Teyla and sheppard relationship questions

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teyla and sheppard relationship questions

A/N: Focuses on John Sheppard and 3 major relationships. enthralled and Teyla was asking Rodney questions trying to appear interested. Teyla Emmagan is the leader of the Athosians from the planet Athos, and was one When the Wraith sent a probe, Ford and Sheppard attempted to shoot it down but failed. She later confided in Rodney that her relationship with Kanaan came about when . Though this was mostly due to his own issues with the wraith. Stargate Atlantis: Your Burning Questions Answered! Romance blossoms in Season 5 of Atlantis but, alas, not between Sheppard and Teyla. That said, we' ll be exploring many of these relationships over the course of the.

Teyla could get Torren to sleep, but it always took her much longer. And Kanaan had never had any success in that area. Teyla felt a twinge of guilt at the thoughts that betrayed her. Kanaan had made attempts but had never truly felt comfortable in the city. Teyla understood, she herself had been apprehensive when she first got here.

But she had adapted fairly quickly. It had been almost two years since they had escaped from Michael and Kanaan spent increasingly more time in the village and less time with her and his son. Now he was travelling to other worlds and seemed to have a new purpose in life.

teyla and sheppard relationship questions

Teyla was glad he had found something he felt worthy to do. Her job in Atlantis was very satisfying and she felt she was truly making a difference. But the bond between father and son, not a truly strong bond to begin with, was weakening. And her bond with Kanaan, which began with friendship and had momentarily grown to more, had begun to unravel quite some time ago.

Jennifer was the only one she had confided in, regarding this matter. Looking at Ronon's face after she told him about Kanaan, she thought he might have some idea as well.

Teyla glanced again at her sleeping son and the man who lay with him. John's eyes were closed but she could still see his fingers moving rhythmically on Torren's back. John has no clue, Teyla thought, thinking of her situation with Kanaan.

She wondered if she should tell him, if it would make a difference to him. Teyla had a strong suspicion that John harbored deep feelings for her.

She knew he was such an honorable man he would never act on them if Kanaan were still in the picture, no matter how slightly. And Teyla would never dream of asking him to betray those values. She had noticed John's face earlier when Torren had called him Papa Bear. She could see the longing he had for Torren to be family. She wondered if that same longing included her. For now she was content, if only mildly, with the friendship she and John shared. He was a great role model for her son and gave him as much love and guidance as any father.

This was good, especially since Torren's own father could not be bothered at times. Her thoughts had distracted her and she hadn't noticed John get up from his bed until he lowered himself onto the couch next to her.

Teyla chuckled and touched her head to John's shoulder in commiseration. She left it there for a few moments and was about to remove it when she noticed the twinkle in Ronon's eyes.

He lifted his chin and gave her a quick nod. She felt emboldened by his approval and relaxed further into John's shoulder. Teyla thought John hadn't noticed, but a few minutes later his head lifted off the back of the couch and settled itself on top of hers. She looked at Ronon again who was fairly beaming with mischief. Ronon stretched his arms up, put them behind his head and closed his eyes, the smirk still visible. Teyla smiled, closed her eyes also and allowed herself the comfort of the warm body next to her.

All he got was a quiet snore from Ronon's direction. He looked down to the end of the couch and realized Teyla was asleep on Sheppard's shoulder and John's head rested on Teyla's.

teyla and sheppard relationship questions

Rhythmic breathing came out of both of them. This is a great movie! Ronon gave another loud snore and then sputtered awake with a "What! I can't believe you guys actually fell asleep during it. I'll leave you to wake up Sleeping Beauty," he indicated Teyla, "and… whatever the heck that is. When Ronon wan done cleaning up, he took another glance at Teyla and Sheppard. They looked peaceful and pretty good together.

He was fairly sure Sheppard had it bad for Teyla, no matter how much he denied it. But he knew his friend was too good and virtuous to ever make a move on a woman who belonged to another man. But lately, Ronon wasn't sure that was the case with Teyla. He remembered back when Teyla had been smitten with the interest that Kanaan had shown her, mostly because Sheppard didn't have a clue that he should do it himself.

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And Kanaan's interest had led to the arrival of Torren. Things had been a bit strained between the two friends at the beginning of Teyla's pregnancy. Ronon guessed that Sheppard was jealous and was kicking himself for losing the opportunity. But Ronon also knew Sheppard was the last person to ever admit to feelings of any kind. Ronon understood the whole 'show no fear' mentality, but that mostly applied to your enemy. With friends, it shouldn't be the case.

John had slowly gotten over his problems with Teyla and when Michael had taken her, no one worked harder than Sheppard to find her and bring her back. What really surprised Ronon though, was the bond that Sheppard had created with Torren. The kid wasn't even his, but Sheppard treated him almost like he was. Oh, he never got in the way or interfered if Kanaan was around, but on the occasion that Kanaan was absent, too many occasions in Ronon's mind, Sheppard stepped right in.

As time passed, Kanaan spent less time with what should have been his family and more time in the Athosian village. Ronon could see the strain it put on Teyla.

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She wanted things to work out with Kanaan for the sake of her son, but Ronon figured she was also questioning how deep the bond was between them. He could see that Teyla was conflicted by her respect for Kanaan as Torren's father and the deep emotions she'd always had for Sheppard.

Especially as John had become so important in her son's life. Ronon looked again at his two closest friends resting against each other in peaceful slumber. A mischievous part of him considered moving them into what could be considered a compromising position, but he decided against it. These two were his best friends, had helped him escape a life of running and loneliness. And they had accepted him as one of them. He owed them everything.

He hoped in time things would work out for the best. He took one last look around to make sure the place was as tidy as Sheppard always kept it, them quietly let himself out.

He woke quickly saying, "Yeah, great movie, Rodney! He looked at his watch and realized that Rodney and Ronon couldn't have been gone for more than ten or fifteen minutes. His gaze shifted down to Teyla and realized how relaxed she looked where she was. He thought of letting her stay there for a while longer but knew she'd rest more comfortably in her own bed. However, he knew that the memory of her soft body leaning into his would have the opposite effect on him.

So he lifted his shoulder slightly while he touched her arm. Her eyelids slowly fluttered open and her lips formed a dreamy smile upon seeing his face. John's heart skipped a beat thinking that smile could possibly be for him. Inappropriate thoughts again, John, change tactics.

Although it couldn't have been for more than a few minutes. He stood up, stretched the kinks out and walked toward his bed to check on Torren. Teyla came to stand beside him and they spent a few minutes watching the child sleep, both keenly aware of the presence of the other.

John broke the spell with, "Why don't you grab his bag and I'll try and move him without waking him. Second, I still need to check in with the control room and make my rounds of the city. You know I can't sleep until I've made sure everything is fine. As he held Torren close to his chest, he inhaled the unique scent of him. John felt the familiar warmth and emotion spread through his body. As they walked down the hall, Teyla tilted her head and casually commented, "Your skateboard was not near your bed where it usually is.

John stopped as they approached Teyla's door, his shoulders sagging slightly. They entered Teyla's quarters and John moved right over to Torren's bed.

He lowered the boy gently onto it and pulled the covers up to his chin. Before he straightened back up, he let his lips rest on the child's forehead for a few seconds. John turned quickly toward Teyla and said, "You know, we need to get you bigger quarters. This is a bit small for the three of you. But you have changed the subject. We were speaking of your skateboard.

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The one Torren insisted on playing with when I picked him up from Aleeah this afternoon. When he looked up his eyes were sincere. I know I promised you I'd wait until he was older to take him on it again. But technically, he is a month older. And," John continued as he saw Teyla about to interrupt, "you know I have a hard time denying that kid anything. All he has to do is ask please and I'm mush.

Teyla sighed heavily because she knew she could never remain upset with this man. Especially when he showed her son such love and tenderness. And for John Sheppard these emotions were not freely given. I'd do anything for that kid.

He knew he should look away, but he couldn't. There was something in Teyla's glance that dared him to continue looking. The tension was building inside of him and he finally found the strength to look away. He had to, before he did something he'd regret. Only this time there would be no bug retrovirus to blame his behavior on. John dropped his hands from Teyla's arms and thought he saw disappointment flash across her face.

He was probably mistaken. He gave her a crooked smile, turned to touch Torren's head one last time and said, "Good night, Teyla. John stood for almost a minute outside her quarters before he headed in the direction of the gate room to do his nightly check. He knew he'd need the caffeine for what lay ahead today.

He took a few sips before he headed over to sit next to Teyla. Rodney and Jennifer came in together and sat next to where Ronon sat slouched in his usual position on the opposite side of the table. John looked at his coffee and thought he should probably add something a bit stronger. Rodney had different feelings however.

I'm not sure what they'll want to do first since they've just spent twelve hours on the Midway Station. Looks like we're headed toward an interesting little love triangle Will Connor Trineer be back as Michael Kenmore he should be, to fill in the details of the finaleand if so, for how many episodes?

Are you planning on doing anything more with Wraith ally Todd Brendan penny than just a recurring character? Doing more with Todd than just a recurring character? You mean, are we planning to make him part of the team? Todd, like Michael, works best as a recurring player.

We have interesting plans for both. Watch for Michael to put in an appearance or two in Season 5, and expect to see Todd in at least five episodes this upcoming season.

I read an article few days ago that said Season 5 will have a new powerful race. There was a lot of emphasis on Sheppard and McKay's friendship last season, which I'm not complaining about - those two are the reason I watch the show. Are they going to continue that trend, or are they going to try to put some distance between them this next season with all the rumored emphasis on romance?

I feel that the friendships between all the members of the Atlantis team are an important part of the show.

  • Stargate Atlantis: Your Burning Questions Answered!

That said, we'll be exploring many of these relationships over the course of the show's fifth season: Will there be more stability with the cast? I feel that over the last two seasons it keeps changing drastically. We have our established cast for Season 5 but the realities of television make it impossible to make predictions beyond the finale. Will we ever see Weir or Evil Weir at some point? And why was Weir taken off in the first place? Was it to make room for Sam?

Any new big bads this season? The decision to make Samantha Carter the new base commander in Season 4 was in no way related to the decision made with regard to the Elizabeth Weir character. The fact that we've brought in Richard Woolsey to take over the position in Season 5 makes that pretty clear. But nothing, and no one, is ever as it seems…. Atlantis is now back on Earth, and our intrepid explorers now seem to be able to enjoy some downtime.

Until Dr Rodney McKay detects a strange energy reading coming from within Atlantis itself, which threatens more than just the Ancient City. Can our SGA-1 team save the day again?

teyla and sheppard relationship questions

Or is this beyond even them? John and Teyla have finally acted on their feelings for each other, but a sudden return to Pegasus could spell the end of their new relationship as both of them find themselves torn between duty and love.

And even when it seems everything will work out after all, Atlantis throws a new hardball at them. Excerpt From the Journal of Teyla Emmagan Sheppard by kickstand75 reviews On a last journey to the city of Atlantis, Teyla reminisces about her life and that of her team.

T - English - Angst - Chapters: Frozen in Place by firedew reviews Everyone deals with loss in their own way. Years behind him and a decision made, John looks back. One day changed that and now they fight to keep together. Follow John and Teyla on their journey as a couple through the series.

AU, but keeps with the canon mostly. TAG and Missing scenes for several Episodes. Teyla is watching John reading Torren his bedtime story and gets thinking. The device had been disabled and the Daedalus was on its way.