Tom welling and erica durance relationship

Some call it science, we call it chemistry ♥

tom welling and erica durance relationship

As series star Tom Welling filmed a scene in the Phantom Zone with Justin It's worked well because you and Erica Durance have great chemistry. able to keep that relationship going without it actually coming together. sexyclois: “ Tom Welling on Lois Lane/Erica Durance: Welling when talking humor that we're able to portray in that relationship, and haven't been able to in. I'd sum up Clark and Lois's relationship as playful- they love and hate each other at the same time.” - Tom Welling (Clark Kent), Dreamwatch Magazine - April . “The first I met Erica Durance on her first scene with Tom.

The relationship between Chloe and Jimmy was far and away the strongest one that the series ever allowed Chloe to have. In Jimmy, she found someone who finally fully respected her and her talents, who saw her for who she was, and who didn't always consider her just a friend. Their marriage was a truly joyful moment for the show - one of very few of them, at that - and their union was all too brief, following the unfortunate plot line involving Chloe and Davis Bloome.

As AC, Arthur was depicted as a spoiled, spacy surfer bro - someone who didn't at all work with Lois's tough as nails personality.

tom welling and erica durance relationship

Their chemistry was never right, and although it offered an opportunity to open Lois up as a potential romantic lead going forward, it was definitely a good decision on the series' part to leave their missed connection as just that. Martha and Perry White It wouldn't have been easy for anyone to come in and be Martha's new love interest after Jonathan's untimely, tragic end. However, Perry White had a considerable and truly adorable advantage when the series revealed in season nine that the veteran journalist and Martha were now a couple.

O'Toole, of course, played Martha Kent on the series. Due to their natural chemistry, it was entirely believable that these two would work as a couple. While no one would ever compare, at least in fans' eyes, to the man that Jonathan Kent was, it was a safe bet that the series took in putting Martha together with Perry, when O'Toole and McKean had a lifetime of chemistry to back them up.

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Chloe and Oliver As if it wasn't bad enough that the series saddled Oliver with the on again, off again with Tess for years, insult was only added to injury when they made the choice to have him end up with Chloe.

By the end of the series, there were really only a few lead characters left on the show, and Clark and Lois were clearly meant to be and therefore were off limits.

As a result of the process of elimination, the powers that be behind the scenes somehow decided that these two characters, who had never previously shown any remote interest in or attraction to each other, were destined to be together. The pairing never made any remote narrative sense. With Chloe shoehorned into the role at Watchtower, the series had to make her a quasi hero in order to make their interactions possible and plausible, albeit totally unrealistic nonetheless.

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Lois and The Blur To be fair, this pairing very well could have been considered part of Clark and Lois on this list. Even the few times Lois found herself heading down the wrong paths, pursuing the wrong person whom she believed to be The Blur, the plot was re-energized and gave audiences a relationship with real, impending stakes to keep track of.

Lex's interest in Lana begins out of jealousy, verging on obsession, when she is still the teenage girlfriend of his onetime best friend, Clark Kent. Over time, the two grew closer, forming a real friendship that somehow developed into something more. By season six, they were married, and things seemed like they could work out between them, despite Lex's growing evil side. If that doesn't scream unbearably toxic, we don't know what does.

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Lois and Oliver Aquaman wasn't the only member of the Justice League that the series put Lois together with before she and Clark got their act together and made it work.

However, unlike with Arthur Curry, Lois found a far more suitable match in the Green Arrow himself, formerly spoiled billionaire Oliver Queen. The couple had intense chemistry from the moment they met, and it was inevitable that their relationship was an extremely passionate one. Even though they weren't able to make it work in the long run, mainly since Lois wasn't yet ready to be with someone who had a double life, the two remained incredibly close friends, trusting one another almost more than anyone else in some of the series' most crucial moments from then on.

Lionel and Martha Pairing the person who represents the voice of reason with the person who embodies the true looming danger is always an appealing idea for any story. It provides tension, raises the stakes, and generally ups the ante for all level of interest in the story. That made me feel a lot more comfortable. I came back a day early from one of our hiatuses, and Erica and I spent four or five hours with Greg Beeman and found the chemistry.

That gave us a jump-start. I remember the first day she met Tom. It was just before we started filming season four. Erica had just landed the part and she was SO nervous. I arranged for she and Tom and I to spend a Saturday running scenes and rehearsing. I wanted to make her feel welcome to the show. He looked like a crazy old fisherman!!!

Right then and there I thought we've got somebody who is not buying into the fame surrounding him.

tom welling and erica durance relationship

He wants people to feel comfortable and he's like a Southern gentleman, which is something I think his character brings to that Clark Kent thing.

Very down to earth, very fun, very nice person.

tom welling and erica durance relationship

We did from day one. But what I think is if you've done a good job of writing the characters, and the result is something that people enjoy, I think that's great.