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Kim Hyun Joong revealed a stories about his first love and romance with a female celebrity. Appearing on today's SBS radio “Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time,” the. High Society is a South Korean television series starring Uee, Sung Joon, Park Hyung-sik Producer(s), Han Jung-hwan Despite her wealth, she works part-time at a food market and hides her true Bang Eun-hee as Kim Seo-ra. KIM HYUN JOONG & UEE- Perfect couple made in heaven 김현중 [interview] Kim Hyun Joong Talks Love, Relationships and Marriage.

She is de facto leader of Traditional Music Majors. Director flies to Korea all the way from Broadway to direct the th anniversary show of the arts university where we learn he had a fling with Injured Teacher in the past. Hungry Pixie is introduced dancing to a Britney Spears song more on this later that Hungry Drummer accidentally watches.

However, they do bond over a candy bar. Hungry Pixie, as daughter of the schools chancellor is expected to be star of the th anniversary show. Unfortunately, that teacher dies and Traditional Goddess is so pissed off she challenges Guitar God to a battle of the bands. Loser becomes slave to the other for a month. Guitar God plays something that reminds me of the Top Gun Anthem.

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Traditional music loses making Traditional Goddess slave to Guitar God. Guitar God does not notice or care because he still hot for Injured Teacher. He confesses his love to Injured Teacher a few times and crashes and burns each time. After Battle of the Bands, Traditional Goddess is urged by Director to try out for the th anniversary show. She tries out, singing a song about unrequited love.

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Hungry Pixie and her mother are outraged auditions are being held for a spot they feel is rightfully hers. Director is accused of favoritism and the show gets a new director. Well, we have different opinion, we have our individual choice what drama to watch or what music to listen to, but I feel the anti-Kpop are so unfair in their way of thinking! Or this may not only goes to drama fans but also to producers!

If they have actually performed professionally on stage as singers or dancers and have acted in dramas, then definitely they should be called artists. And yes Hyun Joong is right, there may be a stereotype concerning idols that some people does not even consider them artists. And this is just so painful to these idols. They cannot be developed if they are not given the chance to do so. I think this is just a matter of being open-minded instead of immediately closing doors to these artists specially the deserving ones.

Legitimate agents do sponsor training for aspiring artists and before doing so, they screen these artists, evaluate whatever they got, be it in singing, dancing or acting, of course with consideration of looks or there are even artists who are not so good-looking but they have great talents.

BUT majority of these artists started from zero, not to mention there are artists with gifted talents, they too started from somewhere down below.

They might be even greater singers or actors than expected in the future. For obvious reasons these agents of course earn through their artists and idol groups do have a large fan base consisting of teenagers. Korea which I have read few years ago, that a Korean female celeb was thrown soy sauce to her in a public restaurant by a jealous fan of her rumored celeb boyfriend!! This was just one incident showing how jealous some young Korean fans were.

Playful Kiss is a romantic comedy about a girl who ends up living under the same roof with her crush: This charming drama follows the relationship of these two students through high school and beyond.

These guys are rich, handsome, and they literally rule the school.

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The series was originally a Japanese Manga, then it was made into a Japanese drama and animation. This series has become a classic that is required to watch for any fan of Korean dramas. One more similarity is that they both follow two storylines: Flashing back to the history, we learn that the human and the mermaid were deeply in love with each other in the past. Yet, they met a tragic end due to the greed of their enemies around them. The drama is set in the present day and tells us about their love story repeating itself.

Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRIVATELY SPEAKING

Watch The Legend of the Blue Sea to learn whether they will lose each other again or will remain together despite all the odds. Kim Bok-Joo can't imagine her life without weightlifting until one day, when she has a crush on a handsome doctor. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo may lack a major conflict and crazy plot twists that many viewers expect to see in any today's drama. However, watching this series, you feel as if you are watching college students living their lives while chasing their dreams and getting through many problems.

This k-drama revolves around the relationship of a woman in the prime and a much younger man.

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It pushes all the boundaries on what we think a couple can look like; nevertheless, we witness how they feel immediately attracted to each other despite the 20 year age gap.

Imagine for a moment that you meet that character and get the opportunity to live in his fictional world! Oh Yeon-Joo's father is writing the popular comic W. So she has grown up reading his fantasy stories.

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She literally has fallen in love with Kang Chul, the main character. However, the writer's daughter and the handsome guy from the comic are from different worlds. But one day the real and fictional worlds collide. That's when the girl realizes she is pulled into W, as she is watching a man bleeding out from wounds. Wait, is it her favorite character?