Shirou and rin relationship quizzes

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shirou and rin relationship quizzes

Fate/Stay Night - Archer by byulrorqual Shirou Emiya, Fate Zero, Fate Stay Rin Tohsaka -- Fate/Stay Night Manga Drawing, Anime Girls, Kawaii Anime. Gudako is the daughter of Shirou and Rin Tohsaka, and is a magus of and dates, romantic relationships, action movies, Japanese foods, American, and. Post with 71 votes and views. Fate/Stay Night: Shirou and Rin in a photobooth . "Archer" "Emiya Shirou" "Tohsaka Rin" Manga Couple, Anime Fantasy.

Rin Tohsaka

She already knew that her Archer is strong considering him using his Noble Phantasm multiple times inside 24 hours. Shirou laughs at her answer. Archer did plan almost everything that has transpired for more than a week. He was really cunning and to add, a show-off. Rin seeing Shirou in laughter made her laugh too. Rin stops laughing by now and tries to explain to Shirou what had happened to Saber. I hope she's in a better place now. She completely deserves that from what she's been through here", Rin continues as she looked down to her feet unable to look directly to Shirou.

She knew that he really cared for Saber. At first, Shirou kind of looked sad for a moment. But after a few seconds, "It can't be helped.

This is the path she took. I understand…", he says but clearly there was anguish in his voice when he said that.

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That is all she can say. No explanation or excuse can make Shirou feel better. There was no way that I can save her", she thought to herself. I guess I'm a little too late", he reassures her. Rin is relieved to hear what Shirou has to say. She also wanted to thank Saber as well. In response, Shirou nods as they look up again to the almost bright sky.

Both of them were smiling their brightest. For a slight moment, Shirou peeks at Rin's glowing expression. Just for a moment, he adores her.

In fact, Rin also took the liberty to peek at Shirou's smiling face.

I thought you saved him", Shirou asks, breaking their moment for the mean time. She is surprised and she quickly turns her face to the opposite direction so that Shirou can't notice that she was looking at him for a moment there.

He-he was supposed to be here", she answers stutteringly. She then, quickly regains her composure. She looks at him for a second and blushes. Then, she nods in agreement and smiles. He looks at her blushing cute face. And without rushing, they start to walk their way to the front entrance of the Ryoudouu Temple.

Shinji was really angry as of the moment. He was angry first at Gilgamesh when he betrayed him and made him the living vessel for the Holy Grail. Second, he lost to Tohsaka and Emiya; thus, the Grail was destroyed by Saber. Lastly, he almost died in between the aforementioned occurrences. This all their fault! Damn that Servant as well! Good riddance that that guy is gone!

After resting for a bit, Shinji starts running towards the direction of the Matou Residence leaving an aura of anger in the spot where he rested.

Both have neither to say to what just happened for the past few days. They could've talked about the Holy Grail war and how they've won it. They could've talked about Archer and Saber. Hell, they could've talked about Shinji as well but they don't. They just stayed quiet.

For some reason, they enjoyed this tranquil moment. They enjoyed each other's company in spite of not having to talk at all. They were just happy that they were just enjoying this moment together. Already nearing the house, "I'm hungry", Shirou suddenly says.

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Rin only giggles at his remark. Shirou surprised by Rin's timid reaction, "Something wrong Tohsaka? She also adds a few punches to his arm as well. She makes a very disturbing face while putting her fist up for recognition.

shirou and rin relationship quizzes

Shirou laughed even more. He continues to laugh at Rin's disturbing face. Rin is a little bit angry now but restrained herself. She then releases her anger and just shrugs it off. She then starts to smile again. They continued on their walk home as Shirou continues to laugh while Rin is smiling.

At the entrance of the Emiya Residence, Rin stops, much to Shirou's surprise. There is just one thing I wanted to ask you", she says to him. She then starts twirling her fingers in front of her. Shirou only nods as his response. Better than being trapped. Wait for someone to rescue me.

Kick down the door. Nobody tells me what my fate is! I see them as my friends, they trust me and I trust them. I keep good relationships with others for my own profit.

You evil person you I don't trust people, and only get close to them when absolutely necessary. And they know it. I have no friends. Strangers Unless they give me a reason to think otherwise, I don't distrust them.

I don't trust people I don't know. I don't really trust anyone I'm not afraid to kick their ass if they get in my way! Unfortunately, you are a little short on cash. How do you handle this situation?

shirou and rin relationship quizzes

Offer to pay them what you have now, and the rest later. Try to convince them to lower the price. Tell them they can keep it, since it's not worth your money anyway. Give up on obtaining it without a fight.

Threaten them to either lower the price or hand it over for free. How do you approach them?

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Offer to work together, since they're more likely to win that way. Try to conceal your identity from them. It's better to take them by surprise. Give them fair warning beforehand, but show them no mercy if they challenge you. Go attack them immediately.

Offer to fight in their place. No sense in both of you being in danger.