Us ambassador for pakistan and afghanistan relationship

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us ambassador for pakistan and afghanistan relationship

Mar 12, And so onto U.S. strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sedney arrives as one of the very first diplomats in the dusty U.S. embassy in Kabul, .. of which the U.S. has difficult relationships with, are all big players here as well. Oct 9, A former U.S. ambassador in Kabul, Zalmay Khalilzad arrived in Pakistan But Khalilzad has had a prickly relationship with Pakistan and has. May 11, Diplomatic relations between the United States and Pakistan are at their day that the United States barred diplomats working at the Pakistani Embassy in it of providing “safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan.”.

Those who feel excluded from the government pave the way for spoilers to attract the disaffected and create unnecessary instability.

Successes and Challenges in Afghanistan and Pakistan | U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan

That is why I urge my colleagues in the Afghan government to seize this last, best opportunity to demonstrate that this government is both durable and functional, and can translate the rhetoric of policy vision into tangible policy implementation that will benefit the daily lives of all Afghans.

Political stability will optimize success in the ongoing efforts to address other related challenges. The economic climate must weather the shock of the drawdown of international resources.

us ambassador for pakistan and afghanistan relationship

And the security challenges throughout the country are severe, as the Taliban has launched a violent onslaught, killing many civilians and inflicting significant casualties. We always anticipated this would be a difficult fighting season and pose a real challenge to the Afghan security forces, but they have held their own. While the Taliban has made temporary gains, the ANSF has retaken lost territory, and the Taliban have not seriously challenged any major urban center or provincial capital.

US envoy on Afghan peace takes his mission to Pakistan

The ANSF has proven it was ready for the lead security responsibility transferred to it from NATO last year, and we will continue to support the ANSF as it builds the skills and resources it needs to match its undoubted courage and commitment. One final word on the progress we have seen in Afghanistan. And to be clear, anyone — American or Afghan, government employee or contractor — who illegally benefits from assistance funds must be held accountable.

These are hard goals and important ones, and there will be failures as we try to find the right mix of initiatives to achieve them. But that risk of failure is one worth taking. Pakistan In Pakistan, too, diplomats have been at the front lines of protecting our national interests.

Diplomacy has brought our bilateral relationship from a tumultuous nadir several years ago to its current strengthened and stable position, based on a more honest and realistic set of expectations.

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Is America still the leader of the free world? All attempts were rebuffed, Zia shrewdly played his cards knowing that Carter was on his way out and he may get a better deal from the incoming Reagan. The United States, faced with a rival superpower looking as if it were to create another Communist bloc, now engaged Zia in fighting a US-aided war by proxy in Afghanistan against the Soviets.

The Reagan administration and Reagan himself supported Pakistan's military regime, American officials visited the country on a routine basis.

Pakistan–United States relations - Wikipedia

Ambassador in an aviation crash, relations deteriorated quickly with upcoming prime ministers Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif. The United States took a tough stand on Pakistan's nuclear development, passing the Pressler amendmentwhile significantly improving the relations with India.

Both Benazir and Nawaz Sharif also asked the United States to take steps to stop the Indian nuclear programfeeling that United States was not doing enough to address what Pakistan saw as an existential threat. Pakistan found itself in a state of extremely high insecurity as tensions mounted with India and Afghanistan's infighting continued. Pakistan's alliance with the U.

Rift in relations[ edit ] In US Ambassador Nicholas Platt advised Pakistan's leaders that if Pakistan continued to support terrorists in India or Indian-administered territory, "the Secretary of State may find himself required by law to place Pakistan on the state sponsors of terrorism list. InBenazir Bhutto made a quick visit in the U.

Bushwhich she marked "America's Frankenstein". In the past we have suffered alone; this time everybody will suffer with us. All the countries in the neighborhood have the same ethnic groups that we have, so they should know that it is a different ball game this time.

Relations have become more strained after the Afghan government began openly accusing Pakistan of using its ISI spy network in aiding the Taliban and other militants. Pakistan usually denies these allegations but has said in the past that it does not have full control of the actions of the ISI.

There have been a number of reports about the Afghanistan—Pakistan skirmisheswhich usually occur when army soldiers are in hot pursuit chasing insurgents who cross the border back and forth. This leads to tensions between the two states, especially after hearing reports of civilian casualties. They may believe that by using these proxies, they are hedging their bets or redressing what they feel is an imbalance in regional power. But in reality, they have already lost that bet.

Ambassador to PakistanCameron Muntertold Radio Pakistan that "the attack that took place in Kabul a few days ago, that was the work of the Haqqani network.

U.S. Envoy For Afghanistan Visits Pakistan In Bid To Further Peace Process

There is evidence linking the Haqqani Network to the Pakistan government. This is something that must stop. The two states are working together to find solutions to the problems affecting them. This includes possible defence cooperation and intelligence sharing as well as further enhancing the two-way trade and abolishment of visas for "holders of diplomatic passports to facilitate visa free travel for the diplomats from the two nations.

us ambassador for pakistan and afghanistan relationship

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The two states also signed an MoU for the construction of rail tracks in Afghanistan to connect with Pakistan Railways PR[64] which has been in the making since at least The ceremony was attended by Richard HolbrookeU.