Singapore and united states relationship with china

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singapore and united states relationship with china

It's Complicated: Singapore–China Relations, an Overview. Moreover, the United States, Europe and Japan are still larger investors in. Tom Plate says those involved in China-US relations should heed Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's advice to avoid 'us versus. Informal relations between the United States and Singapore began when U.S. merchants engaged in the China trade began to visit the port on their way to and .

singapore and united states relationship with china

Economic benefits from the initiative that flow to various business and political elites in Southeast Asia may make the establishment of consensus more difficult among ASEAN members, particularly over issues that Beijing deems sensitive. Limited transparency and unclear corporate governance in the BRI projects may encourage rent-seeking and abuse, as well as distributions of costs and benefits that foster political instability.

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Furthermore, uncertainty over dispute management stemming from investment projects introduces higher degrees of risk in such projects. Rules, procedures, norms, laws, processes, and their practice, especially as they pertain to strategic restraint by the powerful, are especially important to Singapore.

This is an area of some divergence between Beijing and Singapore. Singapore tends to favour stronger, binding processes that guarantee a degree of even-handedness. An area where Singapore—PRC differences over rules and processes are especially noticeable is over the rule of law in the South China Sea. When the Philippines sought an interpretation from an arbitral tribunal over claims on maritime features in waters it disputes with Beijing, the PRC called the processes flawed, refused direct participation and rejected the ruling of the tribunal.

Singapore, in comparison, stressed the importance of the legal process and the binding nature of its findings even though it is not a South China Sea claimant.

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Rather, Singapore felt that complying with such internationally established legal procedures offered a better means of handling differences, maintaining stability and protecting its interests. A similar distinction appears to divide Singapore and the PRC over the degree to which a South China Sea code of conduct should be binding. Such differences recently presented key points of contention and friction between the PRC and Singapore.

More knotty for Singapore is, perhaps, the way ethnicity intersects with PRC nationalism.

singapore and united states relationship with china

Such perspectives come from a sense of Chinese nationalism that rests heavily on linking ethnicity to political loyalty to the PRC. Singapore and its Chinese citizens, however, do not and should not share the same sense of nationalism as in the PRC. Despite historical linkages between Chinese nationalist movements, ethnic Chinese in Singapore now have very different political loyalties.

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Even though Singaporean Chinese may speak languages and share cultural practices that originated from what is today the PRC, they are no more Chinese citizens than French-Canadians are French citizens. Unfortunately, such a unique status is not transferable. Some of the goodwill stored by him for over four decades, across five generations of Chinese leaders, is following him to the grave.

In the wake of the Beijing Olympics and global financial crisis ina more muscular China has chosen to flex its strength more frequently and openly. Nations like Singapore now have to grapple with the interests of two giants, unlike the simpler post-Cold War days when Beijing was largely content for Washington to set the agenda.

singapore and united states relationship with china

Like it or not, in the new normal, Sino-Singapore relations will need to withstand the stress and pressure of being caught between a superpower and an aspiring one. China lays claim to almost all of the sea and although Singapore is not a claimant state, its strong push for freedom of navigation in the waters has created much friction with Beijing. The recent spat between the Singapore government and Global Times is merely the latest in an ongoing dispute which has shaken bilateral relations.

singapore and united states relationship with china

And the problem is unlikely to go away any time soon. Of course, it will not be totally bleak.

It’s Complicated: Singapore–China Relations, an Overview

And it was only a year since the two countries inked a deal to develop a third project in China together. But there is no running away from a Beijing which is more prickly and confrontational. In this new normal, nothing will be easy. He is also the founding partner of The Nutgraf, a writing and communications agency.

singapore and united states relationship with china