Touma and misaka relationship

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touma and misaka relationship

Misaka x Touma by Jessica A Certain Scientific Railgun, A Certain Magical Index, . Top 20 Cutest Female Anime Characters with Short Hair Mikoto Misaka A. Hello everyone I posted 2 polls till now regarding shipping with Touma, Misaka won the first one with Othinus and Misaki on the 2nd spot. well misaka loves touma but what about the boy? will they ever be togeather? Their relationship in general is about understanding, trust and.

She is also shown to have a complex regarding her chest, feeling inferior when compared to girls with bigger bust sizes. She is also known to always wear shorts under every skirt and dress she wears, which surprises an amnesiac Kamijou Touma as she is the only girl who wears shorts over her panties.

In reality, she's short-tempered, prideful, and has an improper attitude with some slight violent boyish tendencies or masculine since she wears boxers and an undershirt and insecurities, a fact few people know of. Despite this, she is friendly and easygoing, and Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari comment on how they are shocked to find that, compared to other Level 5's, she doesn't look down on lower-level espers at all. This probably is because she was originally a level 1 esper, and became a Level 5 esper through hard work.

She often shows an incredibly immature and selfish side and even slight tsundere tendencies when her crush, Touma, insults her. She likes frog merchandise, but only if it features Gekota. When she realizes that a stuffed animal another person is carrying is just a regular frog, she immediately loses all of her interest in the stuffed animal. She has a very irrational and unexplained fear of bugs, as shown in episode 6 of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She can also be slightly hypocritical at times, getting angry at Touma for not calling her by her name despite never once calling him by his.

While generally amicable and humble, Misaka is highly individualistic. She often prefers to be solitary and dislikes the idea of being restricted by rules and duties such as those of Judgement and Anti-Skill. She wishes to avoid endangering other people and relies on her powers to try to solve problems on her own, frequently despite her better judgment.

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She has a keen sense of justice, demonstrated by her frequent involvement in the crime-fighting body, Judgmentand her resolve is unshakable. This is shown when she was willing to lose in a fight against Accelerator on the first move, just to prove the Sisters Project was wrong and save the remaining sisters Tree Diagram predicted that she would die in the th move. She secretly likes cute things, especially Gekota a popular frog mascotand is easily embarrassed.

She often goes to Green Mart to read manga for free in her spare time on Mondays and Wednesdays and goes to the bookstore on the 10th of each month [7]. What did you guys do? He let out a hum of interest but didn't inquire any further. A few more minutes later, he was done with dinner and was preparing their food on the table.

After saying the Japanese pre-meal thanksgiving, Touma spoke. She shrugged, "She's the most normal among your friends. She's the only one that I can actually talk to about anything that's happening in my life, be it the Magic Side, the Science Side or just the usual normal student stuff. I guess it also helps that she stopped being unreasonably violent with me.

But even with that, she's great, isn't she? If she didn't know him very well, she'd think at was almost a confession She doesn't seem like your other friends. She's my comrade when things get out of hand in the Magic or the Science side, but at the end of the day, we can still hang out like normal students talking about homework and upcoming exams. It's nice to have her around, because with her, I don't forget that the Kamijou Touma who fights against monstrously strong supernatural beings is the same as the Kamijou Touma who is a plain high school idiot that always takes remedial classes.

She honestly didn't expect his answer to be that deep. Othinus's eyes grew large as she witnessed something she never thought was possible. Kamijou Touma was blushing. I just answered your question.

And his stuttering really gave him away. Othinus couldn't believe it. She spent the whole day with a lovesick Sparky only to find out there shouldn't be anything to be lovesick about. And though the whole ordeal was somehow entertaining, it still vexed her that these two people were equally stupid. She shot the boy a serious look and declared, "Date her.

Othinus could only smile silently as she watched Touma's expression change from confused, to slightly offended, to stupidly happy when he read the paper.

touma and misaka relationship

Once he finished reading, he sent her an unbelieving but hopeful look which she responded with an expectant one. Grinning, he wasted no time standing up and searching for a pen. The Magic God hummed pleasantly as she ate her food. Those two could be so adorable sometimes. Touma had never been the first one to seek Misaka Mikoto out when he was out in the city. Sure, he enjoyed bumping into her, but he had always had this almost paranoid thought that she'd get sick of him or think he was creepy if they always 'accidentally' bump into each other.

The fake Unabara Mitsuki was a proof of that so Touma decided to leave his and Mikoto's meetings in fate's hands. But today would be the first exception of the hopefully many more to come. There was an instant blush on her cheeks, and knowing the reason behind it the paper was safely inside his pocket made him want to smile goofily at her.

He fought the urge though and pretended not to notice the red tint of her cheeks as he said, "I've been looking for you. There's something—" he was cut off when Shirai suddenly teleported in front of him, serving as a barrier between him and Mikoto.

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He instinctively took a step back as the Teleporter jabbed a finger at his chest whilst glaring murderously at him. Biting back a sigh, he looked over to Mikoto who was still a little confused at what had happened.

Smiling a little as he watched the Electromaster shout a reprimanding "Kuroko! She sent him a curious gaze, "I thought you said you were looking for me.

touma and misaka relationship

Promise me to read it when you have enough privacy. About an hour later, Mikoto successfully escaped her roommate.

touma and misaka relationship

After ordering, she took out the paper and instantly froze when she recognized it. It was the same paper where she, Saten-san and Othinus had written that damned list. And since it was Touma who had given it back to her, it was obvious that he had read the whole thing as well. How did he even get his hands on this thing?! She stopped, finally realizing who was at fault. She was dreading to read its contents, knowing for a fact that whatever the reason Touma had given her the paper, it was related to her indirect confession.

Letting out a sigh, she decided that prolonging it would do her no good and braced herself. Slowly, she unfolded the paper, and her eyes widened as she read his addition. Kamijou Touma Reason Number 1: And you just don't want to admit that you actually like that I'm an idiot because you get to call me 'you idiot'. I'm not a flirt. I don't even know HOW to flirt! They're just a bunch of people that I once saved, but I am curious as to how you came up with that number. And what was that about the Sisters liking me?

I'm always busy saving the world. Because I want to protect this world that you love so much. I'm sorry if I make you worry, but I need to make sure that you'll be safe. I always leave you behind. Because you're the one person I don't ever want to be hurt. I thought it was obvious enough when I told you I didn't want to fight you in the Magic God Othinus arc. This reason should be on this list. Your mother likes me. You should have more faith on Misuzu-san.

I mean, mother knows best, right? I think it's cute that you like Gekota. As long as you'll pay more attention to me than this frog, I'll be fine sharing you with it. I'm plain enough for you. Because you, being the bright star that you are, don't need someone who would try to outshine you, but someone who would let you shine brighter. And what better complement than a plain background?

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I don't care what people will say. And neither should you. I am NOT that dense!

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If I was, I wouldn't be writing this thing! Your stalker best friend roommate's opinion doesn't matter. And if she tries to kill me, I would probably survive