Shylock and bassanio relationship quizzes

shylock and bassanio relationship quizzes

To understand the relationship between Bassanio and Antonio, one must first When this happened, Shylock, a moneylender, lost most of his income because. Get an answer for 'What does Bassanio's reaction to Shylock's offer in The Merchant of and is cautious of trusting the volatile relationship between Antonio and Shylock. The Merchant of Venice Quiz · The Merchant of Venice Lesson Plans. Interpreting information - verify that you can read the information about Antonio's relationship with Shylock and Bassanio in the accompanying lesson and.

When reading The Merchant of Venice, pay close attention to asides and to private dialogues where you can learn what characters might be thinking and what their motivations are.

Do characters present different accounts of their thoughts and decisions to different people? Shylock, for example, guards his thoughts from Antonio and Bassanio, and is more likely to reveal himself to his friend Tubal or to his daughter. She, however, is guarded with him, entrusting her plans and wishes to Lancelot, her servant.

The prevalence of secrecy, hiddenness and disguise in this play encourages us to look below the surface to discover its meaning. Answer the questions below to see how well you understand the characters in Shakespeare's play. Click the button to sign up or read more. Sign up here 1. Notwithstanding, use your pleasure. If your love do not persuade you to come, let not my letter.

He believes that Bassanio will come to see him merely from a sense of duty He believes he has been abandoned and expects never to see Bassanio again He believes that Bassanio is emotionally indebted to him He believes that Bassanio owes him no loyalty Antonio's understanding of Bassanio's great debt is highlighted by his use of the word "if". If Bassanio comes to say goodbye to him, then will his debt to his dear friend be forgiven 2.

How does Lorenzo typically address Jessica? With irony With sarcasm He does not speak to her Lorenzo enjoys talking about love, praising Jessica and playing romantic word games with her. He frequently uses terms of endearment when addressing her. He also dismisses her melancholic mood when it jars with the sweet music he has been praising 3.

Why does Jessica feel ashamed during her elopement with Lorenzo?

shylock and bassanio relationship quizzes

She is abandoning her faith She is dressed as a boy She is abandoning her father She has taken some of her father's riches Jessica does not want to be seen in her disguise as a boy 4. How does Shylock describe his offer to lend money without charging interest?

shylock and bassanio relationship quizzes

As sensible As genteel As kind Shylock describes his offer as "kind" and Antonio agrees that it is "kindness". After Shylock names the forfeit, Antonio says that he will agree to it, saying, "there is much kindness in the Jew".

The following surreal conversation and the promise of a pound of flesh hinges on the primary meaning of "kind" as "natural" 5. Which of the following is true of Nerissa? The two driving stories in the play are of the love between Bassanio and Portia and the bitter hatred Shylock and Antonio have for each other.

shylock and bassanio relationship quizzes

However, there is a deeper, almost unspoken tale linking these two stories together: Shakespeare leaves his reader tantalizing clues as to how this relationship developed, what the true nature of it is, and why it is important to The Merchant of Venice.

To understand the relationship between Bassanio and Antonio, one must first understand the characters on their own. Antonio, apparently born and raised in Venice, is a wealthy merchant. Probably about thirty or forty years old, he owns many ships and uses them for trade overseas, most likely to the Orient and other distant lands.

His credit in Venice is good due to his wealth, and that credit is vital because he often ties up his assets in business ventures. His wealth is why Shylock does not care for him very much.

It turns out that Antonio repaid all of the debts owed to Shylock. When this happened, Shylock, a moneylender, lost most of his income because he would not be able to seize the property of those who owed him money. While he seems to hate Shylock, Antonio seems to have some sort of affection for Bassanio, a young lord from Belmont.

The Merchant of Venice - Character

Bassanio grew up in Belmont with a young lady named Portia, who was of a wealthy family. It becomes clear early on in the play that Bassanio fell in love with Portia while they were children together in Belmont and has a strong desire to marry her. At some point, however, Bassanio immigrated to Venice, where he has been living for some time.

He has fallen severely into debt, which leaves the playgoer to wonder what the nature of his station is. Was he the younger son of a noble who stood to inherit nothing? He is obviously in his twenties or thirties at this time, so it is conceivable that he was the younger son if his father was dead. If he was not the younger son, was his father a landless lord? It does not seem that Bassanio has any lands.

Kinsmen or "Cousins"

Could it possibly be a strange combination of the two where Bassanio was the younger son but there was not even an inheritance to give the older son. Bassanio becomes determined to go to Belmont to win her, but he needs money to do this. To this debate, there are three main stands. The first is that the relationship is a homosocial one, the second that it is merely friendship, and the third is that Bassanio and Antonio are, in fact, family.

GCSE Shakespeare | Character Revision, Merchant of Venice

To understand the homosocial stand, one must first understand what the term homosocial means. A homosocial relationship is very much like a homosexual relationship, however, the parties involved are not sleeping with each other, therefore the relationship is not homosexual. The stand that they are just friends is perhaps the weakest of the three, as there is little evidence that cannot be refuted on that issue. The third, that they may in fact be kin, is also something of a strong argument, as the play states that the pair are kin.

How does one know that the relationship is not homosexual, but homosocial? The playgoer knows that the relationship is most likely not homosexual because there are no references to Antonio or Bassanio being suspected of sleeping together, or that either of them has been labeled homosexual.

The relationship between Antonio and Bassanio may be homosocial, and support for this stand comes from the actions of both Antonio and Bassanio. Antonio lends Bassanio 3, ducats and puts his own life at risk so Bassanio can pay his debts and go to Belmont. Three thousand ducats was a large sum of money during that age, and the penalty for failing to pay it would be even harsher.

shylock and bassanio relationship quizzes

Shylock, whom they borrowed the money from, demanded a pound of flesh from Antonio if he failed to repay the money. Antonio willingly agrees to these terms, and Bassanio heads off to Belmont to woo Portia.

After Bassanio has left, Antonio becomes somewhat upset, almost as if he misses his friend more than he should. Antonio cannot pay these debts because his ships have wrecked, costing him much of his money.

Bassanio learns this and leaves Belmont to return to Venice in the hopes that he might save Antonio. He could have just sent Shylock 3, ducats to pay the debt, as Bassanio would now have the means to do so.

shylock and bassanio relationship quizzes