Shivaya and sheesha relationship help

Dattatreya Songs Telugu

shivaya and sheesha relationship help

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Shwetlana says come with me, I will explain. Tia says its okay, you can trust her, she is a really nice person. Anika asks what do I have to do. Shwetlana says come with me.

Dattatreya songs telugu

Shivaye says we have to make Anika restore her memory. Rudra says its not a problem that she thinks of us as her enemy, problem is she thinks Tia is her friend. Dadi calls out Shivaye. Shivaye and Rudra go and see Anika and Shwetlana dancing on Naagin song.

Rudra covers his eyes. Shwetlana and Anika show sizzling moves. Anika dances with Shivaye and shoves him. Dadi asks what happened to my Anika. Shivaye says she got mad, she does not understand, now I have to become SSO. He lifts Anika and takes her to room. He asks her to shut up else…. Anika asks what else, will you beat me. He gets a fruit knife and shows her. She says I will shout. He keeps knife near her chin and asks what will you do. She says I… He says you will do what I say, open your eyes and listen, your name is Anika, you stay in this house because you are my….

She says but my name is Kalavati. He says your name is Anika, and my name is Shivaye Singh Oberoi, what is it…. She says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. He says now you argument, you will do what I say, if I ask you to come in this room, you will come, if I say sit, you will sit, if I say be quiet and talk, you will do that, understood?

He says if you try to run away then…. He throws the knife back side and it gets stuck in apple so perfectly. She looks on surprises. He recalls her and says Pinky promise. He shows the pinky finger. She asks what shall I do. He says give me your finger. He says this is pinky promise.

Latest Maha Shivaratri Updates from Prasanthi Nilayam - OM SRI SAI BABA

She pushes him and runs. He calls her out. He says this girl will make me mad. Anika takes a breath. Dadi says Kanji eyed one, he is your husband, and husband is Lord, trust the sindoor and suhaag, he will not do anything wrong with you, he will not let wrong happen with you.

Anika says he is calling me. Dadi asks her to listen. He turns and sees Anika with sindoor and mangalsutra in hand. Anika asks Tia are you fine. The eye cannot see the ear, though it is so near.

Thoughts Direct Dil Se(from Heart)

When you cannot reach down to your own reality, why waste time trying to explore the essence of God? You are like a Telugu audience sitting through a Tamil picture or a Malayali sitting through a Japanese picture.

The nuances, the subtler significances, the deeper meanings and inter-relationships, the inner patterns of the fabric, are beyond his understanding. Sit through the entire film; master the language and the technique; watch earnestly and vigilantly and try to imbibe the meaning of every gesture and act and word; then, you may know Me, a little.

The talks are mostly on Siva, the Aspect of the Godhead that destroys the basic ignorance, that awards enlightenment, overwhelms the accumulated consequences of the past, and wipes off all traces of one's ancestry, in order to cleanse the mighty stream, called the mind. When the Pundits have finished, Baba takes up the trend and sweetens the programme with one of His inimitable discourses.

At some point during that discourse or at the end of it, during the Bhajan sessions which Baba leads with a few songs, people become aware of His slight cough which, as many of them know, is the harbinger of the precious Linga.

The empyrean eloquence is interrupted off and on, by gasps until the internal thrust can no longer be checked. Then, amidst the paean of Praise, Om Namah Sivaya, [Om, I bow with devotion for Siva] rising from many thousands of hearts, the Lingas travel to the mouth and fall on to a silver plate.

Baba invariably holds them aloft for all to see and revere; they are kept for public view the whole night and in the morning, Baba takes them in His Palm and passes along the serried ranks of bhakthas, who are stunned by the size which could not, without a miracle, pass through the tiny passage of His throat.

Inafter about 20 minutes of swaying and heaving, gasping and coughing, in order to ease the passage, an emerald Linga, three inches high, fixed on a pedestal five inches broad, that had formed itself in Him emerged from His mouth, to the unspeakable joy and relief of the huge gathering, which was watching His face with single pointed attention. Infifteen to eighteen thousand people watched this unique and solemn process in deep silence and tension; their eyes as riveted on the spare resplendent figure on the dais.

The tension mounted to a climax, as a shining smooth, transparent Linga, emerged from His Mouth, its green sheen almost dazzling the eyes - a symbol of Brahmanda, the Universe over which Siva keeps eternal vigil; it was a symbol of something too infinite, too stupendous, for our little minds to grasp. Its green glory moved us into tears of joy and gratitude, it spoke to us of the beauty and light that resides in every thing and being, in the star-studded sky and the human heart.

A flood of devotees flowed into Prasanthi Nilayam. There was tremendous rush, but, absolute silence. Well I have a thousand heads, eyes and feet! Serve them, you serve Me! At noon the creation of the huge stream of Vibhuti caused wonder and amazement, even to those who know that it was part of the Sivarathri Festival.

Baba's compassion led Him to begin His discourse with a Sanskrit verse, meaning, "I am not a human being nor a god or a superman. I am neither a Brahmin, nor a Ksatriya, nor a Vaisya nor a Sudra! Then you may ask Me who I am. The huge gathering sensed the cosmic undertones of the movement and sang with eager excitement a song in praise of Shiva, the God represented by the Linga, for whom Sivarathri was dedicated.

Fifteen minutes later, a heavy oval Linga of a substance akin to an opal came up and out; the enormous gathering shouted Jai in adoration and uncontrollable bliss, when Baba held it in His hand for all to see.

Throughout the night, the Bhajan continued, the divine offspring was placed in full view of all, so that it may inspire them in their vigil and fast. Baba visited the foremost Saivite shrine of India, Varanasi and the foremost Vaishnava shrine, Badrinath in in order to infuse spiritual power in those dynamos of Grace.

At Varanasi, He created a unique jewel to be placed on the idol of Visweswara declaring that it has the mystic might to charge that symbol of the Lord with Divine potency. This Nethralinga when it emerged at the call of Baba, created a chapter in history; a Linga as the basis of the celebrated Vaishnava shrine was a welcome reminder of the basic harmony of Saivites and Vaishnavites.

In the XVI chapter of the IX Section of this book, it is said that Lord Siva welcomed Sankara at Kailas and blessed him with the words, "You are marked out for the establishment in the world of the true teaching of the Vedas, viz. Spend 32 years of your earthly existence spreading this faith and overwhelming those who decry or deny it. Accept these five Lingas that I am giving you now. Worship them with the Panchakshari and with Satharudrabhisheka. Offer the sacred Bilva leaf and Ash and recite the holy Pranava.

Complete your three Tours of Victory dispelling the darkness of Dwaitha and then, install these Lingas from this thrice-holy Kailasa, marked by the effulgence of the Crescent, named Yoga Bhoga Vara Mukthi and Moksha, in sacred sites chosen by you, before you shed this mortal frame at Kanchipuram. This Shiva of the present age has a special mission and He has revealed the same while materialising the Nethralinga.

Baba announced that the Nethralinga was the original nucleus which had to be "energized" by Him with suitable rites and ceremonial ablutions with the sacred waters of the Gangothri, the golden Bilva leaves and the actual Thumme flowers which He miraculously procured on the spot even the Trustees of the Badrinath temple were pleasantly surprised! A similar feat was performed in the ancient Mallikarjuna Temple at Srisailam. While inside the innermost shrine, Baba showered on the Mallikarjuna, golden thumme Leucas Linifolia flowers which He created on the spot by a wave of His Hand.

That was the ceremonial rite of multiplying the potency and improving the sanctity of the focus of worship. Who else could one expect to perform such a feat, pulling out the Lingam that originated at Kailasha which was sent with a mission by the Lord of all Lords, and ceremonially installed over a millennium ago, by the Great Shankaracharya himself?

Who else would you expect could see through the base of the holy idol at the most revered temple at Badrinath? Whom else would you qualify to empower, to multiply the potency of an idol that had a legend which dates back to ancient times…and has millions of worshippers? Even a mystic yogi would not be qualified to show up with such a rare feat…and it could be expected only from the One who presides over the very holy shrine…at Badrinath…or Srisailam… InSai declared: This is a sacred day.

I am Siva-Sakthi," He declared, "born in the gothra of Bharadwaja, according to a boon won by that sage from Siva and Sakthi. Though Prasanthi Nilayam gets overcrowded during that time, the peace of that Abode is maintained, due to the holy rays emanating from that holiest of places.

shivaya and sheesha relationship help

Speaking from Santhivedika, Baba raised a very interesting question and answered it Himself. Let me tell you that it is impossible to understand the attributes of the Divine. You cannot measure Its potentialities, nor gauge the significance of Its Mahima; it is Agamya: Because of these, you get an example of Divine attributes. In order to bear witness to this Divinity that is amidst you, for your benefit and benediction, the Linga emerges.

shivaya and sheesha relationship help

If even these glimpses are denied, faith in the Supreme will vanish and an atmosphere of greed, hatred, cruelty, violence and irreverence will overwhelm the good, the humble and the pious. He spoke of the places sanctified by the installation of these Lingas and referring to the Akasa Linga in a temple, He explained that the Linga there hangs in mid-air with no support!

Devotees stared in awe for they could not understand how this could happen, and continue to happen. Baba explained that the Linga is of some ferrous material and that two magnets, one on top, on the underside of the roof and another fixed on the floor, exercise equal and opposite pulls on the Linga, so that it remains in the center, in mid-air, without support. Then, He asked, "O!

Do you desire to see it? I can dislodge it from the pulls and bring it here! The egg-shaped ferrous ball was in the Hand. It was passed from one person to another until all had the feel of it and the thrill.

Then Baba wrapped it in a kerchief and gave it to a young man to be kept with him. The entire group of three hundred sat for dinner on the sands, with Baba in their midst, joking and keeping every one in the best of spirits. It was about eleven at night when the launches returned to Rajahmundry.

The young man was shocked to find the ferrous Lingam gone! During Dasara, a pundit can be seen on the altar at the Auditorium shaping Lingas every day, and after worshiping them with utmost devotion rolling the black clay back into a ball, for use the next day! The permanent static base, pure existence, is Shiva. Its projection as dynamic energy is Sakthi.

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi used to write an 'O' at the beginning of the letter he sent to people, says Yogi Shuddhananda Bharathi. Maharshi explained it as the Lingam, the symbol of the ultimate principle which is beyond the triple entities of life, world and God! The 17th of was an epoch-making day. Baba 'charged the Somanath Shrine' that day with Divine potency. He also fulfilled the prayers of the late Jamsahed of Nawanagar, the person primarily responsible for the renovation of that historic temple, by visiting the place and allowing His Name to be associated with a structure that is a limb of that complex.

This temple is situated on a spot celebrated in the Vedas and Epics. Baba has come as Shiva-Sakthi in human form to charge the ancient shrine with Divine potency. The Shivayogis who specialized in Soma Vidya and the followers of the Pasupatha cult founded by sage Lakulisa about AD, spread the fame of this temple from sea to sea. Somanath was one of the richest temples of India.

When the Muslims conquered and ruled over the Punjab and Sindh, it attracted the plunderers. Depredation, desecration, destruction, reconstruction and rededication became recurring chapters of its long history.

The infamous raid by Mahmud of Ghazni in AD was the third in the long list of catastrophes. The fifth temple too met with a similar fate, at the hands of the rulers of Delhi. On Diwali Day,when the Indian Army entered Nawabdom of Junagadh and liberated the pathetically dilapidated pile of stone recognized by many as Somanath, it was rescued from those who could not appreciate the value and validity of idols, images and symbols of the Unknown and the Unknowable.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel announced that day, amidst the joyous roar of the waves of human and saline seas, "We have decided that Somanath should be reconstructed.

shivaya and sheesha relationship help

This is a holy task in which all should participate. Shiva-Sakthi, come as Sathya Sai! Baba declared that He would reveal, that day the genuine Somanath!

This declaration filled us with wonder and enthusiastic exuberance. So all roads converging from Jamnagar to Somanath were shouting Jais in exhilaration. Baba was received at the decorated Shamiana in front of the Digvijayadwar by the trustees of the Somanath temple, as well as by the high officers of the District and States.

Amidst strains of temple music, He walked on the red carpet laid on the steps, and opened the lock on the artistically carved and silver-embossed door with a silver key. Then, He proceeded along the festooned pathway, between rows of fresh banana trees, to the main shrine of Someshwar, the focal point of the faith of millions for millennia!

He entered the holy of holies; Brahmin Pandits were reciting Vedic Hymns which reverberated from the arched and conical roof, from the finial feet above the ground! He directed that a plate be brought. He spread the fingers of His right hand and shook it over the plate, silver Bilva leaves and golden flowers fell from His hand in a clinking shower. They were reverentially touched by devotees 'for it is on their behalf and for their sake that the process of 'charging the 3 feet high Lingam' was being undertaken by Him.

He poured the leaves of silver and flowers of gold on the Linga, as He had done at Srisailam when He was set on revitalizing the Linga there. It was like Ganga water poured into the stream of the Ganga.

Within seconds, He waved that Divine hand! Lo and behold, a ball of brilliant light manifested in His palm. I was at that time reciting within myself the Dwadasa-Jyothirlinga-Stotram, the verses in praise of the twelve "Lingas of Light" which every Hindu is exhorted to remember reverentially. But the very first in the list is "Sowrashtra Somanatha," Somanath of Sowrashtra. The Somanatha Linga is the only one of the twelve which is adored as Jyothirmayam, "Imbued with the splendor of light.

What a great moment was this, I wondered. Then I remembered Baba's announcement: In a pamphlet issued by the tourist department, it is said that Skanda Purana mentioned thousands of years ago that "the Sparsa Linga of Somanath is a 'Swayam-Bhu' self-originated Linga, of great prowess, as bright as the sun, of the size of an egg of a hen, which is situated underground.

These are the other Lingas representing the other four elements: Akash, Tejas, water and earth. So the oval ball of light in His hand was the authentic Somesvara He had resolved to bring up from its underground niche, kept away since many centuries from depredation and desecration.

The Sparsa touch Lingam was nestling for centuries under the Linga in the Shrine. This information was given to us by Baba, as well as by the priests and trustees. Baba waved His hand again and created a silver stand on which it could be placed.

shivaya and sheesha relationship help

He gave it to the chief priest, "Let it be in the full light of day hereafter! Let pious eyes admire its brilliance and imprint its glory on their hearts. There is no need any more to keep it away. The avatar has come to remove all fear," Baba declared. To make the triumphant emergence of Somesvara, Baba unfurled the flag on the towering finial over the central shrine.

Thousands acclaimed 'Jai Bhagwan' as He gave Darsan on the temple steps. Baba left for Rajendra Bhavan at Veeraval and at 2 p. He motored to Keshod aerodrome from where He enplaned for Bombay. Over 30, devotees were awaiting the arrival of Baba at Dharmakshetra, Bombay. To Kailash Here was a mountain—a huge, white, snowy expanse. I stood at its foot. Miles and miles of engulfing white, disappearing beyond my sight. In that cloud of pure stillness, I stood at its foot. But, somehow, I was not lonely.

Life in every granular snow I saw. I do not know. I looked up and, up in those heights was that ultimate truth. And so, up and beyond my imagination, I walked. Walked through those mental lanes, to see the glory I had wanted to see. I climbed the mountain and stepping into that snow, I sank, I eased.

Hey, I expected solid below!