Sajal ali and feroz khan relationship questions

Sajal all set for pretty life after film release

sajal ali and feroz khan relationship questions

It's amazing, and very well-done," Feroze Khan. sensitive topics, like his dynamic relationship with fellow co-star Sajal Aly, which is still talked. Starring: Jibran Syed, Sajal Ali, Arjumand Rahim, Feroz Khan and What is also interesting to watch is Numair's relationship dynamics with his Tabasum (Uzma Gilani), the matriarch of the family, has severe control issues. Nov 20, Explore sadia khan's board "L❤ve" on Pinterest. @Myst3ryGurl Couple Goals, Love Couple, First Date Questions, Dating Questions, This .. Feroz Khan, Sajal Ali, Pakistani Actress, Cute Couples, Actors & Actresses, Jun.

Why Chup Raho is worth watching The drama tackles a taboo topic that — as depicted in the show — is never discussed in society, covered up, hidden or ignored, especially when family members are involved.

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Staying true to life, Rameen does the same, and when she does eventually try to tell her husband, he gently reminds her that she is wehmi paranoid. The drama also depicts the monstrosity of the perpetrator, as they prey on a victim and casually slip away due to the very fact that they are a close relative. Numair is shown to be extremely protective of Naila and e. Chup Raho aims to shed light and drive dialogue around this dark aspect of society, and kudos to the team for such an effort.

Why Jackson Heights is worth watching Jackson Heights is a fresh take on the lives of South Asians migrating to the US — an aspect that greatly concerns many middle class and upper-middle-class Pakistanis. Living in the US because of his marriage to an American woman, he represents the plight of many who get married just for the sake of staying on in the US. Salma and Michele, the lead female characters in the drama, project an image of strong, independent women, who are ready to take up challenges.

They show a different side of Pakistani women, who are not meek and submissive. Though a developing story, Jackson Heights looks promising and realistically captures the lives of South Asian immigrants. Firaaq airs on Hum TV on Saturdays.

After Marriage Feroz Khan Talking About Sajal Ali

There was budget issue while the shooting was not on time but even then finally we made it. Because so much effort, energy, love and positivity were put into making the film I have great expectations from it. How was your experience of working with Feroze Khan in the film? Working in this project with Feroze Khan was a good experience. You can say Feroze is self motivated. He will always do the thing which he has decided to do. He will give his best and do it in a suitable way. It was a learning process for me.

I have learnt many things from him. They have higher expectations from me.

sajal ali and feroz khan relationship questions

I have given my best. I hope people will love me in this film as they did in drama serials. Tell us about your feelings of shifting from a TV screen to mini screen.

Well for me acting in film was not really difficult.

sajal ali and feroz khan relationship questions

Technically of course shooting a film is different medium from drama. Being an actress I enjoyed working on theatre because there you have live audience and you get immediate response and appreciation on the spot.

So silver screen is a totally different medium of entertainment.

sajal ali and feroz khan relationship questions

Watching yourself on a big screen where people come to see you is always a proud moment. I was always passionate about acting and working in both mediums has been a rewarding experience for me. NAB board allows to initiate investigation against Abbasi With a number of films under production do you think revival of Pakistan film industry has begun?

How can we keep up the momentum?

sajal ali and feroz khan relationship questions

I think yes Pakistani plays are seen all over the world. We are moving forward rapidly towards the revival of cinema. We are working really hard to make our film industry better. Is there any ideal cast and crew combo that you would like to work with?

Those Curious about What Happened to Feroze Khan and Sajal Aly, Here’s What You Need to Know

I would love to work with Noman Ijaz and Nadia Jamil. What is your work philosophy and what is your criterion of selecting any new project? Whenever someone offers me a project I work with dedication.

sajal ali and feroz khan relationship questions