Shivanya and sesha relationship

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shivanya and sesha relationship

The changing hues of Shivanya and Sesha's relationship formed the core of Naagin Season 1. While the second season is just round the. Shesha and shivanya both parted ways in season 1 and the reason is they both love ritik and also shesha need naagmani so that she can be the most powerfu. Ever since that day, Shivanya and Shesha were vowed to take revenge. They also vowed . Shivanya and Shivangi had a typical mother-daughter relationship .

April 18, 4: April 18, 8: Yamini is going mad with her new found powers from the naagmani. She organizes a pooja that will end up giving her each and every strand of power that the unworldly gem has to offer.

But she needs a shape shifting snake woman to participate in the ritual for it to work. Now knowing Shivanya in her right mind would never agree for this, Yamini tricks Shesha into sitting for the ritual.

shivanya and sesha relationship

Shivanya is unaware of this progress in the saga. She realises what is happening when she finds Divya unconscious in her room while her doppelganger is there with the family taking part in the hawan.

To figure out who is out there posing as Divya, she asks a snake charmer to play his musical instrument and coerce the naagin to come into her true form. She succeeds and Sehsha, shape shifted as Divya, comes in her true form. A fight ensues between her and Ritik. She gets the upper hand and is almost about to kill Ritik when she realises she is too deep in love with him. She somehow manages to get out of there.

Shivanya believes her and ends up being duped by her. In reality, Shesha and Yamini had struck a deal that if Yamini is helped with the pooja, she will let Shesha get together with Ritik. And poor Shivanya is unaware of all this. Later, Shesha overhears Shivanya confessing her love to Ritik for the first time. This drives her crazy and she swears she will get Ritik no matter what.

Realizing that Rithik is a good man and is unaware of Ankush's doings, she eventually falls in love with him.

Naagin: Shesha backstabs Shivanya and it will break your heart!

Due to the ring, she couldn't kill Shailesh. Shivanya and Shesha face Kabir, a mongoose but, they both kill him. After an attack from Guru Maa's knife, Shivanya lost her powers.

After gaining them back, she killed Shailesh. Later on, they find out about Rithik's true father, Sangram Singh and the Suryavanshi sign. Shivanya didn't know that Mayuri exposed her to Yamini and they both kill Mayuri. Soon, they both find out about the 5th murderer, Yamini. Finding out that Shesha fell in love with Rithik, they both become enemies because Yamini used her weakness against Shesha.

Naagin: Shesha backstabs Shivanya and it will break your heart! -

After getting the blame for Ankush's death, Yamini tried to kill Shivanya and Rithik but, they both survive. Finding out about his real father and Yamini's evil intentions, Shivanya and Rithik join hands to protect the Naagmani. Later on, Shivanya and Rithik consummate their marriage which made Shivanya lose her powers. Viren later wakes up from his coma and throws Shivanya into jail. Viren tried to kill Shivanya but, Shivanya managed to kill him.

Kabir later comes back and sides with Shesha. Kabir tried to kill Shivanya for Shesha but, he failed. Kabir tried to kill Rithik for Naagmani but, Shivanya and Shesha kill him. Shivanya kills Yamini as Kali Maa which completed her revenge. Sangram Singh died and Shivanya gained back her powers for a day. Shivanya and Rithik stopped Shesha from breaking the Maheshmati wall.

They both put back the Naagmani in it's proper place. Shivanya and Rithik get a boon to stay together. Naagin 2 Edit 3 months later, Shivanya and Rithik are running away from unknown enemies. Shivanya slips and is taken to the hospital. Shivanya gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Shivangi, despite being 6 months early. Shivangi is considered a miracle of medical science.

Shivanya is worried because Naagins give birth at 3 months.

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Almost 25 years later, Shivanya lives with Arun and his family. Shivanya is being searched by Naaglok as she never returned back and a widowed and old Shivanya doesn't want Shivangi to be an Ichchadhari Naagin. She gets advice from Guruji, who tells her to get Shivangi married before she turns 25 years old. Finding out that Shivangi and Rocky are in love with each other, Shivanya arranges their marriage. Without knowing that the Maheshmati have been released and Yamini is alive, the wedding was about to happen.

Yamini and her gang kill Shivanya's family. Knowing their plans with Shivangi, she knocks Shivangi unconscious and wears her bridal clothes.

Already dying, Shivanya is pushed off a cliff by Shesha because Shesha was mad at Shivangi for snatching Rocky from her. Shivanya later comes in front of Shivangi and tells that Rocky is not a murderer. She tells her that Rocky is the love she married.

Shivanya also tells her that love is unique and she should not lose it. She blesses her and disappears. Appearance Edit Shivanya is very beautiful which made Rithik fall for her in the first place.

She has black, long, curly hair that is worn down at all times.

shivanya and sesha relationship

Her hair is shown to be straight sometimes. She has brown eyes. She is shown to be average and she is almost Rithik's height.