Sokka and toph relationship goals

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sokka and toph relationship goals

It's Aang falling in love with the first girl he sees, and getting the girl in the furthered the lack of exploration of her feelings in this relationship. To Ozai, family seemed to be nothing in comparison to his goal of world domination. Ozai and Zuko always had a complicated relationship. Though Zuko. This page is comprised of Azula's relationships with other characters in the World he would love Azula as a sister no matter what, Azula gave up her goal to kill.

She engaged in a battle with Zuko at the top of her airship, while his friends escaped. Azula attempted to launch a devastating attack on Zuko; however, as he countered with an equally powerful move, they were both flung off the airship by the powerful explosion that followed the collision of their attacks.

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This sent Azula falling to what would have been certain death had she not saved herself by using her firebending to propel herself toward a cliff and used her hair pin to anchor herself there safely. She watched Zuko fly off with a sinister look on her face, clearly ready to pursue her brother once again.

sokka and toph relationship goals

While initially vague, it soon became clearer where Azula's rage toward her brother came from as she impulsively felt the need to berate and belittle him and rub their father's favoritism of her in his face, even when the situation did not call for it and even after Zuko made it clear he no longer cared for his father's approval.

This apparently stems from a massive and subconscious jealousy of her mother favoring Zuko.

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Zuko and Katara arrived at Azula's coronation where Zuko declared to his sister that he would become Fire Lord rather than her. Azula responded to this by immediately challenging Zuko to an Agni Kai for the crown, which he eagerly accepted. It is not clear if she did because she realized she would probably be unable to successfully fight both Zuko and Katara, or because of her mounting desire to kill Zuko and overcome her crumbling mental state.

When Katara pointed out to Zuko that he had previously admitted to not being able to defeat Azula by himself, he simply stated that Azula was "off" and "slipping", indicating that he sensed Azula's mental instability which he hoped would give him an advantage, enable him to defeat her and keep Katara out of harm's way.

The two fought a vicious duel with Zuko equally matching Azula blow-for-blow. When Zuko finally succeeded in knocking Azula off her feet, Azula seemingly became more outraged.

When Zuko taunted her about her failure to utilize lightning generation, believing her to be afraid he would redirect the bolt at her, she immediately charged up a powerful lightning attack. She appeared to target Zuko, however, aimed the attack at Katara instead, who was anxiously watching the battle from the sidelines. Zuko leapt in front of the lightning, redirecting enough of the attack to prevent immediate death, but was still badly injured in the process.

After defeating Azula, Katara went to heal Zuko. Seeing Zuko alive and standing after her attack finally caused Azula's mentality to collapse.

She began screaming wildly and breathing fire, until she ended up on her side screaming, struggling, crying uncontrollably and mumbling incoherently as her emotions spun out of control.

sokka and toph relationship goals

Zuko watched sadly as his sister fell apart. He had tried numerous times to get their father to confess the whereabouts of their mother, Ursa, but had gotten nowhere. He knew that Azula was the only one who could get Ozai to talk. Despite their differences, Azula agreed to help him, needing no reward, saying that the "satisfaction of helping the Fire Lord in some small way [would] be compensation enough", and that ever since she was institutionalized, she had wondered every single day what had happened to their mother.

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Ty Lee immediately chi blocked the angry Azula, but Zuko called her off, gently placing the now paralyzed Azula back in her wheelchair. When Zuko stated that all he wanted was to bring a little dignity to them, she promptly stated that the only way to do that was to leave her and their father to talk in private.

Azula held up her end of the deal and coaxed the wanted information out of Ozai, but her manipulative side prompted her to seemingly destroy the letter that could lead to Ursa's whereabouts in front of Zuko's eyes, thus ensuring her own place on the quest to find her as Zuko needed what she knew.

She was released from the mental institution and allowed to accompany her brother unbound and with dignity. Even though her brother had complied to her requests, he remained focused and alert to her every move, even inviting his friends to keep an eye on her during their trip. Azula asked her brother why he was fighting, considering he did not want to be Fire Lord, and also why he did not kill her when he had the chance, unless he needed her to "set him free" of that burden.

Zuko replied that he knew the throne, burden and all, was his destiny, before replying that he did not kill her for one simple fact: Azula, having realized at last that somebody loved her unconditionally, dropped the incriminating letter against Zuko before running away, leaving Ursa alive.

Zuko chased after her, pleading for her to come back so that he could help her. With tears in her eyes, Azula responded "Same as always, Zu-Zu She stated that she had eventually accepted Zuko as the Fire Lord but tried to mold him into her image of a proper, more ruthless ruler.

We will dominate the Earth!

Kataang Didn’t Work (and that’s okay)

Chan and Azula had only a brief relationship. Team Avatar once stopped at an Earth Kingdom village, and tried fake fur pelts. Kayaa young passerby, mistakenly took for her a compliment made by Sokka about the pelts. However, when Sokka tried to set a date between them, Kaya became upset and left the scene.

After one of Sokka's lapses, Kaya came to believe he was the Avatar, a belief that was further supported by Aang who provided Sokka's airbending prowess. Kaya quickly accepted Sokka as her boyfriend, and soon presented him to her entire family.

She briefly enjoyed her status as the "Avatar's" girlfriend before the Rough Rhinos invaded her village. Of course, as Sokka could not bend at all, Aang, Toph and Katara stopped the attack on the village.

Kaya, however, came to believe Sokka had let his "servants" enjoy a hero's day of their own. Sokka's attempts to court Yue were first reciprocated; however, Yue eventually said she could not see him anymore because she was already engaged to a young man named Hahnthough in reality it was a political union [27] and she did not love him.

She explained that she had feelings for Sokka, but could not abandon her people and their customs.

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Sokka's former love now exists as a reincarnation of Tui, the Moon Spirit. Sokka envisioned her confronting him and asking why he was unable to protect her, [29] a task that her father Chief Arnook had asked him to do. When she commented how beautiful the moon was that night, Sokka agreed in all literal how it truly was. Sokka subsequently expressed reluctance toward kissing Suki under the moon. Suki teased Sokka about this, and an emotional Sokka shushed her as he watched the scene intently.

Suki expressed notable jealousy at this. Especially with her whole willingness to go to extremes at times, and her stubbornness, and the darker aspects of her personality… Though who needs that, when we can have these fist-pumping character moments: Right, because Katara had no sympathy for Azula in the finale or anything. See, he started out the show having a crush on her. Again, normal and something you learn as you grow up. Trying to keep everyone together.

This difference in behavior is something that would be really fitting for a year-old boy to learn and come to understand. But… Again, we all know the ending. Katara comes out, blushes prettily at him, says no words, and they make out. How is this good for him? How is this good for anyone? God, at least show his growth. Instead, what we get is this: What even IS character development? He got what he wanted! Because when they sat down to hammer out the Kataang offspring, boy did they do a number.

You see, Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin each have their fair share of inadequacy issues, courtesy of their respective relationships to their father.

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When he served most of his life as a commander for the United Forces. She even moved herself to the South Pole to keep her mom company once Aang had passed away. You must remember, before the fog infects you. I have no family. And Tenzin, oh gods, poor Tenzin. He has the entire burden of the Air Nation on him as the only airbender of the family, and takes his duty so seriously that he stresses himself to the point where he is unable to form a true spiritual connection, clearly a result of his crippling anxiety over the fear of not measuring up.

Remember who you are Tenzin. You are the son of Avatar Aang. You are the hope for future generations of airbenders.