The relationship diremption

the relationship diremption

Series 07 Episode 20 – The Relationship Diremption. Scene: The cafeteria. Leonard: I got to tell you, the more I read about the primordial gravity wave discovery. Raj and Howard double-date and the latter is flushed with embarrassment after Raj's girlfriend reveals a secret she knows about Howard. Meanwhile, Sheldon is . Find quotes from The Big Bang Theory episode `The Relationship Diremption`, the twentieth episode of Season 7.

But how great is Game of Thrones? I told you those Walking Dead pillowcases were a bad idea. Is something bothering you?

the relationship diremption

Oh, come on, try me. You mean your acting career? Your relationship with Leonard? Your failed attempt to go back to college?

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I said Leonard, you said no. Well, what do you do? You have to have the courage to end the relationship. Break it off, shake hands, walk away. Penny, have you seen my good inhaler?

Um, kind of hit a bump. So I tried the same thing with Lucy. She had mixed feelings. But when I said, Emily was cool with it. Those feelings became less mixed. At least now I can focus all my energies on just one girl.

I hope I get to meet her as soon as possible. But I like that attitude. Gentlemen, is anybody interested in my old string theory books? And according to Cosmopolitan magazine, one of the most effective techniques for moving on is to get rid of all reminders of the relationship.

Anyway, it suggests that I set these on fire, but the smell of burning books reminds me of church picnics in East Texas.

Laura Spencer: Emily Sweeney

This seemed so elegant at the time, but now I realize I was just a simple country boy seduced by a big city theory with variables in all the right places. As hard as this is, I have to move on. I have needs, too. So, you and Emily still together? I spoke to Bernadette. Right next to dishwasher safe. No jokes about how close I am with my dog.

the relationship diremption

Or the truth about how close I am with my dog. No jokes about the year I took ballet. God, you never listen. Are you sure you want to do this? The magazine articles suggest that one of the ways to get over a breakup is a new look. What about your old look, well-groomed ventriloquist doll?

the relationship diremption

Penny treating Sheldon as a ventriloquist doll: Oh my God, I do look like that. So, how do you want me to cut it? Oh, how about Bill Gates meets Nikola Tesla? So, business in the front, science in the back.

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Can you keep him quiet? Maybe jangle some keys in front of him? Oh, there are so many exciting areas. Black holes, dark matter. Okay, what do you think? Have you ever even seen a picture of Tesla? It actually looks good, Sheldon. I suppose I could see myself in a scientific boy band.

What did you do? I gave him a new look. Why would you say that? Beckham can bend it, Ralph can wreck it, Raj can blow it. In a bad way, very bad. Whatever you hear tonight, just remember I love you. Emily, these are my good friends, Howard and Bernadette.

The Relationship Diremption

Guys, this is Emily. Nice to meet you. Have we met before? You I know, you I know, you? Even if you had yummy candy, I would not get in your van.

the relationship diremption

Did you go to that spin class on Green Street? That must be it. Since when do you go to spin class? I also wasn't that interested in the idea of Sheldon wrestling with his lack of career progress.

After all, it was just in December that he was suffering from a far different problem in "The Discovery Dissipation," having made a fantastic breakthrough in his field,despite the fact that his math was bungled. Following up one conflict with the other only highlights how little story continuity there is on this show sometimes. But things picked up pretty quickly. I really enjoyed the way the writers framed Sheldon's disillusionment with String Theory like a breakup with a woman he had been involved with for years.

It allowed him to be vulnerable and hyper-emotional in a way he probably wouldn't be if he were dumped by Amy.

the relationship diremption

Seeing him turn to Cosmo as a guide during these difficult times was a hoot. And it led to a number of memorable lines, with one of my favorites being, "Now I realize I was just a simple country boy, seduced by a big city theory with variables in all the right places. This storyline gained momentum when Sheldon, Amy, Penny, and Leonard sat around the dinner table and Sheldon began perusing his library for a new field of interest.

His increasingly hysterical reactions to each option were a hoot, whether it was calling geology "the Kardashians of science" or launching into a terrible British accent to denounce Loop Quantum Gravity.

But it peaked after a night of drunken debauchery resulted in Sheldon waking up in bed with an open geology textbook. That scene was cleverly framed to make viewers think it was Amy on the other side of the bed.

But even with all the progress their relationship has made in recent months, that would be pushing it. Aside from the second Barry appearance, my only complaint with the way this story ended is that there wasn't much closure.

Sheldon never actually found a solution to his dilemma, and so we'll have to wait and see if his quest for a new field of study continues or if he just resumes his String Theory scribbles like nothing ever happened. I'm betting it's the latter outcome.

Thankfully, the writers also took the time to continue exploring Raj's romantic misadventures after last week's developments. It was a little weird how Lucy was basically brought back into Raj's life this season and written out again this week as a mostly off-screen character. I don't know if Kate Micucci wound up having scheduling conflicts or the writers decided they just didn't need her, but it's definitely odd.