The magician card relationship quotes

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the magician card relationship quotes

Will is the central meaning of The Magician Tarot card. When he pops up in a reading, you can be assured that you have the determination to. To learn about the Major Arcana overall and the first card in the Major Arcana, The Fool, go here. To learn about the Magician, go here. Applicable Quotes: This card can come up reversed in regard to a relationship reading when one. To me The Magician looks like business-y card so I find it hard to interpret in this context. I still take it as a positive, just HearthCricket. Citizen. Quote: You will have the relationship that you make and expect. Make sure.

IX The Hermit This is an article in a series in blog posts…. Come take a tarot journey with me! To learn about the Magician, go here. To learn about the High Priestess, go here. To learn about the Empress, go here. To learn about the Emperor, go here. To learn about the Hierophant, go here.

Magician as relationship outcome?

To learn about the Lovers, go here. To learn about the Chariot, go here.

the magician card relationship quotes

To learn about the Strength card, go here. I just like to be alone… what is the Hermit card really about? Going within and just being left alone with your thoughts is something that seems trite or too simple to be truly wisdom.

the magician card relationship quotes

When writing about the Hermit card, I had a perfect setting for it: A perfect time to write and reflect and contemplate and read books and dream. It is often said that extroverts are outgoing, loud and boisterous and generally fun, great at networking and making friends and working a room. Introverts on the other hand are timid shy creatures like scared churchmice that would rather fade into the wallpaper when faced with a crowded room full of strangers.

Extroversion and introversion are truly based on what your source of energy is.

the magician card relationship quotes

Extroverts get their energy from being around a lot of people, but introverts find large groups draining and require time alone to recharge. But all of us can learn a great deal from what the Hermit card has to teach us. Some interpretations of the Hermit card from my card of the day posts: Sometimes… well, I can see that kind of rationale!

Maybe you DO need to isolate yourself in order to hear the small still voice of your own intuition, quieting the din of everyday life that surrounds us most of the time.

the magician card relationship quotes

Where is your port in the storm? His robe is often gray in color. They value each other as individuals, and they value their unique perspectives even as they cherish the connection they share. In many depictions of the Lovers, the two face each other.

However, in the Wild Unknown, the geese both face forward. They are on a journey together, no doubt.

the magician card relationship quotes

But at the same time, each also travels their individual path. In the previous card, we saw static vertical lines. In the Lovers, we have radiating lines, giving the card an expansive energy. This is the first card that is significantly different in the first and second editions of this deck.

Magician as basis of a relationship

In the first edition, the background is teal and dark blue; colors that show serenity and peace. In the second edition, pictured above, the background is splashed with all the colors of the rainbow. This is reminiscent of the boldly colored rays we saw in the Magician, but there are subtle differences here.

In the Magician card, the rays emanated from a point off center. In the Lovers, the point is directly above the geese and in the center of the card, showing equilibrium.

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All of the design elements come together here to convey a message of harmony, ease and unity. The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings in General In many decks, this card shows two naked figures watched over by an angelic being.

This imagery suggests that the connection of the lovers is not just about flesh and lust, there is a spiritual energy to the bond. Through experiencing love, we can gain a greater connection to the divine forces of the universe. The most obvious association of the Lovers is, well, love.

The Lovers is a multifaceted card: