Sports and international relationship study

sports and international relationship study

1. Linköpings Universitet. MSc Programme in International and European Relations. Master Thesis, January Sport and Politics: A study of. overview of sport's role within international relations and foreign policy. studies examine real world scenarios where soccer has had a direct. in any amount. Those coming from the sphere of sports may find it un- pleasant to take up with the wretched phenomena of international politics contrasted with.

The Soviet Union was also a major player in sport as state building, international representation, and drugs. It became commonplace to measure the state of the Cold War through the Olympic prism.

The double-sided potential here appeared at the Melbourne Olympics when Russia met Hungary in water polo just after Soviet troops rolled in to annexe their neighbour.

The match was a bloody replay of the wider struggle: China and India took this aspect of sport to another dimension.

Chinese authorities emphasised that view, which is why the spectacular architecture and successful events management were so important. Inadvertently, the unswerving commitment raised several human rights issues internationally, principally as people were forcibly relocated to allow for Olympic construction. India was far less successful. Unfortunately, graft scandals and venue construction dramas combined with poor events management to produce nightmare rather than dream.

sports and international relationship study

From the s onwards, world sports organisations were drawn into unwanted debate as activist groups and NGOs found in sport major leverage for their cause. This movement spread into international arenas such as the Olympics so that South Africa, itself placing great store in mainline sports demonstrating its global importance, became isolated. That was instrumental in helping open up South Africa in the s and beyond.

That highlights the role of major international sporting organisations that, over recent years, have considered themselves as important beyond sport itself. Many critics see this as beyond the capabilities of those sporting organisations and their leaders, but the development indicates just how integral sport has become to the international political system.

Similarly, the IOC-UN approach to sport, peace and reconciliation through sport has created a lot of offshoots, initiating projects such as a youth football program in the tougher suburbs of Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste, but the results and impact are debatable.

Diplomat - Maintaining good relations between countries As a diplomat, you will represent and protect a nation's interests abroad in terms of politics, trade and consular services.

sports and international relationship study

Some of your responsibilities will be: Check out a selection of international Masters in Diplomacy. Intelligence Specialist - Gathering state-critical information As an intelligence specialist, you can work in the military, the navy, security departments, or almost any state department of one of the national government agencies.

Your main duties will include: Collect and analyse operational intelligence data; Conduct mission reports, using data, maps and charts; Evaluate results and prepare reports, statistics and graphics; Maintain intelligence databases, libraries, and files.

sports and international relationship study

Your tasks will be to: Inform about and interpret various political developments; Analyse laws, public policies, and government decisions; Advise government officials, political parties, or the media; Forecast political trends and election results; Put events into historical context.

The same enthusiasm covers their inner world. The parties competing each other have one ideal.

Acta Universitatis Danubius. Relationes Internationales, Vol 9, No 1 (2016)

It is possible to see over there all types of people from different culture, religion or race. Five interlocking rings of the Olympic Games repesente five continents. This show a great community where young people are coming together for the peace world. It is obverved that the sport become increasily efficient in international politics. Here the cold war is defined as a prestige, influence, struggle between two blocs divided and ideologically opposed, nuclear-armed states and states becoming the satellite of the poweful states between years Morse, During the creation of the political power the sport is used as a natural means, due to its mass effect and acceptability.

Former East Germany using the sport as political instrument is a great example Morse, Western states not giving the sufficient and necessary importance to the sport in international relations until the early s, had taken it in their political programs in the last 15 years after the end of cold war.

The early s is the time when the differentiation started for western states in this regard. Western states particularly United States and Canada realizing at the end that the sport plays an important role in the international arena had sent a group of athletes to competitions held in China in to reshape their relations Morse, The globalization turning economically the world into a huge market by the communication technology affects all aspects of the social life.

The fact that the negative impact of globalization occured mostly on underdeveloped is argued and discussed still Yilmaz and Horzum; We can study the globalization process under three main factors: The first is the impact of technology, the second the ideological factors, the third economic factors.

The technology is not a sufficient condition in the globalization process; but a sine qua non. Nowadays, information technologies demonstrating rapidly a remarkable extent accelerate the global transformation in the international interaction process.

sports and international relationship study

Blooming in the communication and computing sector accelerate virtual competitions as well as global financial markets. As for ideological factors a rivalry between the western world led by the United States and the eastern world led by Soviet Union had set everything in the world since This rivalry was consisting of the competitive, culture, art, sports, literature, and of course technology and military.

Cold war world was founded on the competition policy. In fact, the sport was the testing of power in an environment without war between two political poles. The victories and success between two poles in International Olympic Games were perceived as the success of their idelogical systeme and technology. The sporting activities were supported by the private incentives of governments. Sporting success was attributed to the success of the political regime.

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The sport was considered as an effective tool for the advertising of countries and their regime. The fact that the sport has become a political tool dates back to the early XIXth century. The 22 African countries boycotted Montreal Olympics Games. Taiwan boycotted the organizing committee because Public Republic of China was in this commitee. Romania joined only to these Olympics.

He participated in the world championships in Australia in the same year.

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The collapsing of Soviet Union has been the end of the cold war. In particular, the collapse of the Eastern bloc increased the confidence to the liberal market economy and the capitalist order of USA. Eastern Bloc countries used sports to cover up their economic failure, to prove that they are still strong.

However, today the brands that western capitalist systems have creating influence all countries.

sports and international relationship study