Taurus girl and pisces boy relationship

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage

taurus girl and pisces boy relationship

Love match compatibility between Taurus woman and Pisces man. Read about the Taurus female love relationship with Pisces male. How can we make the relationship last longer - like another years before .. Currently, I'm a single Taurus woman but I was talking to this Pisces guy for a. Pisces is watery mute and Taurus is earthy fix. Earth defines limit to shapeless water. Both signs share friendly axis in the zodiac. Taurus beauty is irresistible for .

I also have a Pisces man guide and Taurus woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. I am a Taurus woman with a Pisces boyfriend that I know is into me. How do I let him know I respect him?

He is already talking marriage but I cant handle kids now, which he is unhappy about. How can we make the relationship last longer - like another years before marriage? How do I love him - or rather what is it that he needs from me? I'm a Taurus woman dating a Pisces man.

Know About the Compatibility Between a Taurus Woman and a Pisces Man

During our relationship he has been a faster mover than me, wanted to move in after 3 months, get married, etc. I know he basically lives for me his own words but I am constantly afraid that he is too wrapped up in me and his past is plagued by unfinished things.

I am worried that he incapable of sticking and finishing something he starts without getting bored and moving on to the next whim. We have an amazing relationship in that I feel needed, appreciated and loved no matter what but I get frustrated sometimes at how impractical he is. I want to be with him and have fought my parents and friends to stand up for our relationship but I want to be sure that I am not being devoted to something that is to good to be true and won't last.

I am a Taurus woman and I just started dating a Pisces man. It's only been 2 months since I met him, he's amazing in so many ways.

Taurus Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility - Zodiac Compatibility

I would say he's the best I've ever had compatibility, communication, and sex wisemy only problem sometimes is when I feel like he's very secretive, making me think that he's hiding something.

I get so paranoid. I am a Taurus woman and I have been involved with two Pisces men, you should be paranoid they are always hiding something, find yourself a Scorpio and you'll never look back.

I am a Taurus women involved with a Piscean man since last one year. Now I just wait around to see what happens next. Im a Taurus female with a male Pisces. We've been together seriously for about a month. It took him a while to commit because he just got out of a relationship. Our sex life is amazing and he can be the sweetest most romantic man at times, but his elusiveness drives me crazy!!! I scared him with my temper a couple times but I think he appreciates my apologies cuz im not afraid to say im sorry.

We always tend to make up right away and I feel we get closer and closer every day. O and trust me that he is very jealous too he's just much better at hiding it than I am. All and all we have a passionate growing relationship. I am pieces man and going on with Taurus women and ask her she might be the happiest women alive on this earth. I just asked her to hold my hand doesn't matter what ever happens just don't leave it can you do this and she said sure and now see I had given her every thing that a one can dream of.

I am a Taurus woman and I've been with my Pisces man for about 4 months now. Everything's so perfect when we're together, so perfect that sometimes I feel like it's too good to be true.

I totally agree with some of the things I read up there. He's soo mysterious and it seems like he's always hiding something. It drives me crazy literally.

On our 3rd month, he broke up with me, I was heartbroken but we got back together and I was the happiest girl in the world.

And today, he broke up with me again. It hurts so bad. I have strong feelings for him to the point where I can say I'm in love but every time he does things like this it just crushes my heart: Now I don't know if he's ever coming back to me. I'd still say yes if ever. I'd say yes over and over and over again. He's the best I ever had. I know he loves me and I believe in US. I'm wishing and hoping and praying that someday, we'll be happy together forever.

I am a Taurus woman dating a Pisces man we clicked like we were best friends it is so true about the Pisces male the first time we made love or have sex it was so magical.

Every time we bond is through music and movies but he also had a way having you cling to them I hate to have to say this but they tend to be a charmer and we got swooped up in their dream world and I have been trapped. Also he made me feel so good that I couldn't stop thinking about him I miss a lot I wish we haven't separated. I am a Taurean, long distance dating a Pisces for a year now.

Great sex, communication, self sufficient, but I don't see the "secret" side to him as I am never around. But truly loyal when I am with him and would travel across the country if I was in need of any type of help.

I would do the same, but unfortunately my heart is not where his is: I have to move on. He will never move from his home and a bit stuck in his own ways, which I can totally respect, but not sure how long I would be able to deal with it.

He is very thoughtful, sweet, romantic. He calls me everyday just to say hi. He is totally into me already.

taurus girl and pisces boy relationship

We never mentioned commitment, which I don't want to but yet he calls me his girl. Im not sure if it has anything to do with the signs but he's a little mushy for me. For all of us Taurus women, we need guys that are loyal, sensitive, affectionate, great in bed, not afraid of commitment and a Pisces man may just be the perfect match. I just met one myself and we live in different states, thank God they are next to each other!

My new man actually calls when he says he will and is very clear about what he wants which is a total turn on to me as a Taurus, I love that. We haven't met in person yet but our connection is unlike anything I have experienced because we talk for hours on the phone about everything and even though this is all so new, there is something very special about our little connection.

I plan on visiting him next month and hopefully our chemistry will be the same or even better in person. I am a Taurus woman. We quit talking about a year ago. I contacted him and we reconnected immediately, by phone, he begged me to have sex with him After we reconnected by phone, we stopped for a week or so, and started emailing and texting each other, then the truth came out about him dating some girl Pisces males what do you think? I am a Taurus woman and have been in a 9 month relationship with a Pisces man.

He is very secretive and it pisses me off. We have moved very fast in our relationship but certain parts of it is still standing still. I don't trust him and cant find it in myself to do so again. As a Taurus woman, once my trust is broken it is best that we break up. I need to break up with him. Taurus woman in off and on relationship with Pisces man for 15 years please don't be like me let it go better off with just friendship if that Pisces men go in two different directions at the same time Taurus women are steadfast and one dimensional!

I am a Pisces man. I met a Taurus woman in February of I some what question how much she is really like a true Taurus woman. I was constantly insecure with her and by the end it was for good reason. I don't know exactly what she wants to happen. I guess what I'm trying to say is once you have a Pisces heart, you may as well put a brand on it like cattle.

I would also like to add, just because you think we are hiding something nag, it doesn't make it so. I hope this helps. I am a Taurus woman and somewhat dating a Pisces man this has been going for about six years he is very sensitive, a great sense of humor and I just feel so comfortable around him but we have been friends for so long I am more afraid of losing his friendship more than anything I think he really cares for me but every time I get that feeling we are getting too close I back up I am so afraid I just want him to come out and say how he really feels and then I can truly express my feelings but he never does at least in words I am straightforward and honest and expect the same in the man who holds my heart but maybe someday I'm a Pisces male, I love Taurus women very much but I can't get sexual with them, it would be too overwhelming for me.

I like building friendships with them, I know this pisses them off and for this I am sorry. The truth is I'm just too spineless to deal with that kind of intensity, Taurus women are so beautiful and sexually charged, I can feel them from across the room.

I love my Pisces man sooooo much to the point where I feel like he's my soulmate, but our relationship is really complicated. He's away right now and he will be away for 3 months. I don't know what's going to happen to us when he gets back. I have a feeling things are going to change, I hope for the better though. How do I know if he's really in love with me? I am a Taurus woman and met my Pisces two years ago. Ok commitment they're afraid of! I've been dating this Pisces man for a month now I am a Taurus woman.

So far I really like him he is mysterious to me in bed it seems genuine then I don't hear from him for days I don't know what that's about so I jest pray on active been told we are compatible as long as I calm my anger down but I believe they need a lil cussing out and I think they like it a lil Wow.

It is so refreshing to read everyone's experiences and I think its crazy how much everyone has in common. I am a female Taurus and my guy is a Pisces. I love him to pieces, every single thing about him.

When we have sex it is magically Amazing, passionate, erotic and I feel as though we are spiritually connected on a soul level. When we are apart I constantly think about him Lovingly I could easily say that I am infatuated with him. I do get a mysterious vibe as though he could be hiding something but I guess its more the mystery of his deep soulful thoughts and Inner world.

I would say that maybe some Pisces men flit back and forth because they are like their symbolic fishes in the ocean, sometimes they swim away so fast that you wander if they were even there and then they come out of nowhere trying to nibble your fingers. If they feel safe they will always come back, but even though they move fast if you move too fast or scare them they will swim off.

My L over is so attentive and remembers the little things I have told him over time and he always surprises me with my favorite things like songs and foods. He has a wonderful sense of Humor and we're always laughing together. He is like the epitome of cool and He drives me crazy in all ways. I have lost my Taurean Temper a few times, he just remains so relaxed and always forgives me Maybe he secretly likes how wild he drives me. I trust him completely, he is everything I have ever looked for in a guy, intelligent, romantic, affectionate, loyal, sexy, super great looking, funny, ambitious, Very secure with himself, I love the way he smells, feels, dresses.

We connect in so many ways, through music, film, art, language, sex, company, ideals, just so much. When we are together we have so much fun, and he makes me feel so great. The problem is when we are not together he doesn't keep in contact with me.

He has this mystery about him, that draws me in closer. I feel I should leave him alone, but for some reason I just can not. He say he wants to build a friendship first, but no effort. When we talk I just get more and more confused with what he wants They are alluring but difficult to understand! I am a Taurus woman, who was friends with a Pisces male.

Until he sent me a text one day to "forget about him and go enjoy my life, that he hopes I find peace I may have said something hurtful, but I later apologized.

Are they so sensitive, or some other reason for this behavior. Yes he is quite sensitive, but being a bull, I try my best to put a little more patience with him. He knows his short comings and makes up for it. Sometimes we disagree, but never give him your bull temper. Just be more careful. If he retreats, it is for the better, since he doesn't want to hurt you with words.

Just give him time to sort it out. He will come back. Never chase him for answers when he's not ready. The more he'll hide. Do this and all will work on fine. He likes respect and he wants to be loved. Hugs and little messages does well on him. We're alike in so many ways but different. Somehow, I know that we will reconnect soon.

This has been a truly positive experience. I cannot believe how true all these stories seem to me, as a Taurus female who was recently overwhelmed by a Piscean male. I hadn't really regarded him thinking he did not seem to be great bedroom material and also slightly shifty and impractical in his talking and then on a lark, took him up on his offer finally and OMG was I surprised!

This guy simply blew my brains away and the sex and intimacy and all that good stuff was what dreams are made of, much much better than anything else I'd known! And then just as I was feeling loved and secure he became evasive and secretive. I'm actually wondering if he just needs time to himself or is simply deceitful by nature.

I cannot believe this change and after hanging around waiting for some reassurance which did not come I just blew it! Well, no news since from him, and it's been a week.

So I'm not sure if I've permanently blown it. All I know is that right now I'd be the happiest girl alive if he comes back to me. But we having been talking since jun I could say that he is the best guy I have met so far. He is the sweetest boy I've ever met he really do know what to say.

taurus girl and pisces boy relationship

Im really liking him and I wish I could be with him all the time. He's a great kisser he understands me very well and I understand him too. We have so many things in common. Pisces men are just amazing in every single way! He's very honest and loyal boy.

I just feel like I found the man of my dreams! They are the best!! I'm a Taurus woman in love with a man who turns out to be a Pisces. After our first phone conversation, we realized we have everything in common when it comes to are romantic desires. We met for a night out to spend time together and it was even more magical that we literally fell in love in two days! We both were so shocked how we made each other feel so good.

He is very forward about the future he wants us to have together marriage, etc. I am having the time of my life. I am totally besotted with him and he is with me I am a mature woman I have never felt this way before I still believe I have his heart because he's been asking for a second chance and tell me that he still love me. I do want to give him a second chance but my love life has just become so complicated; his 'best friend' asks me out the same day we broke up and without thinking I said yes to the Leo.

Also because I still had so much feelings for my Pisces. I know deep down I love my Pisces with all my heart even though it was only 3 months, but those 3 months made me believe in love again.

I don't think it will ever work out anymore. He didn't know what he had until he lost it. But I made sure to thank him for that 3 months and everything he did to show I appreciated and respected him still Piscean men need assurance and support not aggressive, money focused Taurus women.

They are very overcompensating, but will give you the best times. Not a boring relationship at all, but the guys will move on quicker than the girls in the end. Also as a Taurus woman with a Pisces man, I wonder how its going so far? Anyone else want to add on? Comment and put Reply to: LOVE at the beginning. Hope you check back and read this, hope I help to you and all you other Pisces,: I've only had 1 Pisces male friend There was an incredibly strong sexual attraction, but ultimately her instability, aggression and sense of entitlement were repellent in the extreme.

By far the most pretentious and materialistic woman I've ever been involved with. I love this page! For us though, some of these roles are reversed. Taurus will be out of touch for days, weeks, months while they explore. Relax guys, it doesn't mean she hates you.

Lighten up and just be happy you to be in her life, however she sees appropriate. It's worth it I m a Taurus and been in relationship with a Pisces man It seems that he does not really care about me. It took few years before he proposed. I want to marry him because I been in love with him from past few years but he does not believe in marriages. Im a Taurus lady dating a Pisces man, and I love him to bits but they are very sensitive, and with my Taurus nature I take it to personal I know he loves me but I cant handle when he with draws and don't tell me wahts happening.

Pisces med is very loving and when the withdraw they can be very cold drives me insane My Pisces would blow things out of proportion on a regular basis. His need for constant reassurance and emotional support became so draining on me mentally and physically. He would do wonderful things for me, but nothing I did was ever good enough nor did it show him enough appreciation and love. I am still in love with him, always will be. But I have to say our union was rocky and ultimately a bad thing for both of us.

I am a Taurean female dating a Piscean male for about 5 months now. Well, that's what the male fish and the female bull do to each other.

They act as the guiding companions that help each other in controlling the extremities of their persona. What Brings Them Together Their similarities and differences!

The Pisces man gets intrigued by her steady and stable nature. He has met many women indeed but no one so well-rooted and clear in her ways. Her confidence reflects through her conversations, bringing forth the fact that she knows what she is talking about. Somewhere deep down, he sees in her what he wishes to be, and that is what attracts him to this beautiful damsel ruled by Venus. She is a practical being who wishes to not let the unreal things affect her, but she fails to resist the charming approach of a Pisces man.

She is swayed by his depth that reflects in his voice, his thoughtful actions, and his intellectual conversations. They start off being great friends, and this friendship remains even after they break up and part ways, which is rarely the case.

When they start dating, time flows like waves, where both of them get to explore life from each others point of view, and in the process, reveal a lot about their own selves, perhaps a facet in them that they thought never existed.

While the Taurus woman reveals the sensitivity that she had buried deep within, the Pisces man discovers that it is not impossible for him to add a little bit of practicality and steadiness in his life. What Takes Them Apart Quite petty things actually. And we won't say that these things take them apart, rather create a bit of ripples in their lives.

The thing is that both of them have quite a different approach towards life, and yes, they are very different individuals at heart. The stern and practical outlook of hers may hurt his feelings, forcing him to believe that she doesn't care for his dreams and desires. On the other hand, there may come a time where the Pisces man's moodiness and his tendency to emotionally drift at times may hurt her deeply, wherein she will think that he doesn't care. His unreal expectations and mood swings may hamper the security she seeks in her relationship.

Both signs are interested in placid serenity and unruffled feathers. This is certainly one definition of friendship. Each is capable of being genuinely happy for the well being of the other and expressing it in simple heart felt terms. This is a relief to Pisces and a pleasant stimulation to Taurus. So long as the Taurus is not too practical and the Pisces is not too dreamy this combination can be good for marriage. To Taurus everything is practical. For Pisces, nothing has meaning unless feeling is attached, and feelings are not practical.

taurus girl and pisces boy relationship

Taurus must learn to honor feeling values. This relationship can be slow in developing. The foundation is laid very carefully because the bull knows the dangers of stepping too far out of the pasture, and the fish wants to take no risk at all if possible.