Sanam jung and imran abbas relationship counseling

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sanam jung and imran abbas relationship counseling

Heart throb, multi talented and the most handsome Imran Abbas Naqvi is a well known Pakistani actor Sanam Jung is my favorite co star. Any plans of marriage in coming future? Yes, very soon InshAllah. Any advice to aspiring actors?. 18 Most Adorable On-Screen Couples We All Love To See Together. By 7. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sanam Jung Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas. Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung on 'Tonite with HSY'. to them and said that he had also gone to Bushra Ansari for advice on this matter.

Sara begins to develop feelings for Harib again, looking to Harib and Aan's strong bonding, Sara's jealousy increases and she decides to separate them. Aan and Farhan get engaged which makes Harib devastated and he confesses his feelings to Aan. Ayla who has also moved in the same housing society snaps a picture of Aan and Harib together and gets it photoshopped into an obscene photograph that gets circulated around social media.

As a result, Aan loses her job at the bank.

sanam jung and imran abbas relationship counseling

She confronts Harib who files a lawsuit against the bank. However, when Shabnam finds out about Aan's job, she suffers from a heart attack.

DIL-E-MUZTAR - Episode #19 - Romance - Drama - Sanam Jung - Imran Abbas - Sarwat Gilani

While she's hospitalized, Farhan and his mother see Harib consoling Aan and tell her off about it. Harib and Shehroze overhear Farhan talking about his past of him being a divorcee and father of two kids.

His mother is interested in Aan only because she thinks Aan is a rich heiress. Harib and Shehroze realize that this was Sara's doing. After seeing firsthand the stark difference between Farhan and Harib in the way they help her out in her tough time, Aan also begins to develop feelings for Harib. Eventually both Aan and Harib confess that they love each other but because of Shabnam's frail health, they remain quiet. Some have also chosen to work together many times because sometimes it is good to stick together in the showbiz industry for other reasons too.

All of these people have declared their friendship for each other over and over again.

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In our industry when boys and girls get very close there are always rumors that they are having an affair but stars like Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir, Osman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali have refuted such rumors and they say that they are just good friends who have fun with each other whenever they are together.

Much of the on-screen chemistry we see is not always all a case of good acting but it is also because these actors are very close to each other in real life too. Here are some of the most cute best friends of our television industry. Fawad Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt There are very few friendships that stand the test of time and this is most certainly one of them!

Marriage is on the cards: Sanam Jung - Pakistan -

Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omer They have fun together and they stand by each other whenever there is a controversy. Osman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali Maya Ali and Osman Khalid Butt have done many dramas together but their real relationship outside the world of television is even more adorable than what see in dramas.

I act as if I am just doing my regular job as if I am working in a bank with the same level of professionalism and dedication.

sanam jung and imran abbas relationship counseling

How did you get involved in acting? For me acting comes naturally.

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I believe in imbibing the character I have to play and practice the dialogues beforehand. It is very important for me to be perfect at what I have been hired to do, only then can I improve and become a better actor.

As an actor I have some limitations.

sanam jung and imran abbas relationship counseling

Everybody has different definition of success for me success is a happiness. There is no set of rules for success.

I have seen people those who have nothing but still they are happy. Success is a state of mind or peace of mind. What has been your biggest achievement in the field of acting?

sanam jung and imran abbas relationship counseling

I think working with a director Muzzafar Ali in India is a big achievement for me. What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out as an actor? I used to deliver my dialogue very fast initially. And I try my level best to be natural in my acting. I am still in a learning phase. Words can solace you and words can also hurt more than anything. So I have learned through time how to deliver and give weight to every word. Are you working on any current projects?

I am working on Mera Naam Yousuf Hai and a Bollywood movie, name and details will soon be shared with media. What sort of acting roles do you hope you are performing in the future? My forthcoming film is an intense love romantic film. And my second film is an action thriller.

How is audience reception different in Pakistan and India? I think the reaction and the reception has been similar in both countries.

sanam jung and imran abbas relationship counseling