Shalani soledad and willie revillame relationship help

Willie Revillame seen with Shalani Soledad in Boracay

shalani soledad and willie revillame relationship help

Princess Punzalan- She is Willie Revillame's first wife. Unfortunately, after only almost 2 years of relationship, they separated. Shalani Soledad- A lot of viewers shipped Shalani and Willie when they . Mother Massages Infant To Help Her Grow Taller October 8, ; Miracle baby October 8, Shalani Soledad sings "Ikaw Na Nga" with Willie Revillame Soledad evaded a question implying her past relationship with President Noynoy. What's behind Shalani Soledad's Gioconda smile? Ever since controversial TV host Willie Revillame let it slip on his evening game show . to understand that since we didn't have daddy, mom had to work to support us. next First Lady of the land had her relationship with President Aquino panned out.

I only met my dad when I was already But I grew up with my lolo, my lola, my aunts and uncles. It was in school, when parents were asked to attend, that I realized that my dad was absent. As it turned out, it was his brother who had passed away, and through friends, father and daughter finally met face to face last year. I was just happy to finally meet him. Meeting him was explanation enough. But we all had dinner one night and masaya naman [it was fun enough].

It was nice to see them together. She was born on April 20, in Camarines Sur, and has been a member of the Valenzuela City Council second district from up to this writing. Shalani and her brother Carlo lived with their mother in Kuwait and took their education there.

Louis College of Valenzuela. She described herself as an average student and she was not able to finish college due to some units in Physical Education and then her early stint in politics.

shalani soledad and willie revillame relationship help

By her own account, Shalani was an average student—not too quiet, not the life of the classroom. Her greatest transgression was cutting class to eat at the school cafeteria. She was never class president nor voted to the student council.

There was no inkling of the future politician.

Who is Shalani Soledad dating? Shalani Soledad boyfriend, husband

The way she tells it, it happened almost by accident. One of her maternal uncles had been slated to run for the Valenzuela city council. One night out of the blue, she says, her uncle told her that he was too old and that she should run instead. Her quiet ways not to mention good looks were a refreshing change from the usual glad-handing and baby-kissing, and Shalani won a seat on the city council.

She proved herself a capable councilwoman, introducing an ordinance on Early Child Care and Development that was adopted citywide, and of which she is particularly proud. She was also drafted to become the chairperson of the Appropriations and Ways and Means Committee, scrutinizing budgets and monitoring programs. When Noynoy became president, Shalani shot into the public eye overnight.

Whether it was the demands of state or personal differences that eventually led to their breakup in remains open to speculation. Out of respect for the president, she says, she would rather not talk about it.

For a time, the newly-single Shalani was the subject of intense speculation.

shalani soledad and willie revillame relationship help

And then came Roman. Fortunately enough, I met Shalani, nagkuwentuhan kami [we talked], and it worked out. It takes a lot from you.

Not just me, but people in general want to see that magic happening or unfolding before their very eyes. Tayong mga Pinoy very romantic.

shalani soledad and willie revillame relationship help

Kahit na anong kaguluhan ang mayroon diyan [despite the chaos], we still get to smile, our optimism remains. It is believed that this helped the actress launch her career to be one of the leading female hosts in the country. She also worked with Willie as his co-host.

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Cristine Reyes- There were rumors about the two but Cristine denied those allegations and said that she and Willie are just friends. Kim Chui does her make-up in the car 8.

Ara Mina- Even the older sister of Cristine was linked to Willie.

Shalani Soledad

Rumors started when Willie invited her to be a part of the entourage in one of hist past shows. Ara Mina denied the rumors and said that they were longtime friends.

Danita Paner- She said that it became awkward when she was linked to the veteran gameshow host and said that he was only a family friend. Miriam Quiambao- She was linked to the comedian host when she received a Louis Vuitton bag from Willie. Camille denied the rumor and said that he was just a family friend.

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Kimchi- She is one of the co-hosts of Willie on his current program. Ariella Arida- she is also one of the co-hosts of Willie Revillame.

He said that he invited her to be a host because of her personality. Marimonte Revillame- She is the third child of Willie.

shalani soledad and willie revillame relationship help