Tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship questions

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tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship questions

Touka Kirishima (霧 嶋 董 香, Kirishima Touka) is a ghoul and ex-waitress at Anteiku . However, the manager of Anteiku, Yoshimura, rebuked her and gave Kaneki a .. The two then consummated their relationship in their make-shift hideout. Apr 19, Kaneki and Touka have gone in a roller coaster of emotions throughout the series. Their relationship hasn't progressed much partly because of Kaneki's Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Does anyone else feel like Touka and Kaneki's relationship is really fuckin Also add in the fact that Touka is quite sensitive to Kaneki's issues.

tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship questions

Their first reunion when he returned to the 20th ward concluded in an argument and Touka beating him up. Years later as Sasaki, he visited: He subconsciously remembered her, the taste of her coffee had brought him to tears and he thought she was very beautiful.

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From then, Sasaki developed an infatuation for Touka — he often thought of her and visited: She noted that at the time, he looked at her with the same gaze he looked at Rize with in the past. Nonetheless, Touka believed it was best for Sasaki to not remember who he was, but she agreed that if his memories returned, he was welcome in: He originally planned to die at the hands of Arima, however he was brought to tears once again when she told him she would see him later, a cruel act in his mind.

After the Cochlea raid, Kaneki initially reverted back to his post-Aogiri treatment towards her, continuing his distance from her. After a month, they finally conversed in a friendly manner in: After Goat was formed, he repeatedly excluded her from combat and operations of the organization, much to her disappointment and confusion.

Following the Clown Siege, during another private talk, she asked about this and his virginity — causing him some obvious nervousness and discomfort.

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Together, they discovered their fears of losing the other were mutual. As "Rabbit", she wears a long coat jacket, rabbit maskand a blonde, or sometimes a pink, wig to conceal her identity. After the Aogiri arc, her hair reaches shoulder length, but her signature bangs remain the same. As a child she wore dresses, and bunny hair-clip on the left side of her bangs, and her hairstyle was much the same.

tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship questions

However, her bangs at first were brushed to the side revealing her whole face. After the timeskip, Touka grew into a beautiful woman.

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Many characters including Kaneki have been left speechless by her attractive appearance. She has reverted back to her short bob cut.

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Her bangs are shorter, reaching her nose instead of her chin and considerably bouncier than her previous bob haircut. Touka switched to a more feminine style of clothing. She wears a white wide neck blouse with a black apron over the top for her waitress outfit.

tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship questions

When Touka's moving around as a "ghoul," she wears a trench coat, pants, and boots. After the Clown Siege, Touka dyed her hair back to its original black purple in anime color.

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Manga Depiction Touka's profile in Vol. Touka as a child. Touka's introduction in Chapter 1: