Sulli and choiza relationship marketing

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sulli and choiza relationship marketing

Although they've been in a relationship for quite a while now, Dynamic Duo's Choiza and former f(x) member Sulli still receive a lot of criticism. NEW PIC OF SULLI AND CHOIZA TOGETHER YESTERDAY NIGHT. Sulli is .. Scandal-covering or noise-marketing? Fuck this secrecy shit if idols are in a relationship, they should let the world know how happy they are. But SM has taken an extraordinarily long time to address Sulli and Choiza's relationship. This has been going on since September , when.

Not once, not twice, but now three times. Some of you may not know who Rotta is. Granted he later said that that was a jokeand said about the true concept behind his shoots: If these are the images he has in his head of what his first love looked like to him at the time, then I question his childhood very much. If that is how he looks back on his first love, his adult self is projecting that image onto a pre-teen to teenage girl who was probably just acting her age.

The Lies, Insanity, and Hypocrisy of the Choiza & Sulli Story

You can see the theme carry clearly into his shoots with Sulli. Her first shoot is obviously lolita-themed, with her donning a stereotypical Japanese schoolgirl outfit in some pictures while exposing skin, her hands behind her back. Companies see her work with Rotta getting into the news and push their groups to do the same because after all, bad publicity is still publicity.

Contact Author The Choiza-Sulli scandal is probably one of the funniest ones to have ever come out of Korean entertainment. There were so many ironies that pushed fans to face the hypocrisy and realities that dominate the industry they so love. Before, however, we decide on whether Sulli made the wrong decision to fall in live with Choiza or whether SM should have handled it another way or whether the fans were outright silly in raising so much concern in a situation that doesn't really concern them, let us understand several things.

Things to Understand Sulli, a member if the girl group f xhas been packaged as the kiddie innocent baby of SM. She has the face and demeanor for it. In variety shows, she has always been timid and giddy. She appears innocent and other people have subscribed to this by treating her like a little girl that must be cared for all the time. Whether that demeanor is a put on or genuine is a different question altogether. That is what is being shown to the public.

Hence, that is the "truth" that everyone knows. Choiza, on the other hand, is the street thug who made a career in the most gangsta way possible in Korean entertainment.

Sulli’s Instagram more ‘normal’ and less ‘provocative’ after breakup with Choiza

He is not conventionally good looking and hangs around equally thug friends who have been involved with drugs and other controversies that make Koreans question their morality. When photos of Sulli walking hand in hand with Choiza came out, together with photos that seem to indicate Sulli spent the night at Choiza's place, SM entertainment denied any romantic relationship.

Immediately, speculations came about that the two are indeed in a relationship based on other photos and incidences that netizens generously scrutinized. With no more word from either party, it looked like the rumor was going to die a natural death until Choiza lost his wallet containing photos of Choiza and him.

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This was followed by another photo of them on a date. SM then confirmed the relationship and so did Amoeba, Choiza's agency. There was so much anger towards the relationship and that is presumably the reason SM asked Sulli to go on an indefinite hiatus.

Netizens accused Sulli of being a hypocrite and a liar while Choiza was insulted for dating someone out of his league.

sulli and choiza relationship marketing

Many fans expect Sulli to date another idol or a rich businessman or a Hollywood actor or a Prince. They felt she is stupid or dating Choiza while Choiza is an opportunist for hooking up with someone so young and fresh. These reactions, no matter how silly, isn't at all that surprising. Koreans always reserve the right to demand a certain behavior from the celebrities they support and that includes their romantic relationships.

Why Are Idols "forbidden" to fall in Love It is no secret that contracts if idols include a "no dating clause".

sulli and choiza relationship marketing

There are few companies that don't impose this but they are few and far between. The question is why do companies even forbid it. Sex Objects It's hard to deny that celebrities are packaged in such a way that when you watch them grind their hips, it's like world peace depend on it. But Sulli's situation has been in the works for several months now, and fans will take a long time to forgive that. The fact that Sulli also is taking a hiatus from f x will mean that, if she decides to return to the group full time, it will be a difficult road to success.

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This is partially due to the way that SM Entertainment handled the situation. When Korean news outlets began to report that the four Girls' Generation members' relationships, SM Entertainment didn't take long to confirm the situation. Even when Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon became involved in a violent situation with her ex-boyfriend, SM Entertainment confessed to it. But SM has taken an extraordinarily long time to address Sulli and Choiza's relationship.

This has been going on since Septemberwhen Choiza and Sulli were photographed holding hands. SM Entertainment denied their relationship, and at that point they may have just started dating.