Tauriel and legolas relationship counseling

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tauriel and legolas relationship counseling

Tauriel on the other hand believes that we should go beyond the borders . In regards to the relationship between Legolas and Tauriel, I don't. Thranduil objects to the relationship between Legolas and Tauriel until . I love you and it's because I love you that I'm giving you this advice. Tauriel and Kili's relationship in the movie is a non-conventional love young and Thranduil took care of her and raised her beside Legolas.

You will always have to do what is best for this kingdom. Someday, you will learn, my son. Suddenly, his thoughts turned to Artie. Oh, Morgoth, she would not be happy with him. If she knew the extent of everything that had happened, she'd probably string him up by his toes in the courtyard. If she weren't Artie and he weren't so fond of her, the answer would be simple: But, with Artie being half elf, half witch, she would be able to see through all of his lies.

From his imprisoning of Tauriel to his argument with Legolas, she could see everything. Artie had no loyal family, so she was intent on ensuring his was as close as possible. As he walked into his chambers, he spotted her sitting on the huge, elaborately adorned bed with her legs and arms crossed and her hawkish gaze landing straight on him.

A shot of fear ran through his blood for the first time in half a millenium. Artie was the most powerful elf to ever arise out of Middle Earth.

tauriel and legolas relationship counseling

For she was the daughter of Galadriel and Gandalf, two of the most powerful and influential beings. She also had Fae blood in her from an ancient line of faeries spanning back centuries that had contributed to her power by way of her mother drinking it while she was in the womb.

She had been banished from the forest of Lothlorien by her stepfather 50 years ago. Since then, Thranduil had taken her into his kingdom and under his wing. She was the only person who had ever attained his mercy. For some reason, the squalling babe who had been dropped on his doorstep by her father was his favorite person in the entirety of Middle Earth. She carried more decency and kindness in her little finger than his entire kingdom had, including him. As he walked up to Artie, she glared at him, the fires of Mount Doom blazing in her eyes.

She quickly yelled, "You idiot! You're no brighter than a lowly goblin, for all your knowledge!


How could you prevent Legolas from being with the she-Elf he loves? Don't you see you're tearing your family apart? You will lose Legolas if you kill his beloved. Even if you just imprison or banish her, you will still lose him. He would follow her to the ends of Middle-Earth. Please, Thranduil, let them be together. But, he quickly pushed those thoughts out of his mind.

His son needed to learn the importance of status and social responsibility. If the only way he could learn that was through loss, then so be it. Sometimes, when being king, he had to be ruthless and his son needed to understand that. Emotions couldn't play a part in the well being of a kingdom. Therefore, he replied, "Artanis Lothlorien, be quiet! I am king and I can do whatever I want!

He had to keep Artie here by whatever means necessary, even if it meant losing her friendship. You are a simple maidservant, you have no influence over what I do. Not even my advisors are that powerful. Remember your place, girl," He hissed into her ear. All of a sudden, her flame-red hair flew up in a powerful gust of wind.

Her normally calm, powder blue eyes iced over and hardened with offense. Her feet left the ground of their own accord and she was hovering at eye level, which was an impressive feat considering she was over a foot shorter than him. Her arm rose up and her hand tightened into a semi-open fist. Thranduil was thrown against the wall with an invisible hand choking him. He clawed at his throat, his eyes wide in disbelief. He struggled to speak, "Please, Artanis, let go.

He relished the sudden influx of oxygen returning to his lungs. He dropped to his knees, holding his throat and gasping for breath, hacking up what he thought might be his spleen. He stared at her in awe of her power. In an instant, any anger he held for her dissipated and was replaced with an overwhelming fondness. He remembered that, despite all her might, she was just a young woman who hadn't had much experience with the outside world.

Artie sighed, letting all the burdens drain out of her, her shoulders falling with exhaustion. She spoke with a exertion coursing through her tone, "Look, Morgoth knows I'm not one to tell you how to live your life, but if you don't let Legolas and Tauriel be together then they will run off, leaving you all alone.

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Even if it's a mistake, it's their mistake and you have to let them make it. They are young, they don't know why you're so ardently opposed to their union.

Perhaps you should tell them. She sat back on the bed and patted the spot next to her. Thranduil laid down and let his head fall into her lap. As she stroked his pale, golden hair, she asked, "Do you remember the King of Gondor, Isildur? Well, while he was here, we became…," she searched for the right word.

He said he had never seen one so beautiful as me and confessed his love for me. He said he would take me back to Gondor with him and I would become his Queen," she scoffed bitterly.

However, during the meal, he announced his new fiancee. I stepped up, ready for the congratulations. But, alas, a human girl, no more than 18, came to his side.

tauriel and legolas relationship counseling

As the crowd cheered and clapped, he looked at me. I'll never forget the smug smile he wore or the way his eyes seemed to be mocking me.

Through this, it shows how strong her lovemap came into play. Kili symbolized a part of herself she lost when her parents died. Kili is extroverted, adorable, charming, likable, audacious, cheeky, flirtatious, persistent, brave, reckless, young at heart, pure, innocent, experienced in the outside world, vocal and showy when it comes to his affections.

They are two kindred souls who found each other by chance, no matter how different, some of their similarities pulled them together. Kili is called reckless by many, but ever since meeting Tauriel, she made him feel he can do anything. Kili told Tauriel that she made him feel alive and he captured her attention when he shared his adventures with her.

Tauriel is not very vocal, but you have to consider that she grew up in a place where people hardly show affection towards her and who controls the way she acts. Kili, on the other hand, adored and appreciated the person she is, let her act freely or he let her be herself and the best part about him is he shared his world and his adventure to her. Kili shared the rune stone that symbolizes his promise to his mom that he will return to her.

The lyrics are in two languages as you can see below, in Elvish and Khuzdul. I agree that Howard Shore captured their romantic subplot perfectly through the theme and also with what the Silver Petticoat said in the blog. That Peter Jackson and his team of writers introduced a beautifully romantic story about two characters that unite as if through a poetic dream.

The lyrics were translated by David Salo. This theme is based on concept of duality of two voices conversing, as represented by the flute and the oboe.

tauriel and legolas relationship counseling

Sad, but it was truly doomed from the start because in The Hobbits book, all the royal line of Durin will die because Dain is the one who will become The King Under The Mountain. Tauriel and Kili somehow had established a friendship and some familiarity in the movies because of what they shared in their conversation during the dwarves captivity in Mirkwood. Different, but similar at the same time. Tauriel and Kili are both looking for something and somehow they were able to give each other that feeling.

Twin flames is different from a soul mate. According to the literature is that twin flames are the people in our lives who we are going to meet from time to time and help us grow up.

My predicament here is that your twin soul can never be your soul mate at the same time, but Tauriel and Kili seemed to be soul mates. We expect them to be soul mates because Tauriel fell in love with Kili and elves fall in love only once or chooses only mate in their lifetime.

My Theory on Tauriel, Kili, and Legolas

If their mate dies, they fade. Tolkien had written how dwarfs, humans, and elves love and how they grieve.

Tauriel & Legolas (+Arwen)

In reality, will this kind of relationship work considering their differences in race and height? The characters have great chemistry and some things in common, a compatible personality, they are somehow friends and intimate, and their upbringing makes them kindred souls.

As for their height difference, I actually know a couple who had more height complications than the characters did. The actress only stands 3 ft while her previous lover is 6 ft tall or more.

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I do agree with what others are saying about the idea of them as a couple being a bit awkward. She is an immortal elf and he is a dwarf, who would have eventually died anyway if he survived at the end of the third film. If Tauriel visited Kili fairly often, I could see some sort of romance forming between the two in that time period.

Also, Tauriel is around years old since it appears that she was taken in by Thranduil as presumably a child when her parents died years prior to the events in The Hobbit.

It may be that she has never experienced romance up until her meeting with Kili, so even though she has had time to acquire a lot of knowledge and skill in healing and fighting, she is still quite new to love. The fact that romance existed between an elf and a dwarf may also stem from how young they were.

Also, we learn that Tauriel is more open minded than the other Mirkwood elves anyway in that she cares for the fate of all of Middle Earth, rather than just for her own people.