Subhadra and draupadi relationship goals

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subhadra and draupadi relationship goals

Read Arjun & Subhadra from the story Mahabharat by phoenix84s with reads. mythology, In fact, his sole purpose on visiting Dwaraka was to win her hand. He knew that Draupadi was temperamental and might be very angry with him for wanting to marry Subhadra. She readily gave consent for the marriage. Draupadi is a central character in the story and her relationship with her . When Arjuna married Subhadra, he took her to Draupadi who was. Draupadi's birth and the purpose behind it are evoked by Vyasa .. to feel extremely insecure on learning about Arjuna's marriage to Subhadra. As the news of.

The RSS newspaper,Organiser,said that the author had taken undue licence with Draupadi's character and was guilty of "semi porn and derision". One hears of co-wives fighting over their husband's affection. Did the husbands fight over Draupadi? The epic does not explicitly discuss this,but the possibility of jealously tearing the brothers apart is repeatedly alluded to.

subhadra and draupadi relationship goals

The sage Narada warns the Pandava brothers of conflict that can destroy their bond. Narada suggests that they make careful bedroom arrangements to allow equal and exclusive access to each husband for a limited period of time. Any brother who enters her chamber when she is with another husband will have to perform penance.

Arjuna does stumble in once while she is in the arms of Yudhishtira and so has to go on a pilgrimage to atone. During this 'pilgrimage', he ends up with three more wives.

subhadra and draupadi relationship goals

Every brother has exclusive rights to Draupadi's chamber for a year, and then has to wait for four years for the next turn. Why one whole year? Perhaps because it gave Draupadi enough time to bear a child for that husband without any paternity issues.

She bore each of her husbands a son. Before she moves to the next husband,Draupadi walks through fire to regain her virginity and purity. Such rules were never placed before polygamous husbands. But Draupadi had a rule of her own for her husbands.

She makes it very clear to her husbands that they cannot bring any other wife into the same house. Thus all the Pandavas have other wives, but these wives stay with their parents and the Pandavas have to travel out of the city to visit their other wives in the four years that Draupadi is intimate with the other brothers.

subhadra and draupadi relationship goals

The only exception is made for Krishna's sister, Subhadra, who marries Arjuna. In a dialogue with Krishna's wife, Satyabhama,Draupadi explains how she serves her husbands, satisfies their needs and makes herself indispensable, and loved. Draupadi comes across as a practical woman who knows she has to work to ensure all her husbands love her and do not feel she favours any one of them. Stories are told of how Draupadi came to have five husbands.

Explanations are needed for a culture desperate to explain such a discomforting practice. One story goes that in her past life she was a sage's wife; her insatiable sexual appetite led him to curse her that in her next life she would have five husbands.

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Another story tells us that she asked Shiva for a husband who was noble and strong, skilled with the bow, handsome and wise. Since no single man could possess all five traits, Shiva gave her five husbands, each with one trait. Yet, This woman with five husbands is dragged into court and disrobed in public. She wonders why this happened to her. A folklore states that Krishna had sent the perfect husband for her - one who would love and protect her all her life and be faithful to her.

His name was Karna, but she rejected him because of his low caste. So, she ended up marrying a man who shared her with his brothers and failed to protect her when she needed him most. On the way back from the court, Bhima and Arjuna decided to play a prank on their mother, Kunti, and introduced Draupadi as alms.

Sometimes we arrive at our life’s purpose through marriage; like Subhadra for instance

Kunti made the mistake of asking them to share the alms with their brothers. Thus, as respect for their mother, Draupadi was taken as wife by all the five Pandavas: Draupadi had special relationship with her husbands.

subhadra and draupadi relationship goals

Besides being a wife, Draupadi had a cordial friendship with Yudhisthira and they counseled each other frequently. Yudhisthira listened to her council in areas of politics and running of his kingdom. He had lengthy conversations with Draupadi about Dharma where they did not see eye to eye Bhawalkar Yudhisthira staked Draupadi on a game of dice with Kauravas, which he lost.

It was at this time he describes her beauty, which shows how much he adored her. She is not too short, nor is she too large; nor is she too dark nor is her complexion red.

subhadra and draupadi relationship goals

She has eyes reddened from passion. I will stake her—whose eyes and fragrance are like autumnal lotuses. Attached to modesty, she is, in beauty, equal to Sri, the goddess of beauty. Were a man to desire a woman, she would be like this one, on account of her kindness; she would be like this one, on account of her beautiful figure; she would be like this one, on account of her perfect character.

She is the last to sleep and first to awaken. She knows everything, down to the jobs both completed and not yet done by the cowherds and shepherds. Like the jasmine flower, the mallika is she; with her perspiring face she appears similar to a lotus.

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She has red eyes, long hair, a waist as slender as the sacrificial altar, and a body with no excessive hair. Bhawalkar 22, Sutherland 65, Hiltebeitel She constantly complained to Yudhisthira for the treatment she had received at the hands of the Kauravas Sutherland Yudhisthira explained to her that since anger is a root of total ruin and the destroyer of men, it would be unbecoming of him Bhawalkar During their exile Yudhisthira used to help Draupadi in the kitchen to cook food for the Brahmins, thus spending time with her and helping her Bhawalkar Yudhisthira was always the counselor and not the protector for Draupadi Bhawalkar He never protected her because he always followed the path of righteousness and did not believe in revenge Bhawalkar Even though he was strong he always felt incapable of keeping Draupadi safe from danger Bhawalkar As well, he was the one always following the course of dharma, which prevented Bhima and Arjuna to exact immediate revenge for Draupadi Sutherland 69, Draupadi had a very special relationship with Bhima.

She looked up to him as her defender because of his strength Sutherland During the game of Dyuta, when Draupadi was dragged in to the court during her menses and clad only in a piece of cloth, it was Bhima who swore vengeance Bhawalkar During their exile, when Draupadi was kidnapped by the demon Jatasur, it was Bhima again who saved her and killed the demon Bhawalkar Draupadi also went to Bhima for protection when Kichika assaulted her, in their 13th year of exile Bhawalkar