The high priestess relationship outcome

The High Priestess – Relationships, Love & Sex Associations – Truly Teach Me Tarot

the high priestess relationship outcome

Never let the cards or an outcome own you, because at the end of the day, they The subject of the article relates to the High Priestess – relationships, love and. If you are the High Priestess you must watch yourself not to become dissatisfied with life and your relationships. Break free from the restraints. The High Priestess, sitting on her seat, looks fierce and formidable, as she should be. What could this tarot symbolize about in your life?.

Six of Swords Tarot Card and its Meaning The High Priestess can also be a person in your life who has the answers to the questions that have been playing around in your mind lately, and all you need to do is ask. In return, you must seek a deeper level of reflection so that you will be able to understand and accept the answers, whether they were something you have been expecting or not.

It can also be a person who has a great and valuable lesson to teach you, and you have to be prepared when you embark on this exciting journey. It can be the kind of love that will awaken your body and soul, one that you have never experienced before.

The High Priestess Tarot Card and its Meaning for Love and Money

It can be the love that you have always been looking for. So move in love and happiness, but more so in wisdom and understanding. The High Priestess Tarot and Money If the High Priestess turns up in your spread regarding financial matters, you are considering the state of your financial affairs and asking very important questions about your financial future.

Money a bit tight lately?

The High Priestess Tarot Card and its Meaning

This may be a similar case to the Five of Pentacles. The answers will remain unclear for now, but the High Priestess will provide you with the foresight needed to make tough and important decisions.

the high priestess relationship outcome

They can take many forms. It can be a colleague who can give assistance with paperwork and other administrative matters. It can be a friend who has more experience with the same business setup.

High Priestess- Love outcome multiple times

It can be free information that you find on the internet. Therefore, they cannot be relied upon.

the high priestess relationship outcome

They are not an exact science, and no interpretation absolute or guaranteed. Should you decide to read only negative associations attached to this card, that is your own business, but if reading for others, you should be mindful of the possible consequences of such action.

Paranoia or suspicion can taint your perspective when reading tarot for highly emotive issues, when partners or spouses are involved. When this happens, you cannot trust the impressions you receive. What you believe is an intuitive response, could just be a symptom of paranoia.

Hierophant Musings

A word of warning — I get many enquiries from site viewers whose friend did a love reading for them or vice versa, surrounding a particular relationship or love drama that was going on. Your interpretation is likely to further fan the flames and not offer any constructive advice. You might tell them what they want to hear or project your own attitude onto them.

the high priestess relationship outcome

Of course, there will always be exceptions. Refer friends on to another reader, someone who can remain impartial and objective. Regardless of how you live your life by the advice tarot gives, it would be very unwise to make major decisions or take drastic action in your relationship based on the fall of tarot cards in a spread.

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Over-reliance on tarot is an addiction and something that should be avoided. I see it all the time, people absolutely convinced of their accuracy, generally when it suits their needs, but sometimes when it causes real harm. It can be similar to brain washing if a particular reader claims great powers of accuracy and exerts strong influence over a client. The suggestions implanted by the reader can be very hard to alter.

If you are having problems in your relationship, go through the proper channels of communication and resolution.

the high priestess relationship outcome

Remember, you cannot use tarot to pry into the life of a third party and then draw conclusions based on your findings. It breaks spiritual law and goes against the ethical use of tarot.

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Err on the side of caution at all times. It is better to dismiss or disbelieve a tarot reading then to blindly accept it as fact.

the high priestess relationship outcome

Your predictions could be grossly inaccurate which could cause distress to those affected.