Takeru and hikari relationship test

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takeru and hikari relationship test

Takeru and Hikari walked towards their lockers together reminiscing. "T.K. How does your "I'm just practicing for an oral test today." He quickly .. 'When has our relationship gotten to this point of closeness?' Hikari thought. The scene where Takeru and Hikari are walking home is a total He's acting really self-conscious about their relationship, something that for. Hikari "Kari" Kamiya is a year-old Digidestined partnered to Gatomon. Kamiya as she appears in Digital World Adventures Part II along with year-old Takeru "TK" Takaishi Kari's relationship with her mother is never really seen in the series. . 'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Will Test the Franchise Like Nothing Before.

When Takeru was 6, he was in a car accident. It was completely random, his mothers car getting blindsided by a speeding motorist on the freeway.

Ever since he's always hated the look of the few imported Mustang Convertables around. It's not his fault he looks like some sort of god.

takeru and hikari relationship test

Just as it's not his fault that he and Hikari fell in love. One of the worse days of Takeru Takaishi's life was when Daisuke Motomiya found out about his relationship with Hikari. It wasn't that he yelled, or that he become goth, or even that he wrongfully stole her in same inane manner.

No, it was the fact that, after sitting down on a park bench next to a apparently reminiscing Daisuke he heard the ENTIRE story of exactly why his goggle-headed friend loved the girl. Takeru Takaishi has since been trying to play matchmaker for the person he considers his best friend, even while he sees himself failing constantly to save Daisuke from a never-ending depression.

The fact that Takeru ignores her simply causes her to go on.

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Miyako looks sheepish and Takeru sighs. But nothing you get out of me is going to change the fact that Patamon won't stop until Wormon admits he lost in that damn Hot-dog eating contest. One thing certain in Takeru Takaishi's mind is this. Daisuke Motomiya is an unparalled bastard and he wouldn't have it any other way. Takeru doesn't know how it happened, or why it came up.

He just knows his mother is the last person anybody should go to for talking about the "birds and the bees".

On that same note, Hikari knew WAY to much about it for his taste the first time around as well. Not that he could complain. Daisuke was rather vocal in how to pay her back later when he admitted to being beaten.

The problem with being a Chosen was having to deal with your digimon. Sure, they were the best partners and friends ANYONE could ask for, turned into giants, and had powers that made everyone giddy at the thought of having one. But when Daisuke came banging on his door looking for Hikari, and holding a very embarresed Gatomon, he just knew things were going to get worse for him this day. When Hikari did finally get there from the school, she looked at her digimon, then Daisuke and finally started a conversation Takeru Takaishi wish he could erase from his brain.

The beginning of it was this though; "Please tell me you didn't jump Veemon right there in his damn living room. The wedding day of the new Mr and Mrs Takaishi was uneventful by normal standards.

Sure, there was the threatening of castration by the older brother, the well wishes from parents, all the way too the best man threatening to also castrate him if he didn't get his ass out there NOW and marry the woman. Iori ended up drunk when of all people Ken spiked his drink on insistence from his wife, then proceeded to get injured trying to restrain a drunk Iori. Oh no, but it wasn't normal enough yet. His parents had to bring in baby pictures to show everyone, Yamato kicked Taichi so hard in the nuts that Hikari punched him in the nose, breaking it.

Gatomon and Veemon reportedly got caught by a bridesmaid in the bathroom adjorning the Brides room, Poromon knocking over the concession table trying to get the food, and Daisuke saying he set the ring down only to have a certain living-plant try it on. And get it stuck on. And now, here he was, sitting in the remains of the party with Sora directing the Chosen how to clean up. Daisuke gave him a light grin and replied "Hikari could have proclaimed this was a mistake and yelled her eternal love for me.

takeru and hikari relationship test

Yes, leave it to Daisuke to perfect another normal day. Takeru's favorite things are quite simple.

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Ice-cream, writing, Hikari, and ice-cream on Hikari. Joe had seen a lot of things in his life, so when a soaking wet Takeru showed up at his condo one night he had no idea what to think.

Apparently he needed a place to sleep since he had an argument with Hikari. Through some hot soup and gentle coaxing, Joe determined several things about the conversation. One, it had to do with Daisuke. Two, Hikari was absolutely furious with Takeru for keeping something about him from her. Three, Takeru wasn't in danger of a broken marriage, but for his physical safety needed to leave the house for a night.

Maybe more given by how the mention of Hikari caused slight flinch of fear every time he brought it up. Hikari could forgive her husband for many, many things. After all, nobody really was perfect. Several things though were just unforgiveable. And where are Patamon and Gatomon? Turning his head to the ceiling, he gave it great thought before deciding the truth was better. Daichi Takaishi was many things. Being like me is not one of them When Takeru first published his "Chronicles", it was an overnight hit around the world.

That really makes him quite angry, all things considered. People treat him like a hero now and that isn't what he wanted. At least then people would look at me like an author and not as some type of Demi-god.

One of the most embarrasing moments in Takeru's life was when he was caught, with Hikari, in her bed. Which promptly led to him using a digi-port and then re-porting to Kens computer. Takeru thought that telling his feelings wouldn't have helped the situation that he and Hikari were drawn into. With that situation gone and some time had passed Takeru mustered up enough courage to tell her again.

He was again prevented in telling Hikari his feelings with just cause: Again he pushed his feelings away to be there for her. He looked up at Hikari's building and took another deep breath and entered the apartment complex.

He got to the door, raised his hand ready to knock, but stopped midway. A wave of fear rang through his soul. He took another deep breath and reminded himself to relax again. Something that I wanted to tell you a long time. You see Kari I Kari is in her room. He felt cooler entering the Kamiya residence. Takeru headed towards Hikari's room and popped his head in.

It's not like a wedding dress? Miko meowed in affirmation as Hikari disappeared into her room. Miko let out a loud meow in defense. The tabby purred apologetically and jumped in his lap and looked at him remorsefully. The cat purred in affection as she got comfortable on his lap. Miko screamed hitting the floor. Hikari knew that this secret was juicy when Takeru evaded her like that.

Takeru knew he was in trouble when Hikari used his full name. For a long time Hikari wanted to know what her father said to Takeru just before he died. Takeru held her, his arms around the small of her back. He felt guilty for bringing that very sensitive matter up and guiltier for allowing Hikari to believe that this was her fault. Her hair smelled like a mixture of lilacs and lavender, a scent he came to love.

He could hold her like this forever. Hikari nod and smiled a thank you to her best friend. Suddenly a wave of affection hit her for the first time, in a long time. She saw her best friend in a different light as something more than a friend.

She blushed and unconsciously leaned into Takeru for a kiss, then the fact that he was her friend hit her. The sexual tension in the elevator was so thick that it was suffocating. They walked to school together having their customary conversation about school and life. Hikari, Takeru, Daisuke and Ken were in sixth grade and were expecting to graduate from Odaiba Elementary in a couple of days. Miyako was just about to finish her first year at Odaiba Junior High.

Iori Hida, the youngest of the six was about to finish the fourth grade. The four were not the only Digidestined graduating in a couple of days. Yamato Ishida, Takeru's older brother, Sora Takenouchi, and Taichi Kamiya, Hikari's older brother was about to finish grade nine, their last year of Junior High and eagerly waiting to attend Odaiba High in the fall.

Hikari "Kari" Kamiya

Meanwhile, in America Mimi Tachikawa was about to finish the eighth grade and was eagerly waiting to go to high school there. Jou Kido was about to complete the tenth grade, the first year of high school and still studying hard to become a doctor. While Koushiro Izumi was about to finished grade eight, his second year of Junior High waiting patiently for the second generation of Digidestined to come to Odaiba Junior High.

Takeru smiled at the remark. Hikari stopped as Takeru passed her a couple of paces before he noticed that she was missing. He turned to see Hikari holding onto her camera with affection.

Takeru was about to approach her when an epiphany hit her. She had a devilish grimace in her face and skipped towards him with serendipity grabbing his arm and marched forward. He seen this look on Hikari before and it usually means one thing: You don't have to get rid of your hat and I don't have to get rid of my camera.

Would they even let us go? At least you'll have company in your misery. Takeru was surprised at the gesture, his heart started to flutter and his body temperature started to rise. He figured this was the right time to tell her about his feelings. His lips started to quiver with nervousness. Something that I wanted to tell you for a long time.

They silently watched Daisuke running down the soccer field navigating the ball around two defensive players and avoided someone trying to trip him and kicked the ball to the net. The ball rocketed towards the net and went in with a fury. Takeru sighed with disdain. He looked at Hikari and realized that she was mesmerized by that simple act of valour. He saw her smile to herself. Hikari was basking in the moment and rather enjoyed it too. Hikari turned to look at Takeru and saw him staring at her strangely.

They reached Hikari's locker as Takeru handed the books he was carrying for her. Takeru eyes dilated at the sight. He turned to her looking at her. She was just gazing into her locker. I'm not sure, at least not yet.

Takeru was hurt by that remark, like a dull butter knife piercing his all ready fragile heart; he couldn't get the pain to subside.

takeru and hikari relationship test

Even the platonic kiss just added salt upon his opened wound. It burned and stung as a painful reminder of what Hikari thought of him. What are friends for? He wanted to cry, but held his tears in. She was shocked that Takeru would know such a thing that only her girlfriends would know.

I don't remembering mentioning it to you. It was filled with ambient noise of students chattering about their days and plans for their summer. She meandered through the busy cafeteria tables looking for any of the Digidestined. The cafeteria was segregated as usual into clique. In one corner were the cheerleaders and athletics players, in another the academics and the computer club, and the list goes on. She looked around and caught Takeru sitting by himself looking out the window, contemplating, his lunch untouched.

Suddenly a wave of affection hit her, for some strange reason all she wanted to do was to hold him, to make whatever he was feeling go away. Not too long ago, holding each other for convalescent purposes would have been a taboo, something they thought too awkward to do.

Takeru came out of his trance and smiled at her presence. You said something Kari? I care for you and I don't want to see you this way. He looked at her hand touching his and smiled to himself. He repositioned his hand so he could hold hers. He looked up into her shiny bronze eyes and all his defences broke. Her eyes glittered with innocence and consideration that somehow trapped his tortured soul.

He didn't know where or how to start this conversation. She was hurt to hear the news. He then realized that it was Daisuke yelling as the spiky hair boy ran towards where they were sitting and joined them.

Takeru relaxed somewhat knowing that his feelings for Hikari were safe; that is for the moment. Ken convinced his parents to transfer school for his last year of Elementary School so he could be with his friends. Tamachi Elementary, his former school, was reluctant for letting him go to Odaiba, but their hands were tied when Ken's parents insisted that he should go. In the fall Iori would start the fifth grade in Odaiba Elementary, still two years shy in graduating. It doesn't seem right for all of us to have fun tonight, while Cody is stuck at home.

takeru and hikari relationship test

Ken couldn't help but laugh at the scene played before him. He came to expect it everyday at lunch and actually looked forward to it.

In secret he rather enjoyed watching Daisuke trying to get a date with Hikari and in return watch Hikari trying to get out of it. He suppressed a chuckled and wondered why Takeru was so silent. Ken's eyes dilated to see that he was gone. He quickly looked around the cafeteria to see where Takeru's went. I hate to interrupt your melodrama, but T. Ken was right, there was Takeru's lunch still untouched, but with no Takeru. She fell into a trance and wondered what happened to him.

Daisuke's heart broke and slumped back into his chair. Iori and Ken looked at each other not sure how they should respond. He needed to be alone; he didn't want to confront his friends or his feeling for Hikari at the moment. He just wanted to let all his frustration out the only way he knew how