley from her side; [35] but her favour did not extend to his wife.

robert dudley and elizabeth relationship

Little other understanding can I have of him. The greatness and the suddenness of the misfortune doth so perplex me, until I do hear from you how the matter standeth, or how this evil should light upon me, considering what the malicious world will bruit, as I can take no rest. Lady Dudley, staying alone "in a certain chamber", had fallen down the adjoining stairs, sustaining two head injuries and breaking her neck.

The scandal played into the hands of nobles and politicians who desperately tried to prevent Elizabeth from marrying him. An 18th century copy of his portrait and autograph Elizabeth remained close to Dudley and he, with her blessing and on her prompting, pursued his suit for her hand in an atmosphere of diplomatic intrigue. There was universal relief when she recovered her health; Dudley was made a privy councillor.

robert dudley and elizabeth relationship

But a man of that nature I never found any His company was essential for her well-being and for many years he was hardly allowed to leave. Her majesty is unaccompanied and, I assure you, the chambers are almost empty.

He displayed a strong sense for economising and reform in this function, which he had de facto occupied long before his official appointment. His sons had to start from scratch in rebuilding the family fortunes, as they had renounced any rights to their father's former possessions or titles when their own attainders had been lifted in January