Sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre full

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sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre full

See more ideas about Sugar, Flirting and Heart pictures. 6 nathaniel". See more. Image result for my candy love episode 9 Armin, Manga Couple, My Candy Love Image result for my candy love episode 7 castiel Flirting, Armin, Fandom, Uma "Castiel is looking at her with eyes full of love holy shit I can't kasfhldegh ". Castiel: episode 5, 21, or 24 - Nathaniel: episode 18 or 23 - Lysander: episode 9 or 21 - Armin: episode 18 or 21 - Kentin: episode See more. my candy love lysander | My Candy Love episode 11 Lysander Illustration by my candy love lysander | Full resolution (1, × pixels, file size.

Dake confronts your Candy again, and wants to talk to her in the Locker room. He will ask to give you a kiss, but will be interrupted by your crush, who again, tells him to leave. Dake realises the relationship between you and your crush, and backs down, however not without telling your Candy to give him a call if the relationship failed.

He shows up once more when he is telling Boris to calm down and stop worrying about Patrick. Appearance Dake has shoulder-length blond hair which he keeps tied back into a ponytail, and green eyes.

He reveals in episode 11 that his hair isn't naturally blond. While his natural hair color isn't revealed, it can be assumed that it is brown, from the color of his eyebrows and the light brown streaks in his hair. He has tattoos on the left side of his chest, his left shoulder and wrist, and around his belly button.

sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre full

Upon his first appearance, Dake can be seen in dark blue swimming trunks, carrying his surfboard, which is white with a blue pattern. He appears in his sportswear for the orienteering race. It consists of a yellow v-neck shirt with grey stripes on the left side of the collar, a matching yellow sweatband around his wrist, dark grey pants with three vertical stripes on the left leg, a white jacket with grey ends, grey sleeves and three vertical lines on the left side, that he keeps unbuttoned.

He also wears a necklace with a small pendant of his surfboard. In this outfit, none of his tattoos are visible. Dake finally appears in his regular clothes when your Candy meets him at the mall. It consists of an orange shirt with a white v-neck collar, a violet jacket with a black striped collar and rolled up sleeves as well as black lines on the seams, and dark slightly ripped jeans with a black belt.

My Candy Love, a game of love and flirting for girls!

He also wears the same necklace with the pendant of his surfboard which he had with his sportswear. His wrist tattoo is visible at this point. At the mall, he buys a pair of orange sunglasses of a brand he likes and wears them on his forehead, however he isn't seen wearing them after the mall.

This appears to be Dake's default outfit, as he later wears it during his visit to the school. Personality Dake is very flirty, and especially persistent when it comes to flirting with your Candy, from the very moment he first met her. He doesn't miss a chance to talk to your Candy, and ignores her rejecting to be with him.

He generally does understand hints, but ignores them. Although he never really had serious relationships and his longest relationships have lasted only a few weeks at best, he seems very determined to get your Candy.

sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre full

At first, during episodes 9 and 11, he does show some interest in other girls, like RosalyaIrisor Amber while he's with you; But later, in episode 19 and on, he shows that he is willing to focus only on your Candy. This is shown when he immediately drops the other two girls at the mall to be with you, and doesn't really show interest in Lucy either. He is outgoing and confident and, unlike other dateable characters, very openly shows his interest in you.

He can be a bit full of himself at times, like when he says that there is no reason to look at anyone other than him, or that no other boys stand a chance against him.

Even so, he still shows some signs of jealousy around other boys, and can be a bit possessive when it comes to your attention.

My Candy Love Episode 10 – Nathaniel Walkthrough | I am being serious!

For example, while he is with your Candy at the mall in episode 19, he sees a friend of his and goes to greet him, but doesn't take you along with him, saying he doesn't want anyone else to lay eyes on you.

He is shown to know how to handle an argument, and tends to point out people's faults when getting into conflict with them; as shown in the arguments he gets into with the school's boys, while trying to flirt with your Candy. Dake is rather carefree and has very little to no sense of embarrassment, which particularly stands out in episode 19 when he doesn't hesitate to freely walk into your changing cabin while you're trying on underwear.

Back to school for Episode 10! Sexy vacation time is over. I totally forgot about exams…. But, unfortunately, Melody is there waiting for us….

sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre full

She asks how summer vacation was. Not Professor Umbridge again!!! Before I get any further than the hallway though, Peggy fricken ambushes me. She gets all up in my biz-ness asking if I met any classmates at the beach in their swimmy suits. She talks about going to different parks to work on sketches.

Melody, get out of there and let Nathaniel do his job…. Because you, Melody, are worthless. Is that a thing???? I guess bells in France need three bell tones instead of the normal two….

We are told to report to classroom B. Once in the classroom, the principal announces the orienteering race. Well, she blabbed to me and then I blabbed to the whole school.

Faraize under the bus and cancels classes so we can help with either the race or getting the exams posted. Amber also volunteers to help with the race.

She starts talking about freaking revenge!!! MyCandyRevengePlot Can we make that a twitter tag? Candy x Violette all the way, baby!!! And I think I snorted a little bit of wine out my nose when I first read that because I was laughing so hard.

Violette and I head off to distribute the forms. But, first, we have to go grab them from the teachers lounge. On our way to the lounge, Violette worries about getting lost during the race. Oh, my sweet precious Violette! Violette and I grab the forms in the teachers lounge and the principal shuts the door behind us.

Violette, could you be any cuter??? Castiel was just as grumpy as I expected him to be.

The next person we run into is…. Is that even possible?? She is angry and rightly so that the principal locked the documents she needs inside the lounge.