Suzaku and lelouch relationship

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suzaku and lelouch relationship

5 Reasons Why Lelouch and Suzaku's Love is Incomparable It is what you see when you go deeper, into romantic relationships between. After Zero was exposed as Lelouch, Suzaku began to paint Lelouch with the same .. Their relationship causes a hindrance to Lelouch's plans since Lelouch . by 'x' I mean relationship in general, just in case. With that out of the Will Lelouch x (vs) Suzaku be a main theme in R3? Also, what s your.

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Lelouch wanted Suzaku to live because Suzaku meant a lot to Lelouch, even. In truth, Lelouch needs Suzaku in his life, as evidenced by his order.

Lelouch is only allowed to use his Geass on a person once, giving only one order that could be wasted. However, even though Lelouch and Suzaku were enemies in this scene, Lelouch used his Geass on Suzaku to instruct him to live. Lelouch sacrificed the one Geass order he could give Suzaku and made it so that Suzaku had to do anything it took to survive.

Suzaku was forced to do something for himself, which he had not truly done at all in Code Geass. Lelouch, who used his Geass mainly for his own selfishness, used his Geass for Suzaku, even when Suzaku never thought of himself. From this moment and many moments on, we see that Lelouch truly and undeniably loves Suzaku.

suzaku and lelouch relationship

No one could even fathom this ending, but Lelouch had it planned right from the beginning. The most important part of this pivotal moment is that Lelouch decided to leave his plan in the hands of Suzaku. Lelouch never shared his plan with anyone. Despite being enemies throughout the entire anime, Lelouch trusted no one else but Suzaku with his plans.

suzaku and lelouch relationship

Lelouch knew Suzaku would pull through and do what was needed to be done, even if he did not agree entirely with it. This only shows how strong the relationship between Suzaku and Lelouch is. Lelouch relinquished control, something that he has had throughout both Code Geass and Code Geass R2, and gave it to Suzaku. Now, that is love, is it not? Lelouch left Suzaku all that was important to him. It is a few moments, mere minutes, but we can get so much insight on how Lelouch views Suzaku from them.

What scene could convey so much in so little time? Now, that is one beautiful moment! During Kaguya's conversation with the Six Houses of Kyoto, Suzaku showed no remorse for the fallen members, as their execution couldn't be helped. Regardless, Suzaku hasn't lost faith in Lelouch, as he wonders why he killed Euphie since there could have been another way but despises Lelouch for casting a Geass on him to live even though it was Suzaku's goal to die.

After Lelouch reminds Suzaku of his father's past and their confrontation at the Kururugi Shrine, Suzaku realizes that Lelouch is the kind of person who would take all of the lies to make everyone's dreams into reality, indicating that Suzaku's view of Britannia had started to change.

After destroying the Tokyo Settlement with the F. After a one-sided conversation with Jeremiah Gottwald, he laughs maniacally, desensitized by the countless deaths he inadvertently caused.

He then abandons his self-righteous nature and resolves to achieve his goals regardless of the means. This saddens Bismark, the Knight of One, who claimed that Suzaku's compassionate core was the source of his strength. This ultimately leads him to make a deal with Schneizel in order to become Knight of One by slaying the emperor, leading to the confrontation in C's world. Since both had lost the ones they loved and had sullied their hands with the blood of thousands, Suzaku finally allies with Lelouch, but his experience in the thought realm with Lelouch and C.

He understands that the cycle of hatred would have to be broken for a peaceful future, and though it can only be done by Zero, no one would accept Lelouch as Zero because of the Geass, and devises the Zero Requiem with him. Lelouch describes him of powerful willpower, as he transforms Lelouch's Geass command 'Live' positively into an energy boost.

He becomes shocked with Lelouch when Nunnally is still alive and declares them both enemies. Afterwards, he shows a vicious dedication to its completion, and takes the responsibility of being 'Lelouch's Sword' to conquer both his enemies and weakness.

He fakes his death in his battle with Kallen, reappears under the guise of Zero and stabs Lelouch. Lelouch smiles at him as his death draws near, and thinking of the Geass as a gift that allows one to do something the other can't, touches Zero's mask in an affectionate gesture and offers him the Geass of changing the world.

He tells him that Suzaku Kururugi is no more, and that there exists only Zero, who should strive for peace and justice, to bring about a brighter future. Suzaku accepts the Geass, though crying as he had killed his best friend. With this we can deduce that despite his frequent changes in character when facing grief, guilt and self-loathing throughout the series, he was a dedicated and loyal man who wanted peace.

Character Outline Edit Suzaku at the age of Suzaku is the son of Japan's last prime minister, Genbu Kururugi. His existence was kept a secret from the public until after the war.

Politics with Pizza Retrospective: Lelouch and Suzaku – Coherent Cats

Suzaku met Lelouch vi Britannia and his sister Nunnally vi Britannia when they moved to the Kururugi residence as a diplomatic peace trade. My feelings about it are still so visceral! And I feel similarly about when we watched it together. Code Geass was so much fun and we bonded so much over it, but it also ended up being a point of significant reflection for me. We also watched partway through R2 across parties with friends during undergrad.

As years go by my understanding of CG evolves and its application to my own life evolves too. This retrospective is just another step, but publicized this time. It may also be a culmination of all our discussions. The best place to start is the heart of the series: Their common enemy is Britannia, and its imperialism and colonialism has forced them into opposing positions.

It would be reductive, when CG is all about complexity. I definitely share that feeling. I do love Lelouch though. I know Light Yagami is a popular character for comparison, and I never read or watched all of Death Note, but while Light sees himself as above and separate from everyone else, I think Lelouch is sort of the opposite, even with his similar secret identity and grand vision of justice.

His motivations are always very grounded in his emotions and personal relationships, even if he tries to frame them as bigger than that. Oh man, those comparisons to Light always bothered me. To me Light is a more symbolic character, while Lelouch is more human.

In Death Note, emotions are weakness.

Politics with Pizza Retrospective: Lelouch and Suzaku

In Code Geass, emotions are what makes someone human. It only puts Shirley in more danger as he realizes how much he cares for her. Sure, he must hate imperialism, but at the end of the day the Black Knights and the Japanese population are means to an end for his family drama. That stuff is what makes Lelouch so interesting! He has feelings, makes mistakes, and has more feelings, even as he tries to deny them.

This is all so true. Lelouch would bore me if he were an all-powerful rebel, and not the brat he frankly is. Not to mention he can be funny! Even if he loves someone, he thinks in terms of using them. In the first episode, chess is a gambling game that Lelouch plays in order to wound the pride of arrogant elites and to placate his boredom. That is, either winning or losing can be complicated in itself because, again, humans are involved, not chess pieces.

The Black Knights are disturbed to learn Zero can magically brainwash people, but his ability to manipulate without geass can be just as horrific. He commands Shirley to forget their relationship thinking that will save her from being involved with him, unprepared for her to fall in love with him all over again as they continue to interact.

Ignoring the coming sequel, I agree the resolution of his character arc as tied to the end of the show is perfect. I also believe he always had a plan like Zero Requiem up his sleeve based on this philosophy.

Perhaps he had other potential outcomes, but this one for sure when he thought Nunnally was out of the picture. Then again even when he found out she was actually alive, he still went through with it. I guess it would just break my heart if Lelouch were planning to be resurrected without their knowledge in that moment, as much as I like to acknowledge his moral flaws.

However, he is the primary opponent of Lelouch for most of the show so I can understand in that sense how people can hate Suzaku. But Suzaku is kind of neither?

He comes off as cheerful and sweet, but he believes just following the rules of the Britannian empire is the best way to end imperialism. Even his optimistic demeanor is sort of a sham given his actual misery and suicidal ideation, all coming from a horrible childhood mistake that led to the colonization of his country. I definitely know what you mean about him not being fun to watch.

Suzaku just makes me sad, since he is primarily a tragic character to me as a victim of colonization. He never catches a break like Lelouch does, which makes sense considering he is the oppressed one in their society. His position is a double-bind: