The strangers 2008 ending relationship

The Terrifying Pointlessness of 'The Strangers' - Bloody Disgusting

the strangers 2008 ending relationship

The Strangers () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more After an episode between the couple when Kristen turns down a marriage proposal from. Liv Tyler (Kristen) and Scott Speedman (James) who play a young couple who are having relationship problems who go for a weekend. Scott Speedman in The Strangers () Bryan Bertino in The Strangers . Q: What are the songs in this film, namely the one Kristen hears when she is by.

James and Kristen run in fear in one of the scenes from The Strangers. All I can hope for with any new horror film is that the writer or director is going to surprise me with something new. I want to see a new plot besides people stuck somewhere and trying to survive from the attacks of a killer.

I'm tired of being able to predict every move that the victims are going to make. Anyone that has seen one horror film can guess the plot and sequence of events in almost every other horror movie.

The Strangers just gave us the same thing we have already seen, but at least it did it well. I'm not going to lie to you, this is just people running around trying to escape the gruesome death that they know is awaiting them if they get caught.

The first thing he did well was the choice to have a slow burn opening. There is about 30 minutes or so spent on the development of the two main characters before we get any sense that they are going to spend the rest of the film running for their lives. This development of characters is so crucial to any suspenseful horror film.

the strangers 2008 ending relationship

Look back at movies like Alien or The Descent, where for the longest time you have no reason to think they will ever be in harm's way. It makes us feel comfortable and safe before the real horrific plot is sprung on us. The other thing I enjoyed was the randomness of the killers. There was no time spent on their origins or on why they were doing what they were doing.

They just randomly picked this couple to terrorize because they happened to be at home when they knocked. That is probably the scariest thing about The Strangers.

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They have no motive or reasoning for why they do what they do. Thinking about that actually happening is pretty scary. While I wasn't shaking in my chair, I made sure my door was locked after arriving home that night. A group of masked strangers sneak in on unsuspecting victims in The Strangers. The Strangers started with some good ideas but, like most horror films, ended up going down the same predictable path as all the previous ones. About half way through, once we get to the shotgun part, everything becomes extremely predictable because we have seen it all before.

Sure there are still some parts that made me jump, but only because of a loud sound or spike in the music. A promising beginning gives way to the same old drab that we have watched a dozen times. This was probably one of the best horror films I have seen in awhile, but that isn't saying much considering the string of crappy ones we have had over the last couple of years. Liv Tyler actually pulls off a convincing scared-out-of-her-mind victim.

However, Scott Speedman seemed pretty rigid and unaffected by the events going on around him. If you haven't seen many horror films, you will probably think this is scary. Admittedly the parts where the killers are in the room without the victims' knowledge was extremely creepy. But for you seasoned horror fans this won't bring much excitement and will have you walking out of the theater pretty indifferent to the whole experience.

Movie Reviews Discover more around the web: I watch every horror movie that comes out, so if anyone's going to get tired of all the same old things, I definitely would be on that list.

the strangers 2008 ending relationship

This movie did have some twists in it, and the Strangers don't kill them immediately. They terrorize them through the WHOLE movie, and it keeps you on your toes because you keep thinking the Strangers are going to kill them. I would highly suggest going to see this movie if you've been thinking about it at all. Alison on Jun 2, 2 I really enjoyed it as well. I was tensed up the whole time. And you are right in that he starts it off with us geting to know them and then the next hour is just slow building intensity Heckle on Jun 2, 3 It had some major potential.

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It was great until a little bit after a certain gun mishap. Then it just got a little boring, and never picked up the way I wanted it to. When Kristen recovers, she sees the man leave her for dead. The intruders drive away in their pickup truck.

the strangers 2008 ending relationship

They briefly stop in the street so that the blonde woman can ask two Mormon boys on bicycles for a religious pamphlet. The two boys find the bloody scene at the house. Kristen is still alive. One of the boys frantically calls Because they were home. Although that setup seems lean, what the movie lacks in story it more than makes up for in strong cinematic suspense. Bertino does a great deal in under two minutes to set the stage before even getting into the plot. In reality, they wanted to find unoccupied houses to rob.

Bertino also cites inspiration from wondering what the experience must have been like for victims of the Tate-LaBianca murders, who had no idea who the Manson Family was or what they were doing in their homes. Never mind outward appearances.

the strangers 2008 ending relationship

There is nothing unnecessary about this sequence either. The ominous implications underneath such sights and sounds are clear. You have no idea who passes by outside your windows on a regular basis, or what they might be plotting. This could happen anywhere, to anyone. This could happen to you. Successful thrillers, the ones that garner the most universal acclaim, often share the ability to tap into a commonly experienced fear.

Seeing this scenario play out while feeling as helpless as the victims onscreen is every bit as harrowing as the imagination always assumed it would be. Material in the movie unrelated to the intruders is also satisfyingly dramatic, albeit in a different manner. We are introduced to Kristen and James sitting at a stoplight. James looks down dejected.

Well before a flashback fills in the blanks, details collectively compose their complete backstory, which continues when they first arrive at the house.

It takes truly talented actors to breathe life into these people, and that is exactly what Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman do. With a script slim on dialogue, Tyler and Speedman speak with silence and body language, tethering the audience to them through a precise amount of unspoken emotion, chemistry, and characterization.

The masked intruders similarly use silence to deliberately frustrate as antagonists. Their stoic stature establishes sinister strength through callous confidence. Empty-expression masks with only the slightest hint of personality are unnervingly haunting.

Rarely have faceless villains been this distinctively disturbing by intentionally not having identities.