Schroeder and lucy relationship

schroeder and lucy relationship

Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, and even Lucy are fairly well-developed characters. Schroeder is equally (perhaps more) lovable, but most. Lucille "Lucy" van Pelt is a character in the syndicated comic strip Peanuts, written and drawn The third new character in Peanuts after Violet and Schroeder, Lucy made her debut on March 3, She was originally a goggle- eyed toddler. According to the biographical book Schulz and Peanuts by David Michaelis, Schroeder's contentious relationship with Lucy was based on Charles M. Schulz' s.

Sure, Lucy was vain, crabby, and bossy, but she did have her good qualities. She was smart, pretty, and relentlessly devoted to him. It flattered him a little to be the object of affection, even though he was too proud to admit it.

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Then, several weeks later, the Van Pelt family had returned. They had decided not to move after all. Standing before Schroeder's piano, Lucy had announced loudly, knocking him off his seat, "Your sweetie is back!!!

Snoopy waved at Lucy too and blew her kisses. Tell me you're not leaving, Lucy, Schroeder thought to himself. Please tell me it's not true. I want to hear you tell me that nothing will ever change, that we'll always be children without a care in the world.

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I'll look up from my piano keys and see you gazing at me, entranced. You'll never fail to be there, my most faithful audience.

You'll always be out there in center field, letting routine fly balls drop on your head. I'll be able to stroll down the street on a hot summer Sunday and see you lazing behind your "Psychiatric Help" booth, your feet on the desk, your hands clasped behind your head, your face an expression of worldly wisdom as you dispense crappy advice to Charlie Brown.

schroeder and lucy relationship

Charlie Brown will always try to kick the football, and you'll always be there to thwart him. I need to know, Lucy. I need to know that there are still some things in this world that we can count on. I need to know that we'll never have to worry about stuff like growing old, watching our parents die. I don't want to live in a world where friends separate and slowly drift apart, torn from each other by misunderstandings and hurt feelings or the sheer physical distance, until the day comes when we don't know each other and don't care anymore.

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Friends are forever, right? Isn't that the way it always should be? Please, Lucy, tell me we live in a world where people remain faithful in spite of all discouragement. Tell me we live in a world in which you will always love me.

Schroeder, in an acute panic, began running after the departing van. Seconds later, the van came to a halt. Schulz then altered Lucy's eyes to have the same appearance as that of the other characters, except for small extra lines around them which were also sported by her two siblings.

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Lucy has short, black hair and wears a blue dress with blue socks and saddle shoes until the s when Schulz began showing the strip's female characters in pants and shirts in order to keep their outfits more contemporary. By the late s, she had switched to this look permanently. Lucy frequently pulls the football away from Charlie Brown right as he is about to kick it. The football strips became an annual tradition, and Schulz did one every year for the rest of the strip's run.

One infamous example of this is the animated special It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brownwhere her actions she pulled the ball away four times cost the school football team a win in the Homecoming game, yet Charlie Brown is blamed even though he is clearly not at fault. Charlie Brown did in fact kick the football in the September 12, strip, but only because Schroeder was holding the ball.

schroeder and lucy relationship

Peter Griffin appeared in front of Lucy and fed up with her moving the football tricks on Charlie Brownroundhouse kicked her repeatedly. Lucy finally complied to his demands and let Charlie kick the football. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.