The simpsons treehouse of horror iv ending a relationship

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the simpsons treehouse of horror iv ending a relationship

At the End of the segment there where several parodies to other movies of Stanley ("The Devil and Homer Simpson" skit of "Treehouse of Horror IV"); The old The Wreck of the Relationship • Super Franchise Me • Treehouse of Horror XXV. Treehouse of Horror IV is the fifth episode of season 5 and the fourth episode in the The Simpsons break the floor and sit on the couch as zombies. . Halloween while going through a Charlie Brown Christmas Special ending parody. Boy Who Knew Too Much • Lady Bouvier's Lover • Secrets of a Successful Marriage. Phil Hartman as Lionel Hutz · Frank Welker as the gremlin. Season 5 episodes [ show] "Treehouse of Horror IV" is the fifth episode of The Simpsons' fifth season and Homer tries to outsmart the Devil by not finishing the doughnut but eventually Homer has written that, in return for Marge giving him her hand in marriage.

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The moment doesn't make sense from a continuity standpoint, but what does in The Simpsons? In the episode "And Maggie Makes Three" from season 6, we see that Homer always reacted poorly to the news of Marge being pregnant.

the simpsons treehouse of horror iv ending a relationship

The first time when Marge breaks the news, Homer rips out about half his hair while screaming like a girl. Then when Lisa is announced, Homer rips out the rest leaving just three hairs.

Maggie's birth cost him just one, leaving him with his signature two. For once, we can't say "The Simpsons did it first" because this has been a thing for decades.

However, I can say that Marge and Homer were the first couple to have three separate marriages Turns out they were divorced, after all. The first of these weddings is the one most fans would be familiar with.

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This is the one back in the season 3 episode "I Married Marge" which flashes back to their tiny ceremony inside of Shotgun Pete's Wedding Chapel. The second time is in "A Milhouse Divided" where Homer files for divorce so he can give Marge a perfect wedding. The third time is in season 20's "Wedding For Disaster" when Reverend Lovejoy found out that his wedding license had expired, so Homer and Marge had been divorced since season 9!

Most of them however still feature Marge and Homer together as a married couple. Not in season 16's episode "Future Drama," however. Krusty was originally supposed to be Homer in season 1, so maybe this all works out?

In this episode, Marge and Homer aren't divorced, but they are legally separated.

the simpsons treehouse of horror iv ending a relationship

It seems that Homer's idiotic decision to blow the family's savings on an underwater house is what finally did in the marriage. While attending Bart and Lisa's high school graduation, Homer fights Krusty as he is now dating Marge. Sure, Marge, because Krusty never has any financial problems throughout the series, right? Many feel like Marge should have left Homer a long time ago and it was a mistake from the start.

Well, you could count Abraham Simpson and Clancy Bouvier as part of that crowd.

The Simpsons, Season Five, Episode Five, “Treehouse Of Horror IV”

I suppose I can see their points, but still, screw them. Between the two, Marge's father has the lower opinion, as when Artie Ziff ends up being the one who takes Marge to prom, he is immensely relieved and welcomes him with open arms.

Abraham tells Homer to aim lower than Marge because he thinks his son will screw it up somehow. Good support, guys, well done. A reason why it was so good was not just the humor, but the heavy emotional beats. He panics when he sees a gremlin on the side of the bus loosening the lug nuts on one of the wheels. Bart unsuccessfully tries to convince the other passengers of the danger.

the simpsons treehouse of horror iv ending a relationship

In desperation, Bart climbs halfway out the window to scare off the gremlin with an emergency flare. The gremlin catches fire and falls from the bus, but is found by Ned, who decides to adopt the creature.

When the bus finally stops, everyone sees the obvious damage, but Bart is still sent away to an insane asylum for the rest of his life for his disruptive behavior.

Bart is relieved as he is finally able to rest, but the gremlin appears in the back window of the ambulance, holding Flanders' decapitated yet still living head, which makes Bart scream in terror. Bart Simpson's Dracula[ edit ] In a parody of Bram Stoker's Draculaafter a news story about several vampire attacks, Lisa begins to suspect that Mr.

Burns is a vampire, but the rest of the family dismisses her concerns. The family is invited to Mr. Burns' castle in Pennsylvaniawhere Bart and Lisa discover a secret staircase descending to an eerie basement filled with coffins.

the simpsons treehouse of horror iv ending a relationship

As they investigate, vampires emerge from the coffins and encircle them. Lisa tries to warn her parents, but Burns reappears with Bart who is now very pale and is behaving oddly. But these factors get little attention by the family. Later that night, Lisa is awakened by a now undead Bart and his vampire friends. Lisa claims that the only way to restore him is to kill the head vampire, Mr.

the simpsons treehouse of horror iv ending a relationship

The family returns to Mr. Burns' mansion, where Homer drives a stake through Mr. The next morning, however, Lisa discovers that everyone in the Simpson family except for herself is a vampire, and that the true head vampire is inexplicably Marge, not Mr. Which Marge tells Bart to leave Satan alone, sometime later the Blue Demon in the Ironic Punishment Division laughingly plans to feed Homer all the donuts in the world this plan backfires when Homer gleefully keeps on eating, much to the confusion of the demon.

The Devil and Lionel Hutz barter on specific terms before the trial begins. The Devil agrees to Hutz's request for bathroom breaks every half an hour, and Hutz agrees that the Devil can choose the jury, serving as a reference to Jabez Stone, a fictional character who also sells his soul.

The Devil gives the evidence of the contract Homer signed, pledging his soul for a donut. Lionel Hutz counters with the definition of a contract according to the dictionary, stating it as something that is unbreakable.

Realizing that he has put his foot in his mouth, Hutz asks to be excused to use the bathroom. An hour passes and Marge enters the bathroom to find the window open and Hutz is long gone. Homer's head after being turned into a donut by Flanders the Devil As the judge prepares to sentence Homer for an eternity of death, Marge shows the jury a photo album showing their wedding day, where Homer's eating of the entire wedding cake sent them to the emergency room.

On the back of a photograph, it is revealed that in a statement of love to Marge, Homer pledged his soul to her. This causes the jury to declare Homer's deal with the Devil to be revoked claiming Homer's soul to be the property of Marge. Hutz then returned with a pizza box, believing he lost the case. But then, however, despite reluctuntly agreeing to give back his soul, the Devil is not willing to let Homer best him and turns Homer's head into a donut.

The next morning, Homer can't stop eating parts of his own head. As he chooses to go to work, Lisa warns him to stay home because standing outside the house are the Springfield Police Department, waiting to rip apart his donut-made head and enjoy it with their morning coffee.

Bart and Lisa then get on the bus on one rainy morning with Principal Skinner on the bus because his mother hid his car keys to punish him for talking to a woman on the phone. Lisa informs everyone that Bart is acting very paranoid and asks that they act very nice to him, but everyone laughs at him instead. In the middle of the ride, Bart hears tapping on the window, but it is only Groundskeeper Williewho says that he had to put down his mule and needs a ride. Bart's nightmare then comes true when a gremlin is attacking the bus.

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Meanwhile In their spaceship high above the Earth, the two aliens Kang and Kodos laugh at the "foolish human" who is very frightened of an imaginary monster, while an identical creature begins attacking their craft.

Bart eventually gets the emergency flares and throws one at the gremlin, knocking it off the bus, only to be picked up by Ned.

Bart watches the Gremlin tear one of the bus rear tires After arriving safely to the school, everyone notices severe damage done to the outside of the bus. Bart stopped the gremlin from destroying the bus, but with no one as an alibi, he is declared insane for his behavior and is put in a straight-jacket and also sent to the New Bedlam Insane Asylum for the rest of his life.

On the way, Bart begins to relax at the thought of never having to worry about the gremlin again, but at that very moment, the gremlin shows up at the ambulance's back window and shows Bart Ned 's severed head, causing him to scream uncontrollably. Bart Simpson's Dracula Bart Simpson's Dracula title card Meanwhile back in the art gallery once again, Bart brings the viewers to the famous "Dogs Playing Poker" picture Homer is frightened at this paintingexplaining that they had a random story to go with it, but it was "far too intense and scary, " so instead, they had to put something about vampires together.